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Snow flake beside the battery ?

Hi all,
Someone knows the meaning of the snowflake beside the battery ?
Well, i guess it is linked the the cold weather but is it because :
- the battery needs to be warned up (and has lower performance) ;
- the roads may be icy ;
- ...



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It's because the battery is significantly cold. You can expect reduced efficiency, reduced regen, and reduced acceleration. I recommend setting a scheduled charge to start in the middle of the night. You'll have to figure out how early to set it to have it finish shortly before leaving your house in the morning.
Snowflake also means you don't have access to all the stored capacity. Once it does warmup enough and remove the snowflake that capacity is again available (point is, it's not lost, it's just not accessible).

IMHO, it's also better to charge when you get home, with a warm battery. Otherwise that heat you have when you arrive at home is thrown away and needs to be put back before normal charging can be returned.
The manual for the car, which you can look at on the main screen does.

Page 52 of the owners manual, at least in the version I currently have on my hard drive, under CAR STATUS:


Note: In cold weather, some of the stored
energy in the Battery may not be available
until the Battery warms up. When this
happens, a portion of the Battery meter is
blue and the driving distance value has a
snowflake image next to it.
If Model 3 is
plugged in, you can heat your Battery
using wall power by turning on climate
control using the mobile app.

When the Battery warms up, the blue portion
on the meter and the snowflake image are no
longer displayed.


Also, if I go to a popular search engine like google and type "Snowflake icon tesla model 3" I get pointed to several threads that explain exactly what it is.

OP, if you have not read the manual yet and are a new owner, I suggest reading it. There is a lot of good information there, and every icon that appears on your screen is covered in some capacity in the manual.
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