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  1. S

    Expired 2016 Tesla Model X 90D with FULL SELF DRIVING(FSD) [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2016 Tesla Model X 90D with FULL SELF DRIVING(FSD). Please add to the discussion here.
  2. G

    2017 Model X w/ torn front/aft bushings and damaged ball-joints needing body work - help!

    Hi, I am not a mechanical person at all, but I feel like Tesla has purposefully ignored an issue w/ the suspension and now the situation is bad. Would appreciate any light that can be shed on this issue. For at least the last year, we have heard a scraping noise occasionally when we are...
  3. H

    Expired Tesla Model X - Vossen HF5 22" Hybrid Forged in Satin Bronze with red lugs - 22x9.5 22x11 (no...

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Tesla Model X - Vossen HF5 22" Hybrid Forged in Bronze with red lugs - 22x9.5 22x11 (no tires). Please add to the discussion here.
  4. GauchoHB

    2022+ Model X 6 Seater All Weather Floor Mats

    Hello, I just purchased all weather floor mats for my 2022 Tesla X 6 seater one month ago for $350 but I am now selling the vehicle. I am located in California. Willing to sell for $250 plus cost of shipping. DM me if you're interested.
  5. M

    Trade in X for new one that has Hardware 4?

    so it sounds like hardware 4 is going to be a dramatic upgrade to the capabilities for FSD, autopilot, safety features, etc. I just got my model x refresh a few months ago with 3K miles on it. would it be crazy/stupid to trade my model x in for a new one that has hardware 4? I held out buying...
  6. W

    Need help identifying issue w Model X

    I took my vehicle to get serviced and later noticed some damage to the exterior of the vehicle. I’d like the community to help me determine what/how this could have been caused when in the service shop in Dublin Ca. Looks to be a hot cable wire burning the exterior paint/frame/rim. What do you...
  7. C

    MXP 22” tire chain recommendation

    The tires dimensions are 285/35 22”. Planning to visit snoqualmie pass and need recommendation for tire chains to allow me to legally go up the pass. Konig k67 are out of stock on tesla website.. does everyone use only those chains? Dont want to risk suspension damage by using the wrap around...
  8. M

    Cannot interact with rear screen apps

    even if i'm in park and I can navigate to youtube, netflix, etc on rear screen fine, but once it loads up the app nothing on the app is clickable or scrollable. can I reset the rear screen somehow or do I have to do a full reset on everything?
  9. M

    Model X long range delivery date continuously delayed

    I know people have been experiencing their dates pushed back, but what's odd about my situation is I was contacted to schedule my actual pick up of my tesla and 3 times in a row I got texts saying my tesla is still in transit and hasn't arrived yet. is this the real reason? it's in transit for...
  10. A

    2016 Model X P90D with MCU1 and autopilot 1.0. Is a Dashcam possible?

    Hi. I have a 2016 Model X P90D with MCU1 and autopilot 1.0. I really like the integrated dashcam on my model 3 and I want to get something similar for my MX. If I upgrade to MCU2, is there a way to get a front facing dashcam through Tesla? Or should I look at aftermarket options for dashcams...
  11. D

    2022 Tesla Model X - 5004 Miles Pre-Owned - Seattle, WA

    Skip the wait. Snatch up this unit that's barely used. Toyota client switched to a Toyota Tundra Hybrid because they needed the truck more and the Tesla Model X just wasn't for them. A little over 5000 miles on the vehicle. Has both fobs, both card keys, all charging cables and cases as well...
  12. B

    2022 Model X LR Transfer 16k under current MSRP available for pickup (Newport Beach, CA)

    My build is located in Newport Beach, CA and ready now. PM me with your offer if you are interested. Current MSRP for the same vehicle is $137,940.00 and you would have to wait until June 2023 and that's if it doesn't get pushed back.
  13. T

    Towing caravan Model X Long range plus

    Hi folks, We have driven with our Model X trough Belgium, France, Suisse, Italy, Austria and Germany this summer for a road trip across various camp site. We started from our home country the Netherlands and our caravan is a Dethlefds C’Go 495 (dimensions 7.30 long 2.30 width and c.1500kg incl...
  14. M

    2022 Model X LR Blue with 22'' Turbine Wheels. All Black Interior - 7 Seater - $121K OBO

    I'm selling a 2022 Model X Long Range Deep Blue Metallic with 22'' Turbine Wheels. All Black Premium Interior with Ebony Décor Seven Seat Interior The car is in-hand At the time, we put a deposit on the car, our family size was smaller. With my wife currently pregnant and expecting another...
  15. DNSJames

    Surprise window cleaning while driving in FSDb this morning...

