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  1. E

    Model Y performance - Montreal

    Hi, I have a model 3 AWD that I will be putting up for sale and I’m interested in the model Y performance. Only thing is it lowered and had a stiffer suspension. Unfortunately the dealerships at montreal and Laval won’t have any Y performances to test drive. I was wondering if anyone in montreal...
  2. G

    PPF in Montreal

    I am expecting to take delivery of my M3 LR in late May. Based on all the research I have done, seems like PPF is highly recommended considering the paint quality on the Teslas. Any recommendations on a reliable place for PPF and Tints in Greater Montreal Area?
  3. psquare

    Roadside assistance for Flat tire (screw in tire) in Montreal

    So woke up this morning, pack the stuff in the car ready to bring my daughter to school and boom when I sit in the car it tells me to pullover and check my tire. It indicated the front left tire was deflated. Therefore, I go out and check and it seemed fine I even checked with a gauge. I told...
  4. A

    Winter drives near Montreal

    Hi friends! Just picked up a Model 3 today in Montreal. I'm new here and have no idea where to drive to :( What are the best 1 day drives from Montreal in the winter?
  5. M

    Model 3 SR+ - Auto Detailing Question for Montreal

    Hi fellow Montreal-Tesla owners. I'm curious, i live in the west island (pierrefonds west) & i wanted any recommendation for a good place to get my M3 detailed (i.e. wash/wax/polish for exterior, & a detailed interior). Wax is important because i noticed small scratches around the door handle...
  6. C

    WTB 2014-2018 Model S/Model 3

    Looking for either a model 3 or model S that are 2014-2018. Located in Toronto, Ontario. Willing to go to Quebec depending on the circumstances.
  7. Z

    Who has received mud flaps from Tesla?

    Hi guys, new member here. I will be taking delivery a LR AWD this Saturday. From what I found here, an internal document was circulating online saying all Canadian deliveries should come with pre-installed mud flaps. I somehow remember a member from Montreal said he/she had seen all models...
  8. T

    WTB: NEMA 14-50 Adapter for Gen 2 Mobile Charger - Montreal

    Just picked up our model 3 and the 14-50 adapters are out of stock online. Is there anyone in Montreal who would like to sell me theirs?
  9. L

    Montreal delivery experience: not so great

    Hey everyone, So I ordered my Tesla Model 3 SR+ about 4 weeks ago. I got an appointment today in the afternoon, so I took off at my job to go get it. Had to have someone pick me up and everything. I get there and they tell me two minutes after I arrive: we are very sorry, we are having...
  10. M

    Canadian AWD delivered in 13 days!

    So, i had a VW e-golf i purchased 6 months ago, used, at a very good price (got it in ontario and they still had the 14.5k$ rebate!). it was my dream car. Then came winter, and having owned a subaru AWD for 6 years, the golf’s ‘massive’ torque combined with the FWD just didn’t do it for me in...
  11. S

    Xpel in Montreal

    Hello, Just ordered a 3P white interior. Can anyone recommend a reputable shop in Montreal to install Xpel protection film ? Would appreciate receiving any comment on former clients of topwrap. Steeve
  12. YauKwan

    Model 3 Test Drive Opportunity 4/19 Montreal Canada

    I posted this in the Canada section but didnt get too many views. This might be a better placed for it. --- I am bringing my model 3 to be in the Electric Vehicle show in Montreal 4/20-4/22. I encourage people to sign up. Salon Véhicule Électrique Montréal - Canada's First Electric & Hybrid...
  13. Lon12

    Semi Truck testing near Montreal?

    I just flew over the PMG Technologies vehicle testing track near Montreal today and noticed some big trucks drafting closely going fast around the oval track. Does anyone live near the track and know who is currently testing there? I just thought about this after reading the article on Electrek...
  14. kzod

    What range works best for Montreal - Toronto?

    For those of you that do the drive, what model are you using and which chargers (how long) do you need to use? With so much time before I can get the Model 3, I might as well figure out which version will work best for me. I'm thinking the standard (maybe 360 km with AWD) may be good for one...
  15. S

    Suggestions for a Toronto-Montreal-Quebec City-PEI (and back) road trip?

    Hi guys! I wasn't very active at all on TMC (I spent my time on Tesla's own forum a while ago) but I am a long time Tesla owner. I am planning a long road trip (~4500 km with side-trips) with my family this upcoming August (rough plan is to start Aug 4th afternoon). Roughly I'd like something...
  16. Mad Hungarian

    Montreal Final Reveal Party

    Hello all, As everyone here certainly knows, we are now only a matter of weeks away from the start of Model 3 production and the Final Reveal event. To celebrate we'll be holding a party in Montreal where Model 3 and EV enthusiasts of all stripes can get together and watch it happen in a fun...
  17. Drone Flyer

    Tesla Taxi fleet SC abuse in Montreal!

