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Tesla 90D vs 85D

Is the 90D any faster than the 85D? I know the 85D is faster than the 70D due to voltage differences, just wondering if that applies to the higher density of the 90D?

No, they are same equipment/speed overall, just 90D has extra battery cells (6% more roughly) for additional range. Technically I guess the 90D weighs a tiny bit more due to that as well but won't be noticeable.
I don't think the 90 has extra battery cells at all and the change is due to chemistry and the introduction of silicon into the graphite anode. The weight is pretty much the same. The chemical change as I understand it will result in sustaining a higher voltage longer - I think in practice this will mean it holds on to its performance at lower states of charge. It seems that some p85d owners are waiting to see if the ludicrous upgrade delivers the same performance as a p90dL so there must be potential for a difference. I would expect the 90D to be as fast if not faster than an 85D