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V10 Impressions from those who have installed the update

Agree with you almost entirely . There are definite improvements over and under the hood but this was geared toward entertainment (which is well known) and unlocking of certain features SR+ / SR in preparation for subscription model. Using a web browser or streaming services in the car screen is over-consumption in my opinion if you already have a data plan on your smartphone.

NOAP is generally still quite risky in the real world unless used on a decent stretch on a highway with nothing but straight lane driving. Same for Summon - are they an excellent thought leadership in automobiles? hands down yes. Are they prime time? not even close.

Bluetooth audio management is still very poor. Songs are visible and clickable, which is nice, but only up to 250. Playlists are now visible but non-clickable. And you can't scroll even if there are not one but two scroll wheels available. This quirky design for media management amuses me.

And I don't think Tesla even acknowledges that the cruise control is broken to the point that it is dangerous. Often I found myself setting the cruise while driving at say, 45 mph, and the car accelerates to 65 mph and I have to vigorously reduce the speed using scroll wheels or apply brakes. The most idiotic cruise control design I have ever seen. And the worst part is that most Tesla lovers defend this as a feature.

That said, I actually really like Tesla's maps and general navigation and now that I can click on a destination (not sure why it wasn't done to begin with) I am very happy.

I have never had side mirror issue that you are describing. They tilt in reverse and they return to driving position accurately. Black reverse camera however was still present but it hasn't occurred since v10 so fingers crossed.

I stand corrected about what I said about non clickable songs in a playlist - if you’re streaming Apple Music via Bluetooth, you CAN click to play only those playlist songs that you’ve actually downloaded to your phone.

But yes, the songs have a 250 limit to display.


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Mar 28, 2015
Houston, TX

Simply that the high beams do not dim when another car is approaching until that car is uncomfortably close. Other drivers flash me and I end up having to turn the high beams off manually.

Other times, when no traffic is oncoming, they will not switch back to high beams.

I did not have this issue at all in my AP1 Model S -- the auto high beams functioned nearly perfectly, including turning off when approaching another vehicle from behind (i.e. it recognized taillights and automatically turned the high beams off so as to not shine in the mirrors of the driver ahead of you).
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First impression on my second day of V10..


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Jun 19, 2019
Seattle area
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Multi-level garage - who will be the first?

What happens at a pay garage - will it pay or just sit there..hmm.

I was thinking the same thing. Can it detect altitude/elevation of the location you are summoning the car to?

As for the pay garage, I actually tried this after work the other night and it failed to navigate to pay booth. it actually tried to exit through the entrance lane instead of the exit. It was late after hours no traffic so it wasn't an issue but had it been during the day or with other traffic then wouldn't have been a great thing to happen.
Did a test drive today and definitely noticed not as centered - at some points it was uncomfortably left in the lane with no apparent reason. That said, otherwise AP/NOA seemed much better: more assertive, faster lane changes, etc.

Didn't see any changes in nags either.

Ok, so now that I have actually done my usual driving since updating to V10, I can confirm the steering wheel nag has changed.

Prior to V10 you had about 5/10 of a mile before you would be prompted to apply steering wheel pressure.

Post V10 it now varies depending on the roadway you are driving on.

Interstate/Highway and multi lane (4 or more lanes) divided (nnn-highway) roads you still have 5/10 a mile before prompting.
Once you are on a 2 lane roadway the nag changes to about 2/10 mile.

There does not seem to be a dependence on posted speeds.

My typical daily commute takes me on an intestate(on NOA) then onto a 4 lane divided roadway(on standard AP) and both prompt the same at about 5/10th.

When the 4 lane drops down to 2 lane going through a small town the prompting switches to 2/10th in the 30 MPH zone and even once through the town and speed increases to 60mph (still 2 lane road) the nag stays at 2/10th.

I also noticed that the odometer which pre-V10 always changed by 1/10th and now post V10 it sometimes changes by 2/10th at a time totally random from what I have seen so far.
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