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Roadside assistance for Flat tire (screw in tire) in Montreal

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So woke up this morning, pack the stuff in the car ready to bring my daughter to school and boom when I sit in the car it tells me to pullover and check my tire. It indicated the front left tire was deflated. Therefore, I go out and check and it seemed fine I even checked with a gauge. I told myself maybe it’s a mistake and they need to recalibrate after all the car is not even a week old. I drive off and hear that something is off so I come back home and check all the tires to my surprise it’s the back right that is deflated not the front left like the computer is telling me. Anyways, I take my other car and drive my daughter to school.

Now I’m home a decide to call roadside assistance Canada to see if they actually come to my house a repair the tire or I need to go to my local mechanic. So after 10 minutes on hold they pickup and the guy was very nice and told me that in Montreal they have a mobile tire repair. He told me they would be there within 90 minutes or before 12pm (it’s 9am). He ended up calling me at 11am and was at my front door at 11:30am. After 30 minutes, the tire was back on my car.

They were better equipped than many tire shop out there. So here is the breakdown of the cost:
- Tire Repair: 82.50$
- Plug, Tire patch: 32.10$
- Total: 114.60$
- With tax: 131.76$

I think for a mobile service it’s pretty good. The only thing he told me is that once he will be back at the shop he will tell a tech to send a reset command to my car to adjust the Bluetooth TPMS to make sure the sensor are displaying on the proper tires. I just hope he doesn’t forget.

Just wanted to share my positive experience since you often only hear the bad stories.