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service center

  1. B

    looking for roadster-qualified tech in SF North Bay

    I am in the Napa Valley north of SF and have been trying to find the closest service center that can do maintenance on my Roadster. I am not having much luck getting anyone from Tesla to answer that question. Does anyone here know? Thanks!
  2. B

    2021 Model S (LR) - Real world driving range

    I recently purchased a 2021 (refreshed model) model s LR, tempest wheels. the vehicle is rated at 405 miles, but i cannot get anywhere close to that range. At best i am squeezing 60% of the range ( IE. charged to 324 miles(80%), driven down to 81 miles (20%) = in theory i should of driven...
  3. theganjaguru

    Tesla Needs to Up Their Service Game - Dismal Experience with HVAC Failure On My Y

    Let me start by saying that the people at the service center were very nice. That being said, the rest of my experience totally sucked. AC broke on 07/02. System would no longer blow hot and cold air. The next available appointment was on 07/14, almost two weeks out. Brought the car in for...
  4. D

    Refreshed Model X Plaid 2022 - Service Centre Fiasco

    So my 2022 MX Plaid was supposed to be picked up from the Santa Clara service center for some paint correction and panel gaps fix and I get a call from my rep saying that the service technician deployed the side and door airbags when fixing the "Right Rear Saftey Restraint System Fault". And now...
  5. H

    Tesla asking $300 for a repair estimate (ran over road debris)

    A few nights ago someone dropped a full tire (no wheel) on the US-101 SB and I ran over it with the left-hand side of my car at around 65. The car continues to drive fine with only rips in the aeroshield and no real observable other damage (knock-on-wood), including brief looking-over the...
  6. K

    Model S Service Experience

    I wanted start a discussion about service experience with S owners. I have a Model S Plaid that I received towards the end of last year and my service experience has been abysmal at best. I’ve had issues noted from delivery day, (scheduled appointment in November) that still haven’t been...
  7. S

    Motor drive fail, Battery failx2

    I have Model X, 2019. Bought new on 31 Dec-2018. 45000 miles today. In Oct 2021 - battery unit died. Tesla relaced. 100% charge was at 296 miles went down to 258 miles. In January 23- 2022- car suddenly stoped on main street when taking turn. Messege poped up unable to drive. In a split...
  8. J

    Battery + coolant

    Hi everyone, I hope I can get some help or suggestions. Few days ago I drove over something at the freeway and immediately got notification for low coolant and schedule service. I looked under the car and saw some leaking. I schedule service for first availability and brought the car over. (I...
  9. brico84

    Out of warranty motor noise - advice needed

    I have a 2017 RWD S75 and recently noticed there is a fairly loud whirring noise when driving the car at low speed. Whether this is 2pmh or 20mph, it is there until about 25mph. I never noticed it until recently. That could be because it just started happening recently, or because I usually...
  10. N

    2022 Model Y - car broke down under 1000 miles

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share my experience owning a 2022 Model Y Performance. It has been extremely disappointing to say the least. After driving about 600 miles, my car broke down completely at a super charger and has been in the service center for over 20 days now. Here's the timeline...
  11. T

    Service Center - Bedford NH

    I decided to search through Bedford NH Planning Board meeting minutes to see if any superchargers were planned, instead I found a proposal for an electric vehicle dealership for which an NDA is signed. It seems like a supercharger is possible, but they could just be referencing charging for...
  12. G

    Clicking/clunking from the rear of the vehicle

    My Jan 2021 MY LR has been at the Tesla service center since Thursday as they try to diagnose a noise from the rear end. Under acceleration, braking, and cornering (so pretty much any time it’s not standing still) there is a loud clicking sound that emanates from the rear end. The first...
  13. H

    Horrible service experience in Las Vegas

    Got my model y in June of 2020. With the pandemic I was unable to get some repairs done because when I took it in for service there was no one at the Las Vegas service center to talk to so I didn’t even know when the car would be repaired. Finally got an appointment on this Sept 25 to have the...
  14. A

    Overnight Fire at Gruber Motors in Arizona

    Tesla family and friends, I have some sad news to report about our friends at Gruber motors in Phoenix. I was scheduled to pick up my car there today after it had been in for service. I received an email message from Gruber early in the morning that unfortunately they had had a fire at their...
  15. F

    Oddities After Service Center (TPMS and AC malfunctioning)

    Hey all- Running into a few strange issues with my MYLR. I took it to the local Service Center on Thursday to get my shattered windshield replaced. Ever since I picked up the car on that afternoon, I've noticed some strange issue. My TPMS continuously says my front right tire is low. I check...
  16. moodel_tree

    Wrong Service Repair Solution?

