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Vendor Socalautoart - Brake caliper paint at your home 4 hour job 300$

What's your favorite brake color?

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Socal Auto Art - Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, Gmail
Text - 909-687-5230 for appointment
gmail - [email protected]
Schedule an appointment for as soon as tomorrow
Message me for any questions or concerns
Ask for Johnny

Mobile Service
Will come to you!
Home. Driveway, Garage, Street, Parking Lot, ect.

- Certified Automotive Technician
- Professional Tesla Painter
- Brake Specialist


Brake Paint Express Package - $400, 5-6 hour job
- Home Service, We come to you!
- Vehicle is lifted and all wheels are removed
- Prep Work - Super Clean and Masked
- 3 coats of High Adhesion Primer
- 3 coats of High Temp Paint
Basic colors
Customized colors +20$
- 3 coats of Protective Gloss Clear Coat
Free Decal (Letters are cut from High Performance Vinyl)
- Customized design, ask me
- Manufactuer Logos, Names, and custom text
- Vinyl Colors: White, Black, Metallic Silver, Red, Blue. ask me
- Vinyl Oracle 751:High Adhesion, Durable, weather proof, heat resistant
- 4 year warranty

Brake Paint Track Pack for Racers - $600 - 7-8 Hour Job
- Vehicle is lifted, Wheels removed, Brakes completely dissassembed.
- Prep Work - Super Cleaned, Sanded, and Masked
- 5 Coats of Primer
- 5 Coats of Paint - Includes all Paints
- Free Custom Decals
- 5 Coats of Clear Coat
- 10 year warranty - Free Touch ups and re-dos

Brake Rotor Paint - $100 +2 hours
- Brake Rotor Rust Protection
- Silver, Flat Grey, Blacks: Gloss, Satin, Flat, and Matte
- Rotor usually rust from a light grey into an ugly dark brown and it only builds up on top of itself. This service is intended to prevent rust building up on the rotor while at the same time this paint will compliment your wheels and brakes.

Wheel Paint Express - $400 4 hour job
- Paints only the Face of Wheel
- Prep Work - Super Clean, Sanded
- 3 coats Primer
- 3 coats Paint
Black: Gloss, Satin, Matte, Flat
Ask for more colors
- 3 coats Clear Coat
- Free Custom Decal
- 4 year warranty

Wheel Paint Track Pack - $500 5 hour job
- Prep Work - Sand Blast, Super Clean
- Wheel Face and Inside is Painted
- 5 coats of Primer
- 5 coats of Base Paint
- 5 Coats of Clear Coat
- Free Custom Decal
- 8 year warranty

Chrome Delete
(Best) Vinyl Wrap - $500-$700 - 7-8 Hour Job
- All Trim is Removed and Vinyl is sealed under
(Removeable) Plasti Dip - $300 - $500 - 3-4 Hour Job
- All Trim is Masked in place

No Job too Hard,
No Place too Far,

Inland Empire
San Bernardino
Los Angeles
San Fernando Valley
Orange County
San Diego
Palm Springs
Imperial Valley

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any colors other than red?
I can provide any color. I'll find the color one way or another. I've worked on dozens of teslas and all my customers have asked for red. I'm hoping customers pick more colors so my pictures don't get boring. I'm also working on 2 tone designs. Like a red fading into black in the middle.

Do you provide a warranty with your work ?
I can offer a 5 year warranty. Anything wrong with the paint, you'll get the job redone for free. After 5 years, I can offer touch ups and Brake cleaning services at a low rate.