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Recalibration After repair

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I just got my car back from service for the auto windshield wipers not detecting rain. They replaced one of the front facing cameras as a result and was informed to drive the 30-100 miles for auto pilot to be recalibrated. Well, it’s been just about 100 miles now and nothing.. on the IC without autopilot engaged, it’s not seeing the road lines nor the cars in front. I can’t recall, but it’s not normal for it not to display anything during calibration?
I post the same concern to Tesla’s owners fb page Sunday afternoon and crazy enough, the service manager saw my post and emailed me. He stated he saw my post and looking into it. Moments later he said a auto pilot 2.0 camera was installed when I have a 2.5 car. Said no service center in my area has the new 2.5 cameras or ever had so He’s having it expedited from Tesla factory.

So, those ever have to get a camera replaced and have a 2.5 car, ask service center if they have the 2.5 hardware so they don’t install 2.0 thinking it makes no difference. It does.