    So, not sure if this is a 'common' Tesla thing, but when I collected my Model 3 last week the SA helped me log paint issues (chips & scratches) that needed to be fixed with the service option in the app. Now the unusual part is that Tesla have just quoted the repair (under warranty, so £0) and...
  17. Bg2580

    Supercharger - Rogers, MN

    Looks like a possible Supercharger in Rogers, MN: https://mn.itic.occinc.com/mnrecApp/ticketSearchAndStatusView.jsp?enc=7VvQBD%2F6dpwl42y%2FNXeVeUUzCxwNkJZQkI6DXJknk3PWcgdA9NB3i0gcMAMSzpI5 @Chuq @MarcoRP
  18. 6

    Model Y Headrest Defect (warping)

    Long story short, my driver's side headrest starting warping early last month (around 2500 miles) and got progressively worse. I put some headrest covers on it temporarily so I can drive comfortably in the meantime. I scheduled a Tesla service visit for this issue last month and it's been pushed...
  19. Transformer

    How to get my car home from the service center?

    Finally taking a road trip, my Model 3 LR broke down on the freeway outside Azalea, Oregon. Fortunately there was cellular coverage and the A/C worked. The tow truck arrived in 3 hours then took us and the car 200 miles to the Portland service center. The next morning, the service center...
  20. dcmpls

    Ordering Cardenio wheels

    Hoping to get my Model S before winter, but curious if anyone has had an experience ordering wheels from the service center. SA mentioned this can be done through the app, but I'd love to know what the price is typically compared to a wheel package from TSportline. Definitely appreciate all...
  21. I

    Aggressive Bill Collection

    Had my first mobile service on June 22nd, servicing a smelly A/C system (vehicle is 7 months old...) and diagnose a substantial rattle. After the tech completed the AC repair (needed to schedule follow up to replace entire skirt for rattle fix) I asked about payment, she stated I'd receive...
  22. M

    Service gone to crap... Suspension / brake problems

    Bought a used P85+ with ~25k miles just past 4 years ago and got the full 4 year bumper to bumper warranty with it. I've never loved a car so much. The few problems I had in the beginning were handled extremely well- most fixes happening in my work's parking lot. Fast forward a year and Tesla...
  23. orion2001

    Feedback regarding service at the Raleigh, NC Service Center in 2021

    I currently have an open model Y order, but am on the fence at the moment as I wait to see if anything happens with the Federal tax credits/rebate situation later this year. There is a chance I may just go ahead with the order anyways as my 11 year old sedan has been getting on my nerves with...
  24. Mm2021

    Tesla Heathrow Service Center Detailers Experience

    Hi everyone, So I collected my Tesla model 3 just over a week ago, took it straight to a detailers for PPF and the detailer found multiple etch marks from bird droppings and two deep scratches amongst many other paint defects that my untrained eyes failed to spot in the rain on collection day. I...
  25. I

    Tesla Store - Gilroy, CA (now open, service center coming)

    I happened to be driving on the 101 today and noticed the old Toyota dealership in Gilroy had a new sign on it. Looks like they are adding a service center and a showroom. I would estimate a couple months left of work but the parking lot is freshly sealed. It is located at 500 Automall Dr...
  26. V

    2021 Model 3/Y Heating Issues

    So, my car just got this issue. It seems to be fairly quick to diagnose (besides not actually feeling heat) since the climate screen will have the "Climate Keeper is unavailable..." message, and you won't be able to turn on Dog or Camp mode, etc. You also won't be able to use the remote climate...
  27. A

    Metal popping noises after control arm replacement

    2018 Model 3, LR dual motor. I recently went to a SC to get a control arm replaced. Shortly after the replacement, a new noise emerged. When driving up a driveway (and first pulling onto a steeper grade), a metal 'pop' sound occurs under the front floorboards. The noise can be felt, but is...
  28. A

    Loaners at Houston SC

    I got hit by a driver making an illegal turn today and the bumper, fog light, headlight, wheel well, parking sensor and some other things need to get replaced. Currently thinking about getting it done at the Houston-North Service Center but I’m worried about not having a vehicle to drive. Does...
  29. G

    Tesla error code BMS_w150 and BMS_f150

    hi guys, I state that the car is currently working perfectly. However, I usually go to check the errors reported in the notification center although they are not active. I found 2 with the codes referred to in the subject of this post. I immediately opened the ticket with Tesla to ask for...
  30. S

    Tesla 2021 SR+ Won't drive (BMS_a151 BMS_a192 BMS_a035)

    After 1.5 Months of waiting, I finally received my delivery last week on 12/28. This morning, I go to my car and get three error messages: BMS_a151, VCFRONT_a192, BMS_a035 The gear will not change to either drive or reverse even though it had 208 miles of range. I called roadside assistance...
  31. ddt3

    Service / Delivery Center - Alhambra, CA (1200 W Main St)

    New service/delivery center in Alhambra!?
  32. D

    2013 Model S DU replacement. Extra charges

    Hello, recently purchased a 2013 Model S 85. The car has a clean title and still under warranty. After purchasing I started to notice the quite common milling noise caused by a faulty drive unit. After taking it to the service center they plan on replacing the drive unit under warranty...
  33. B

    Statistical data for the graduation project.