    Pulled into the main Montreal 12 slot SC last night as I was nearing 40 km of available range. What I saw floored me! 6 Teo Montreal Tesla taxis sitting there charging. They were a combination of Model S 60D's and Model S's. This isn't right! They should be charging elsewhere shouldn't they? I...
  18. F

    Test Drive Montreal Tips and Ideas?

    I am passing through Montreal next month and have set up a time/date to test drive a Model S. Just wondering if anyone has any tips/tricks/ideas for the test drive? Also, the Tesla rep I spoke with was really grilling me on whether or not I was interested in buying a Model S, and if so, in...
  19. F

    2013 S 85 for sale in CANADA (Montreal, but can ship!)

    I am selling my lovely 2013 S85 to buy a new one. Always been well taken care of. Located in the eastern townships of Quebec. Can go to Montreal, arrange transfer to an other SC via Tesla, or ship at buyer's expenses. Will be a convenience trade via Tesla. 2013 S85 366 km @ 90% Metallic Dolphin...
  20. Local host

    Montreal SC

    Does anyone know if they are open June 24th? I tried calling, but after navigating the voice maze was only able to get voice mail.
  21. S

    Road Trip: Chicago to Toronto/Montreal - Advice?

    i just picked up my new (refreshed) model s 70d today and am beyond thrilled. i wanted to ask you experienced tesla road-trippers if there's anything specific i should know about taking this beauty beyond the border? my family and i plan on driving from chicago to toronto and then eventually...
  22. S'toon

    1,000 electric car charging stations coming to Montreal by 2020

    Full story at: Montreal's car-sharing network goes electric As usual the comments on the story are incredibly depressing.
  23. Buzzz

    Supercharger - Montreal, QC - Cote Vertu Blvd.

    Found a new SC construction in Montreal. Asked a construction worker and he confirmed that it was Tesla Superchargers. IMG_3424 by Buzzz posted May 3, 2016 at 8:51 AM IMG_3426 by Buzzz posted May 3, 2016 at 8:51 AM IMG_3427 by Buzzz posted May 3, 2016 at 8:51 AM 2016-05-03 08_45_19-Place Vertu...
  24. thelastdeadmouse

    US Resident Making Deposit in Montreal

    I live in far northern upstate NY, only about 20 minutes from the border. The Montreal store is by far the closest to me, so I'm considering driving these to make a Model 3 reservation on the 31st before the online reservations open up. I set the store an email asking if making a US reservation...
  25. thelastdeadmouse

    US Resident Making Deposit in Montreal

    I live in far northern upstate NY, only about 20 minutes from the border. The Montreal store is by far the closest to me, so I'm considering driving these to make a Model 3 reservation on the 31st before the online reservations open up. I set the store an email asking if making a US reservation...
  26. thelastdeadmouse

    US Resident Making Deposit in Montreal

    I live in far northern upstate NY, only about 20 minutes from the border. The Montreal store is by far the closest to me, so I'm considering driving these to make a Model 3 reservation on the 31st before the online reservations open up. I set the store an email asking if making a US reservation...
  27. MTL_HABS1909

    Anyone Reserving Model 3 in Montreal?

    I called the Tesla Store in Montreal today and they said they know of at least 400 people who plan to camp out to reserve the Model ≡. I plan on being there, was wondering if anyone else on this site plans on doing the same?
  28. mattobadia

    Tesla Motors Montreal won't be streaming model 3 launch.

    I find this quite odd... I called to ask whether or not they would be streaming it live and the response I got was no but I could watch in the parking lot out front with a computer. anyone find this odd? is Tesla shooting themselves in the foot?
  29. B

    Montreal taxi firm adds tesla's to their fleet of electric Taxis

    Not a shareholder or partner in this, but wish i was! Taxelco Launches Teo, a Reinvented Taxi Service for Montreal I recently went to Amsterdam for business and they had tesla's as taxi's - and every chance i took, I rode in one. Super happy to see this come to Canada!! I hope the Montrealers...
  30. C

    Montreal to Toronto Trip

    Planning on heading to Toronto this weekend for the first time in my P85D. If I leave Montreal at 100% can I not make it to Kingston Supercharger direct, or am I better off to stop in Cornwall as well. It seems that the distance to Kingston should be fine but Route planner suggests stopping in...
  31. Doug_G

    New Montreal Loaner

    Look what came in the Valet trailer today... Yep - that's a P85D with Insane Mode!!! Apparently they got it as a trade-in... someone wanted a P90D-Ludicrous. Yes, I sure did try it. And gave rides to everyone at the office.
  32. V

    Travelling Montreal to Manhattan / NYC

    Model S 70D. I am travelling from Brossard to Manhattan. Since I only have a total range of 385km it is a stretch to reach the Albany supercharger which is 345km from Brossard. So far i have travelling at an average speed of 60mph. So far so good. Will keep you posted.
  33. Chrisizzle

    Should I avoid Montreal's superchargers on a road trip?

