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So I'm buying a Ford F150


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Mar 4, 2013
Redmond, WA
Well, I have to. Tesla doesn't a have pickup truck yet. Will trade when they do one day.

But the weird thing is... So I went to Ford's web site, selected all the weird combinations of options that I wanted, selected the color, oh, everything perfect.

Except that Ford seems to have forgotten the "Buy it now" button on the site?

Instead, they have another button that you can view current inventory. Ok, even better! Can get it the same day.

Uhh. No. There are no vehicles anywhere that matches my options from any dealer in my state. No further help is offered.

Ok... how does one buy custom cars again the non-Tesla way? Do I just pick a dealer at random and go give them the list of options I want for them to custom-build me a car?
Hah. How quickly we forget bad experiences.

When I was buying a new BMW, I printed out the config I wanted and faxed it (yes, that long ago) to every BMW dealership within 100+ miles or so, with the request of 'name your price' and 'how soon can you have that config in stock?'.

Then I went into the local dealership with the quotes. The good news was that even though the local dealership hadn't come in anywhere near the lowest quote, they DID have the most timely allocation for the car I wanted. (He didn't know how important that was to me.) I told him to match the lowest price and he had a sale. So he did.

I chose to give the local guys a chance to match the price because I like to spend my money locally whenever possible.

Good luck!
VIA Motors looks great, but:

Q: Are you selling to consumers?

A: Currently we are not. We anticipate our technology will be available to consumers in the next 2 years. In the interim, if you would like to provide us with your contact information by clicking on our “Request a Quote” page, we will add you to our VIA Motors Newsletter.
LOL The last car I bought I was only allowed it in 1 colour because of the dealer. I wonder if in time other companies will adopt Tesla's model.

BTW, Do they have Hilux's over the pond? That's the pickup i'd go for.

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Go rent one at Lowes, or Home Depot or Uhaul or Budget for when you need one. Its what I'm doing until I can get my trailer hitch installed and wired to pull my 5x8 utility trailer.
Are you putting a hitch on an S? Who is doing that for you and what is it costing? I have a small trailer I'd like to pull too. The local service center won't install a hitch for me. We recently went all EV but the other car is a SoulEV and can't pull a trailer the way the old Sportage could. :)