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Rimetrix Laminars are here


2021 MYLR5 R/W/19"/Tow/AP VIN: MF302
Jul 29, 2021
I have not seen them in person and probably never will unless I order them. Are you saying you don't like the look of them in pictures but they didn't seem as bad to you when you saw them in person? Based on photos, Too me they look a lot better than the geminis.

I love the look of the inductions but didn't go with them due to the smaller sidewall, $2,000, and small range hit. Was tough for me to justify $2,000 for them. I figured I could just get after market 19" wheels if I really hated the geminis in person. However, I am hoping that these covers look a lot better than the Geminis and will be a worthy alternative to buying aftermarket wheels or inductions.
I don't like the Geminis in pictures but I think they look fine in person. I like the looks of the Rimetrix in pictures but haven't seen them in person.

Agreed on all points of your thoughts about the inductions.


OD 9/27 LR5 MSM/Bl | 19 | NYI EDD June 2022
Jan 29, 2020
Syracuse NY
I don't like the Geminis in pictures but I think they look fine in person. I like the looks of the Rimetrix in pictures but haven't seen them in person.

Agreed on all points of your thoughts about the inductions.

Gotcha...I apologize as I thought when you asked me if I saw them in person you were referring to the Rimetrix covers. Yes, I have seen the Geminis in person and I agree, they look better than they do in pictures. However, I did like the look of the inductions with my vehicle color MSM a lot more than the geminis with MSM.

Sounds like a few people here will be receiving the Rimetrix covers soon. Hopefully get to see some pictures with them on an MSM Y. The price of the covers are a bit high, but would be worth it for me if I do like them that much more. Plus they will protect the rim from curb rash, not that I have ever had a problem with that before but you never know.
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IT Guy From 1980-2013, Retired
Jul 29, 2021
Have you seen them in person? I dislike them a lot less on my very infant MY than I did through pictures. I saw my twin but with inductions at a supercharger yesterday and wasn't wowed enough for $2k.

That said, I could see myself picking up a set of these if they offer a generous sale. I think their Tesla Tax for hub caps is excessive at the moment.
I haven't seen them in person, but I promise you will see mine here installed on my black MYLR. Mine are in route for delivery on Monday.

My biggest concern is that they look cheap and plasticky. I'm just not of the mind right now to drop money on wheels. Full PPF is on my radar.

$289, we'll see. If they suck, the Geminis go right back on.


Apr 4, 2021
Orlando, FL
Mine arrived today. Me likie. That all black look is complete. I will attach pics when this thing allows me. I have to reduce the file size


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Apr 4, 2021
Orlando, FL
Are they the same "quality" and thickness of the OEM Gemini's?
They feel lighter and thinner than the Geminis. I don't feel they are of lower quality, and installation was a breeze. Gently pull out the old, and align the new ones with the air valve and gently pop into place. Then align the center cap and push it in.


IT Guy From 1980-2013, Retired
Jul 29, 2021
Pre-install photos...

Unboxed and I set them side by side.

Gemini are thicker and show the gloss finish. Rimetrix have a satin finish, but not quite Matte black.

Install later today


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May 15, 2021
Checked my email and it looks like Rimetrix has the Laminars, which are the wheel covers (hubcaps) for the Model Y. $289 for the set of four, with caps and rim protection kit. These covers also look to cover the edges of the rims which the Tesla Gemini covers do not.

View attachment 727024

View attachment 727025

View attachment 727026



Thank you for the pointer! Based on this and other folks' comments, I just cancelled my Amazon order for the black Plasti Dip Rim Kit a few minutes ago. I had removed my OEM hubcaps from my Geminis as soon as I got my Model Y and want the chrome-delete look. So these Rimetrix hubcaps look fine to me. I had also thought of just painting the OEM hubcaps, but I actually think that they look ugly regardless of the color. And I like that the Rimetrix cover the silver Gemini's completely.

Now, the only odd thing is that I had already ordered my complete McGard wheel lock kit in black (1 lock + 4 nuts per wheel; Part No. 84527) to go with my black painted Geminis. But with these black hubcaps, I don't really need the black McGards and could have just gone with a single silver lock. If nothing else, since the black McGards are 22mm and the OEM silver are 21mm, then it is a nice visual indicator to Tesla Service that these aren't the OEM ones ("gee, why doesn't the normal 21mm hex socket fit on Scott's car? Oh, these lug nuts are black, I bet that means they are a different size.")




MYLR | Red ext | White int | 19" | 5 seats | tow | no FSD | made/delivered Oct 2021


Active Member
Aug 3, 2020
Vancouver, BC, Canada, Eh?
I like how they look. But I like how the bare Gemini rims look too, so I'm in the minority. I run them bare in the warmer months and I'll use these this time of year.

Here's a picture comparing the covers with the bare rims.

@RocDeef vey helpful! Could you please provide a few photos with all the Rimetrix covers installed? Have same color car as you and this is quite helpful to figure out what they would look like :)

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