    While sitting at a stoplight this morning in FSDb... suddenly my windshield wipers activated and the cleaner sprayed three short bursts of washer fluid. I guess it thought my windshield was dirty. However, I'm notorious for keeping it super clean as I enjoy the huge view. In fact, when I got...
  16. xkwizit

    FOR SALE: Sacramento: Used 2016 Model X 20in Silver Slipstream Wheels set of 4 - $350

    All wheels have curb rash but no other damage. Local pickup ONLY. Pay cash or Venmo/Zelle.
  17. Z

    2017 X p100d - avg 430 kwh/mi

    Hi All! I've been struggling understanding why my kwh/mi is so high compared to my peers. Technicians say it's because of the performance motors but I'd like to know what kind of numbers other performance model owners get. Here's my story: 2017 P100D bought in 2019 from an owner in Georgia. He...
  18. V

    pre-price hike Model X reservation for sale

    Hi, I have a pre-price hike Model X for sale. No registrant details were entered which means you can enter your details directly in the account. It is currently configured to LR but can be modified to any combination (paint, seat colors, 6 or 7 seaters) or even changed to Plaid. It Shows EDD...
  19. M

    Model X air suspension adjustment unavailable

    So I bought a Model X from a Copart auction, light front bumper damage yet all interior airbags blown. Bought all replacements, car wouldn’t move due to low voltage. Replaced main battery pyro fuse & 12v pyro fuse now vehicle is operable. It still shows air suspension adjustment unavailable. I...
  20. T

    2022 Model X for sale, 20-24. June Denver delivery

    I have a new Model X for sale that is due to be delivered between 20 and 24th of June (so next week) VIN has been assigned. I am not willing to transfer the reservation but will pay the sales tax and transfer vehicle then. - 2022 Model X Long Range (114,990) - Deep Blue Metallic (1,500) - 20"...
  21. R

    20 Inch rims for sale with tires! Chicago Area

  22. R

    Tesla Model S 20Inch rims for sale(Chicago)

  23. J

    Model X 7 Seat alternative Mercedes Benz EQS SUV

    Since this morning our Model X EDD pushed to Dec'22-Apr'23, We have been thinking of alternatives, has anyone thought of the EQS SUV since that will be also a 7 seater? I know Rivan R1S is there as well but from what I have been seeing it might be 2024 before they start delivering on scale. We...
  24. C

    New Wheels 22" Forgiato EV 001 Model X

    Just installed the 22 inch Forgiato EV001 for the model X on Goodyear Tires. Ride is so smooth and the tires feel much lighter when driving and handling curves.
  25. skappler

    20 Inch Model X Sonic Carbon Wheels/Tires

    Selling my set of 20 inch Sonic Carbon Model X wheels and tires. Tires have 40-50% of tread left. TPMS included. $1,500 OBO. Located in Northern VA.
  26. D

    Model X 100D 2017 for sale

    Trying to figure out if I trade it in to Tesla for the PLAID or sell. Car has been great, there are a couple bodywork items that need to get fixed but I am certainly willing to discount to account for the cost and effort necessary to have that done. Realistically it needs a new front drivers...
  27. R

    Selling 19 Inch Model S Rims

    Comes with 4 tpms sensors located in Chicago but willing to ship. Great for a winter or summer set! Price is $600.00
  28. Richtig

    2021 Tesla Model X Long Range Plus w/ FSD 6 Seater

    2021 Pre-Re 2021 Tesla Model X LR+ · Driven 18,800 miles 2021 Pre-Refresh Model X Long Range Plus - 6 Seater - FSD Paid for and Beta is active - 18,800 miles and going up - 352 miles range at full charge - 22" Tesla wheels - chrome delete - full satin wrap over the MSM paint (easily removable)...
  29. J


    SOS: Does anyone have a digital copy of the 2016 Model X P90d limited and power train warranty?! Tesla in Austin is the worst. They refuse to put any effort into finding a copy of the original warranty and tell me they only have the new warranty.
  30. S

    2022 Model X reservation for sale (White ext, black int, 7 seats, Feb est. delivery)

    I have a Model X reservation for sale. Model X Long Range Pearl White Multi-Coat 20'' Cyberstream Wheels All Black Premium Interior with Ebony Décor Seven Seat Interior Yoke Steering Wheel Autopilot Pay-as-you-go Supercharging If you want to get your car as soon as possible, you don’t have to...
  31. S

    2018 model x for sale subject to delivery my new model x

    I am trying to sell my model x 75d black color approx 28k on board with enhanced auto pilot . Very good condition
  32. N

    Issues with 2019 Model X 100D

    Hey there, our Model X 100D has been having some issues with the Dash and Infotainment. Dash - Has an inverted "L" shaped black mark, also the edges of the screen seems to be dull/fade out for some reason. Infotainment - Has a yellow/orange band around it. Looked up online and found UV light...
  33. G

    2020 Model X Software/hardware crash!

    My 2020 Model X had a weird issue happen. Was stopped at a red light, car put itself in park, all alarms and icons flashed, could not put car in drive or press the accelerator or the brake. Car turns off on its own and then turns back on. When the car turned back on all alarms and icons appeared...
  34. A

