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Supercharger - Daly City, CA - Bryant St. (planning approved Jan 2022, 32 V3 stalls)


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Oct 18, 2018
Daly City Council Meeting Agenda Report from 2022-01-10 [PDF]
Partial Site Plan [PDF]

What: Tesla has planning approval for building a 32-stall, V3 supercharger station on a vacant lot at the NW corner of Bryant St & Washington St. in Daly City.
Address: 1590 Bryant St, Daly City, CA 94015 Google Map link

GPS: 37.688188, -122.473605


@Chuq @MarcoRP @corywright
A few interesting notes about this location. First, it's an undeveloped vacant lot and the surrounding buildings are either residential or offices. There are no attached/adjacent stores or restaurants. It's about a block and a half to In-N-Out or any places that have food options or any other amenities at all. Second, from the site plans linked above and from Tesla's presentation to the Daly City Council on 2022-01-10, it looks like they aren't going to add anything besides the chargers, the electrical equipment, and a Megapack battery system. So, no on-site bathrooms, not even porta-potties. Third, for the supercharger nerds out there, according to the site plans, this location will have 8 V3 cabinets tied together and working as a single system. So, if there ever was a 7-cabinet limit as had been rumored before, it seems not to be in effect anymore. And this is actually the second new location the community knows about to be designed with 8 V3 cabinets and 32 stalls, the other is the planned Primm, NV expansion recently found by MarcoRP.
I believe the Semi Megacharger sites are also 8 V3 cabinets tied together which is about 2800 kVA. The pictures from the Modesto site and the Gigafactory Nevada site show that to be the case. Not sure if electronics within the cabinets restrict load to no more than 2500 kVA unless a Megapack can supply the extra load. As far as I know utility transformers are still commonly sized to no more than 2500 kVA due to fault current considerations. There are larger pad mounted transformers but most utilities won't use them.
Visited this site yesterday...still dead grass and weeds...no movement on this build out yet. Still says Q2 2022 planned opening, but prob looks like Q3 now unless they can put it up in two months.
On a related note, there was a supercharger location leak a few weeks ago. It noted an address of an upcoming supercharger in Mission Plaza in Daly City. I also passed by this location (got some Jollibee). There's a few EV chargers in the parking lot, but didn't see any Tesla ones or any signs for future supercharger construction.
Is there a thread dedicated to the SC location behind Jollibees in Daly City? I don't recall seeing one.

@homero89 just started a new thread and requested I move a few posts over there (done).

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