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SR+ Day 1 Pickup and first impressions

We picked up our Model 3 SR+ metallic blue from Brisbane Fortitude Valley today.

We arrived a bit early (15 mins) and ‘Sparky’ was just being moved to the delivery area. Yes we decided on ‘Sparky’ as her name.

Before looking over her we opened the Tesla app, sparky was already linked to our Tesla accounts and we could see she had 81% charge. (Cool)

The delivery specialist invited us to take pictures and then the scripted introduction process started.

We setup both Key cards and then run through the external components Opening the frunk and boot. Plus charging overview.

We then moved to the internals Opening doors, seat setup, steering wheel etc.

We then went through the drive controls. Forward, Reverse and park.

Then over to the control centre which all seemed very familiar (we have watched a lot of YouTube!)

After about 5 minutes of running through the car settings, pairing phones it was the visual inspection.

We were very lucky checking her condition, we couldn’t see any paint blemish, panel miss alignments, issues with glass seatings etc, but did notice a small hole in the fabric covering the front speaker grill. (We were told to log any issues via the app).

After about 20 mins after arriving we signed off on accepting ‘Sparky’.

We then drove out into the midday CBD traffic. All a bit daunting really.

The journey home was about 40 minutes. Enough time to get used to the regenerative braking.

During the first 20 minutes the display indicated that the system was calibrating.

The instant torque is very impressive and leaves cars in the dust when accelerating away from traffic lights even in a SR+. We can’t imagine what a Performance would be like.

After arriving home we picked up our teenage son (he didn’t want to endure public transport to pick up his new sister).

After a few minutes we hit an 80 stretch and I gave her a poke., all of us were thrown back in our seats. We all had big grins. Very rewarding.

After a short trip around town we dropped off the teenager with about 71% charge and headed to the local winery that had a Tesla charger.

We parked up and plugged in the charging by just pressing the button on the charger. The charging port opened automatically and inserting the charging kicked off the charging process. Before leaving we setup sentry mode and just walked away.

Sparky was now locked and if defence mode. (So cool).

After relaxing over a coffee it was time to continue our journey. To our surprise Sparky had charged to over 80%.

On the way home we tried the cruise control, which seemed a lot smoother than my day 1 regenerative driving technique.

Arriving home we fitted the AliExpress boot and frunk mats which fitted perfectly. We also setup the QI charger.

Sparky is now sleeping after an eventful first day and feasting on a drip charge from our standard 240v outlet.

Looking forward to tomorrow
Believe it or not there's another SR+ called Sparky which was delivered in Brisbane today. Also an eventful day had doing laps of the neighborhood with friends and family. Simply an outstanding car which has exceeded our expectations. If you left at midday we were both there at the same time too.

Small world, but i'd hate to have to paint it.