    Looking for unicorn model x

    Looking for a 2017 Model X that was purchased in Jan/March that still has unlimited transferable supercharging.
  35. dskid

    Strange Issue Driving Straight

    We have a 2019 X 100D (pre-Raven). It’s developed a strange issue that Tesla has not been able to diagnose. When driving straight, the car will randomly “tug” to the left or the right. You can feel the tension on the wheel and it’s as if the car is fighting you. It can always be overcome, but...
  36. B

    Model X Wheels. 4 Pirelli Snow Tires With Telsa Rims for Sale. 265/50 R19. 30x30x12. Tread in good condition. About 3k miles on them. $2500

    Model X Wheels. 4 Pirelli Snow Tires With Telsa Rims for Sale. 265/50 R19. 30x30x12. Tread in good condition. About 3k miles on them. $2500 Will all fit in the back of Model X. For price on shipping message me.
  37. B

    Model X 22" Turbine Wheel and Pirelli Scorpion Tire Package

    Hello! I am selling this 22" Silver Wheel and Tire set for $6000. These are brand new with 0 miles on them. Located in Miami Fl, can pick up or be delivered if local at no extra cost or can arrange for shipping if buyer wants to pay. 2 x 22X9.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 22X10.0 Turbine wheels...
  38. P

    Found a way to elimate ICE-ing

    This is only an idea but logically it would solve the issue. What we need is a 20ft Supercharging extension cord. So whenever someone tries to ICE the Supercharger spots you would pull directly behind them (blocking them in) then pull out the 20 ft extension cord and plug your car into the...
  39. W

    2020 MXP Red Chrome w/ Custom Designed Wrap

    New to posting, my second Tesla, first being a ‘18 MS75D. Upgraded to the MXP September of 2020, and stock doesn’t last with me.. Here are current pictures of my MXP!
  40. I

    WTB Model X - Take over your lease with 6-20 months left

    Want out of your lease early? I will take over your lease. Looking for a Model X that has less than 20 months left, can be as little as 6 months left on the lease with Tesla Financial. Car must be from a Non Smoker Open to any version, color or year. Although I would say if I had my choice...
  41. P

    Model X takeover

    Hello I’m looking for 2017 or 2018 model X. I’m willing to takeover the vehicle.
  42. M


    Hello Everyone! New member here, I am a detailer located in the greater Philadelphia area and I am a huge Tesla and car enthusiast in general, I'm also a shine enthusiast and figured I could showcase some vehicles that we have protected! If you aren't in the same state and cant come by and talk...
  43. puritan

    2018 Model X 100D for sale. Reus audio, black wheels w/ red calipers, full body clear bra.

    Hi My 2018 Model X 100D is up for sale. Asking for $72,250. This is a great deal as I spent upwards of $12k in enhancements after taking delivery. It has every single possible upgrade and will only get better, as all Teslas do. Car is in the bay area. Feature highlights: 1. HW 3.0 Installed...
  44. puritan

    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    Qualifying statement: We're a family of 4. The shortest person is 5'10". We have two dogs, each 65 lbs that travel everywhere with us (by everywhere, I mean they jump into the car for a CVS run). Don't get me wrong, I love my Model X and I wish I didn't have to sell it but 10 days in a BMW X7...
  45. kilowatts

    2017 Tesla Model X 75D Blue 40k Miles Single Owner No Accidents

    Hi All - I have a 2017 Model X 75D for sale. The car is single owner with 40k miles, originally purchased December 2017 and has been in Orlando FL ever since. It has Enhanced AP and third row. See the carfax or view the car more in depth here: 2017 Tesla Model X | MyCarListed Please let me...
  46. FalconFuel

    What is this thing?

    Anyone have any idea at all what this thing is?
  47. P

    Looking for model Y

    Hello, I'm looking for a Model Y or X to takeover from someone who no longer wants the car. I'm open to White or black with black interior only.
  48. rsbabo

    MAKE ME AN OFFER! OEM Model X 20" Wheels

    Set of 4 OEM Model X staggered 20 inch wheels. 9/9.5 width Part #s 1027244-00-A / 1027245-00-A Very minor curb rash on one. Need them out of my garage. Pickup locally in the West TN, upper MS area or WILL SHIP FOR ADDITIONAL CHARGE MAKE ME AN OFFER -plus shipping-
  49. X

    Used Model X paint defect - warranty issue

    Hi all, Purchased my 2017 model X from Tesla last month and there's a swarm of issues we have been dealing with... One issue we recently noticed was the roof of the vehicle has faded paint, which looks clearly like a defect. However, upon sending the picture to the service center via text (not...
  50. C

    Estimated Delivery

    I just received this message. I ordered June 29th so currently in week 6. What’s funny is 8 weeks puts delivery after battery day so I wonder if a rumored “refresh” or “enchantment” has anything to do with pushing the delivery time frame out. Anyone else get a similar message like this?