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Reply text not going through only one person.

Ok so I have this weird problem with reply to messages my wife sends me. I receive them in the car fine but when I reply it dosent actually go through and send to her. So far she is the only contact I have that does. Everyone else I reply to go through no problem. Also can start a new message to wife no problem and goes through no issues. I’ve tried renaming her contact 4 different ways and that didn’t help I don’t know what else to do. iPhone 11 running latest software and 2020.12.11. This is been a problem for me in previous software releases as well. Anybody have this issue? Any solutions? She is the only contact that I have family sharing setup with. Idk if that makes a difference for some reason.
Any unusual characters in the way your wife's name is stored in your contact list?

If not, I assume that you have other contacts on iPhones with whom the Apple platform bypasses SMS/MMS and goes directly through iMessage and those contacts are fine.
FWIW I have found replies via the car VERY hit and miss...some have worked, some nothing was ever sent... (even to the same contact in some cases)... though I've been in it so rarely last 2 months I haven't had time to do much troubleshooting.
The car knows she’s competition for your heart.
My phone does this too...(if I use Siri and say “text Jane” it won’t send it to my wife. It says it did. But it doesn’t go to her).

For me, when I press the button on the steering wheel and send the initial text to her, it goes through. But when she replies and I try to reply back, it says send failure now with the new update. Before it just didn't send and I never knew until I got home and she wondered why I didn't answer back lol.
I figured it out. I had two iMessage threads going from my wife. One was using her phone number, the current one was using her email address. I deleted the thread that was using her email address and now it works as it should.

Appreciate you circling back with what you found out was the issue for yourself. That definitely could help someone else, what with the "helpful" way phones sometimes create contacts, etc.
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