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Warning Triangle At Bottom of Speedo?

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I've been giving my new P85D a decent work out over the last week. I noticed today that occasionally a message is popping up at the bottom of the speedo where the P - R - N - D symbols are. It's a yellow triangle with a message I think. It comes and goes so quickly that I've never caught what it says. Frankly at the times it's caught my eye I've been paying close attention to my driving! It don't think it's traction related. Is there a warning at 100 mph or something maybe?

Can anyone tell me what this is so I can either worry about it more or ignore it?


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Sorry - posted in the wrong forum. Maybe a mod can move. My bad.
I have also seen the triangle in a thunderstorm. I was driving around 40 mph and could barely see because it was raining so hard. The message said that the Blind Spot Warning (BSW) was disabled. I have owned other premium cars with blind spot monitoring and have driven in heavy rain and never saw this message.

Tesla needs to fix this because in low visibility you definitely need the BSW working.