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I live in a part of the country where the roads tend to flood whenever it rains heavily, i.e. in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. My other car, an old Volvo V70, blasts through the puddles without a care in the world.

How deep a puddle can I safely drive through in my M3?
There have been reports and a follow up modification of the underside shielding being ripped off with even modest depth of puddle. A modification was made but I’m not sure if they fully got on top of the issue.

Some cannot be avoided but personally I would slow right down for these conditions. We had to do it yesterday, probably 10-15mph for almost full road puddles.
Large puddles I'd always slow right down in any car. You don't know what kind of damage it can be doing to the underside, and you don't know what could be hidden under the water - rocks, branches, potholes etc. Also, aquaplaning is real and can cause a crash.
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The temptation is always to rush through so as not to get stuck but in an ICE car it's definitely the wrong thing since you create a bow wave that can then come up into the engine bay through the grill and swamp the electrics. No grill on a Tesla but if I had to do it I still think very slowly would be the right way.