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What is the Energy Buffer and Nominal Full Pack of a 75D?

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I'm curious about this buffer because the cars I've seen so far are always 4kWh (my X and bjorn's X P90D etc.)


I just wonder if 75D is also 4kWh.

Also, somebody said that the cells in the new 75D might be the same as the 100 packs but two modules less. If that is the case, then the full pack (when new) should be
98.4 / 16 * 14 = 86.1

Therefore, it is software limit, or the modules pack less cells as old 85/90?
86.1 / 86 * 74 = 74.1

The Energy Buffer and the full pack can be viewed by Scan my Tesla, or by Tesla Diagnostic Tool.
Here’s a few numbers for you.

Our 75 RWD delivery on 9/11/17 would show energy buffer of 4kWh

I’m interested in the nominal full pack energy numbers myself.

On the 75 in October 2017, it was showing 71.8. On December of 2017 it was reading 71.6

The new model X 100D we picked up last month. On October 4th it was reading 97.4 and on the 21st it was reading 96.7

I understood this to be a representation of the health of the battery. While watching one of Bjorn’s latest videos of determine full pack capacity of his X, he mentions this number was not an accurate representation. He was showing an attempt to fully charge and discharge. Not sure how often I’ll be doing that just to see health of battery.