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Tesla solar price increase

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Just noticed Tesla increased price on solar panels. 8.16kW was $16,400 now $18,032. Price increase across the board.
If you are sitting on a contract that haven't been signed, hopefully they will honor it. Good luck.
I do not know if it was temporary, region-specific, or what, but looking with an address out here in MD, prices are unchanged. However, they were (temporarily) different last night. Additionally, they seem to currently have a bug where depending on the number of PWs added, the state incentives sometimes appear and sometimes don't. So they are definitely doing something. When I looked last night, PW prices (bundled with solar) had also decreased, but that too is gone.

I think Tesla is usually pretty good about giving customers the option to proceed with the better of the old or new pricing, so hopefully they will continue that practice.
Entered an address in CA, and it looks like it is $9016 per 12 panels, but in MD it is still $8200. So a 9.95% increase in CA, it appears. Unless there is some sort of tax they are now including (and I don't know how CA works - solar panels in MD are exempt) it does look like a regional increase.
Maybe they are starting to do some demand based pricing. I don't see increases on the solar roof here in PA.
That definitely could be it. It also could be that the cost of doing business is just higher in CA (though I would also expect it to be higher than average here in MD.) It surprised me when I was first looking at Tesla to learn that the price was the same everywhere since I would expect some costs, like for labor, to have significant variance. In the end it made Tesla (and particularly the solar roof) relatively cheaper since other solar installers and roofers do charge more in this area than the national average.
Weekend blues? I’m seeing a 16.1 kW system solar price jumped about $10k at the moment (solar roof estimator, but it claims solar price the same for panels.). It is actually showing solar roof roof only portion as more than solar panel roof only portion in the detail estimate by $2k, which is new.
Something is broken though, because the 25 yr electric savings don’t match between two different tabs, savings and compare/details.
An hour ago I swear I saw $12K for Powerwalls and less tax credit but it seems to back to "normal" now.

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