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Just out of curiosity, has Tesla done something to speed up the time frame to build a Model S? According to MyTesla, it took all of 1 day to complete - it's now at "built and in transit from the factory". Yesterday it just started the build. Last year it took about 4-5 days to build it. Is this due to extra workers/automation on the line, or something askew in MyTesla?
It honestly doesn't take that much time to assemble the vehicle. Think the actual time it spends going thru the motions is only 17-18 hours. Car companies like GM or Toyota build theirs even faster.

I'm not disputing that it's possible, but given last year it took a week to build and this year it was less than a day is quite significant progress (hopefully, there's a final inspection as well). I would say you're about spot on for the 17-18 hours as that's about how long it took for mine.