    Good afternoon, my name is Andrey, I am from Russia. I am studying at the St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPbGASU) with a degree in "Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes". This year I am writing my graduation project. It is a...
  34. M

    E-mail for London-Chiswick, UK service center

    Might anyone know what the e-mail is to discuss parts ordering with the London-Chiswick, UK service center.
  35. D

    New model 3 issues

    Picked up my new model 3 LR, 3 weeks ago. Love it. And when i first looked, only some scuffs on the front bumper so no problem. Booked in for service last week. I then, before taking it in, noticed 2 panel misalignments that you can only see at a certain angle. Then 2 days before, a squeak...
  36. zone121

    Used car nightmare

    So I bought a used 2017 Tesla model S a month ago from Tesla and I have discovered some structural damage to the car that I wasn’t aware of before I bought it nor was disclosed by Tesla at the time of sale. I asked Tesla to show me a copy of the pre-sale inspection report to compare it with the...
  37. Kurt'sX

    Extended Service Plan Issues

    I could use some advice......I have a 2016 MX 90D that I purchased new. At the time, I also purchased the prepaid service plan to provide 4 years of recommended factory service. I have now taken my car for service 3 years in a row and had the prepaid service done without issue. Today, as I...
  38. DDotJ

    Tesla Service Center - Irvine

    I was browsing the Irvine permit portal and came across a new permit that mentions Tesla as the tenant. I thought it might be a Supercharger at first but upon closer inspection it looks like it might be a Service Center. The address is 2801 & 2803 Barranca Parkway, Irvine CA which is across the...
  39. Impaler

    My Service Experience

    Hi all, I took my MY LR in for its first service last week, to address a number of fit and finish issues, and to have the HomeLink install completed. I was tentative at best, given other posts regarding service, of what would be fixed and what would not be fixed, but the way I saw it, I could...
  40. E

    MCU/FSD Upgrade, 12V Battery Dying Repeatedly in 2017 Model X

    I've been scanning Google generally and TMC in particular to see whether or not I'm the only one encountering this issue. I had my MCU (AP 2.0) upgraded when I brought my MX in for the FSD computer upgrade in the middle of June. Everything went fine, my settings were even largely preserved...
  41. C

    Telsa Service Center for body repair or go somewhere else?

    My Model got a couple of scratches on top of the trunk because a garage door feel on it. While it's an eyesore, it seems to be pretty surface-level. You could see the scratches in the pics below. I was thinking of taking it to my Tesla Service Center because I need to get my HW3 upgrade anyway...
  42. M

    Service done during COVID

    So I'm taking my car in on Monday to get the HVAC system looked at (it makes a vibration when the fan speed is greater than 4). I always expected to stay in the service center until it's done. Now I'm not sure, as they sent me an email yesterday (Saturday) about touchless service (as a covid...
  43. Jeff Wa

    Service Center Experience Latham NY

    Hi folks, I was just thinking... What has been the experience of people who have used the service center in Latham (Albany) NY? Positives, negatives, loaners available? Anything in particular? Just curious. Jeff
  44. venezing

    Model Y Test Drive - New England

    Posted this in the regular Model Y forum, but I figured afterwards that posting it here may be more beneficial... I reached out to a Tesla Advisor and asked if there was any Model Y demo cars that were being used for test drives, and come to find out, the Tesla store in Rhode Island have 2...
  45. venezing

    Model Y Test Drive - New England

    I reached out to a Tesla Advisor and asked if there was any Model Y demo cars that were being used for test drives, and come to find out, the Tesla store in Rhode Island have 2 [Performance and AWD]! We're test driving the All Wheel Drive model. Its all contact-less, they clean/sanitize the...
  46. Diamond Hills

    Vendor Diamond Hills Collision Center

    Diamond Hills Collision Center Tesla Approved Body Shop https://www.diamondhillscollision.com/ Who We Are: Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at our thread, everyone! We're excited to become a vendor on TMC and are looking forward to interacting with the community. We are Diamond...
  47. E

    Service Center Drove Over a Nail - Wants Me To Pay

    OK, my title is a little one sided. I'll explain... I sent my car into service to check acceleration shudder and the 17 in. screen going black (refreshing) while driving. The screen issue started after update 2020.8.1. Due to the Corona Virus I have not been driving my car for the past week...
  48. A

    Schade door kapot scherm en slechte service

    Goedendag, ik ben op zoek naar mensen die, net als ik, slechte ervaringen hebben met Tesla's Service Center. Na 3 maanden ellende met het (toch wel als vitaal onderdeel aan te merken) scherm, 3 bezoeken aan het Service Center en een fikse deuk in die dure wagen, ben ik er wel klaar mee. Wat is...
  49. B

    Another great visit at the Wilmington DE SC

    I must be in a great area for service centers, first with the Devon PA center until a closer center in Wilmington DE opened in January. Had to get the 12 V battery serviced and they had me in and out within one hour with a new 12v battery under warranty. It was also impressive to find in the...
  50. C

    Tesla Service has come to Michigan!!

    Did anyone notice that in Michigan you can now make an appointment at the NEW service center in Clarkston MI?? Blew my mind! So excited i dont have to drive out of state for service!

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