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Tesla ordered to pay $16K to each customer for batterygate


May 10, 2015
Memphis, TN
A major selling point of the cars was the rapid charging. "170 miles in 30 minutes." This was a significant factor in my willingness to buy the car when I did--the ability to make road trips. I was willing to make some compromises, but I wouldn't have bought the car if it couldn't do my most important trips.

I expected some degradation in the battery over time, and factored this into my decision. I bought the car before there was a supercharger within 200 miles of me, and I spent years on the edge of "the great supercharger desert." I intentionally bought the biggest battery they sold for the cross country capability, allowing for some inevitable degradation. I expected the supercharger network to be finished, and its was built out in my area eventually.

It didn't occur to me that charging rate would be cut in half.

Like others, I'd be quite satisfied with a discount on an upgraded battery pack. I expected to need a new battery at some point if I kept the car a long time. Right now though, I've got a car with less than 50K miles, very little degradation in range, but almost useless for travel. My most common car trip is just under 500 miles. I used to be able to do that with about an hour of charging. Now I can't, and my wife refuses to take the Tesla on that trip.


Jun 24, 2014
Hey Norway people go get you money cause us Americans are getting a slap on the face with $650US dollars and a shut up and deal with it even here is your 10% range back. Lawsuit is coming to a settlement. Good luck!


Active Member
Jan 6, 2020
at least in the usa, isnt that almost the case in most class actions filed in the usa? The lawyers who file end up with the most. The consumers end up with a pittance. Which is why Ive wondered why I see so many "is it time for class action on xyz!?" thread on this forum, vs people filing their own lawsuit in their local small claims or civil courts. Would have a better chance of more money in their pockets that way


Active Member
Nov 19, 2018
Los Angeles
The salesman said me back in 2017, ‘’this is the oldest your car will ever be due to the OTA updates’’. Man what a lie. Tesla in 3 short years ruined my car. It will never be as good as the day I bought it. I have to live with some many problems now and just accept it. It’s sucks.

Perhaps all car sales people are prone to lie...or perhaps they have no clue...

Possible Tesla does a little of both...


Supporting Member
Supporting Member
May 9, 2017
Victorville, CA
That’s gotta be a huge disappointment to all the true believers that have been frothing over this for two years now, dreaming of new batteries, car buybacks, and 5-figure settlements. 😆
It was never about the money. It was getting the range restored and safe battery packs. Over a year ago Tesla started restoring capacity and improved diagnostics to assure battery safety (no parked Tesla fire since then). This is compensation for the 10%+ capacity reduction for 18 months.
Many have received new packs as a result of the new software over the last year.


Active Member
Nov 19, 2018
Los Angeles
Hang on a sec. This article says that recent software updates have restored Supercharging speed and pack capacity.

I'm gathering here that this is not the case?

I find electrek to not be as reliable a source as TMC. Despite that, I still click and he gets paid.

I think he meant to say the fully charged capacity of the pack, not the charging speed.

I'd like to think I am wrong on that but doubt it...


Well-Known Member
Mar 10, 2016
It was never about the money. It was getting the range restored and safe battery packs.
Maybe for you as the lead plaintiff, but surely not for the Four Horsemen of the Batterygate Apocalypse and the rest of the prophets that have been preaching on the virtual street corners for two years now about bankrupting Tesla, NHTSA forcing large scale battery recalls and replacements, car buybacks, and even throwing Tesla leadership in prison as dangerous criminals involved in a massive cover-up of a serious safety defect.

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