    I have a business trip from Toronto to Boston and will stop for hiking in the White Mountains on my return through New Hampshire over the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. Most apps (especially Tesla's in car navigation) route me through Montreal. I am concerned about stopping when there are...
  34. Dakkor

    Looking for rims and winter tire near Montreal

    Hello! Any shop recommandation for rims and winter tire(meh already?) near Montreal? I want to buy a second set of wheel, already have regular 19" tesla set for my summer tires but I am looking to put the Tesla rims on my winter tires and buy a better looking set of rims for the next summer...
  35. Dakkor

    Xpel near Montreal

    Helwlo! I am looking for a good shop to do a full Xpel Ultimate on my new Model S who is coming in around 2-3 weeks. On Xpel website it says that Protex is the official dealer in Canada. I have contacted 3 Protex shop near me(Terrebonne, Mascouche and Repentigny ones..) by email and none of...
  36. Auzie

    The Impact of Montreal Protocol on Repairing the Ozone Hole

    Article in SMH, Model shows what ozone layer would look like without Montreal Protocol An ozone hole larger than Australia would have opened up over the Arctic if we had continued to use CFC for the last three decades. In 1987, countries agreed to Montreal Protocol which restricted the use of...
  37. J

    Montreal to NYC: Anyone done this route?

    Was just looking at the Supercharging route from Montreal to NYC - with the only superchargers on the way being in Albany, NY and Paramus, NJ. We do this route frequently in our current ICE car to go to NFL games. Has anyone done this route with their Tesla? Any trouble with getting through the...
  38. C

    CPO Favour from Someone in Montreal

    Good Morning All - I'm a long time lurker, and am getting close to making a purchasing decision, but am wondering if someone in Montreal could help me out. I'm really eyeballing the Signature Red CPO car in Montreal http://www.teslamotors.com/en_CA/models/preowned/s02077 , and I have reviewed...
  39. omega

    P85d. Montreal trip. Range assurance? Chademo? No range anxiety? Right...

    I wanted to share our experience with our over the weekend trip to Montreal, CA from Concord, NH. Concord-Montreal: We left fully charged @ 255mi and we made just one stop @ home charger with HPWC near Burlington VT. One of the best decision I made was to check the plugshare map and get in...
  40. omega

    Any fast chargers from Concord NH to to Montreal?

    Any fast chargers from Concord NH to Montreal? Hey Guys, We are getting ready for a trip to Montreal from Concord NH. There are no superchargers going north once you leave Concord-Hooksett area. Just bought a Chademo adapter to help with this trip (don't want to wait 2h to get less than 40mi...
  41. P

    Biggest EV Parade in Montreal April 18 2015

    The current Guinness record for the most EVs in a parade is 507 so it won't be easy. Only the 100% electrics will count, even the i3 Rex will be excluded. All plugins are welcome and will be counted for the total attendance for the event but only the pure EVs will be counted for the Guinness...
  42. hingisfan

    Anyone in GTA / Ottawa / Montreal have an audio upgrade done?

    Thinking of adding a sub to my base audio, and possibly replacing the rear speakers. I think the base audio sounds good, very clear, good highs, mid-bass is decent, but little to no lower bass. I think a sub would really improve it, and others in the US have commented as such. I'm not handy...
  43. ToddRLockwood

    New Supercharger turned on today in Montreal!

    It's not on Tesla's Supercharger map yet, but it is operational. It's located at the new Tesla Sales & Service Center. This is just awesome news. Dinner in Montreal, here we come!
  44. doug

    Tesla Montreal Grand Opening Event

    Tesla Montreal Grand Opening Event - YouTube
  45. Calvin.K

    Tesla opens new Montreal Store

  46. L

    Montreal to Ogunquit

    I'm looking for the quickest way to go from Montreal to Ogunquit this summer, any ideas? Has anybody given it a try? There doesn't seem to be any Superchargers along the way.
  47. T

    NEW 2014 Tesla P85 - Montreal, Canada - SOLD

    NEW 2014 Tesla P85 - Montreal, Canada NEW Tesla Model S P85. Has to go as soon as possible. Flexible financing available at Location Park Avenue if needed. Contact for more details. 21" Grey Turbine Wheels 85 kWh Performance Model S Alcantara Headliner Black Nappa Leather Seats...
  48. J

    Bonjour from Montreal

    Another Montreal Tesla has arrived! I did not except to convince SWMBO but as others have said "All it took was a test drive".
  49. Doug_G

    Laval / Montreal Service Charges Ontario Residents Quebec Taxes

    Just a heads up - I'm paying to have a couple of rims replaced (ouch), and charged me GST + QST. Turns out there's a couple of CRA rules that give somewhat contradictory answers. Final resolution from CRA is that we have to pay QST if you use valet service. If they had used a third party...
  50. F

    Toronto to Montreal - how safe is it to rely on Best Western?

    Hey fellow GTA / Montreal Tesla owners, I was really hoping we'd have superchargers by now. But we don't. I'm going to be driving from my home at the east end of the GTA region to Montreal in a few weeks. I'd rather take the Tesla versus my Lexus SUV that sucks gas. The trip is about 500 km for...