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Roadster on road course? Sustained performance?

Hey guys - new to the forum here and new to EV, so please pardon the ignorance inherent in this question... We all know Tesla vehicles can accelerate really quickly in a straight line, however I have heard they go into limp mode etc when flogged repeatedly. Of course during normal daily driving this isn't possible in most scenarios due to traffic and safety, but what about at the track? I enjoy running my cars at Sebring, and wondered when or IF an EV will be able to do it. Thanks, HEAVILY considering putting a deposit down...although the lack of info is a bit disconcerting, buying simply on looks and stats is tempting but tough. Thanks for any info and perspective.
First, I have to say "limp mode" is not a correct way to put it. In the existing Roadster, and Model S & X, the motor overheats after the equivalent of a couple of laps of a normal track. This reduces the maximum power available, although it is still plenty to cruise at 80mph on a freeway. There's an annual EV meet at Laguna Seca, a number of threads about it on here.

However Tesla is switching motor designs, and it is rumored that a Model 3 has been seen running continuous fast laps. At the reveal of the new Roadster, it ran Ludicrous launches for about 5 hours straight, no slowdown reported.
Thanks for your reply, ggr. In the 20 or so track days I do per year, I've yet to see a Tesla vehicle do a lap, so I was just curious. No idea how this roadster is going to handle, but I guess we will have to wait and see! Can't wait to see this thing!
It's anyone's guess as information is non-existant. All we know is what was announced at the unveiling. Regardless, trackdays are not the intended purpose of Teslas currently on the market. You don't see them at the track for the same reasons you don't see any Mercedes S-Class, 7-Series BMWs, or Range Rovers. Besides, Tesla owners who are also track enthusiasts would much rather track their Porsche or McLaren. I won't track my Roadster as my expectation of its capability in that regard is fairly low, so I can only be pleasantly surprised if otherwise.

It's not going to compete with a GT3RS or ZR1 around a track anytime soon...but this thread is worth a good laugh to see how "the other half" thinks... C7 ZR1 or Tesla Coupe - CorvetteForum - Chevrolet Corvette Forum Discussion