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What reservation did you make?

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  • Priority Reservation with $5,000 refundable deposit

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  • Standard Reservation for free

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I dont know, their presentation does not feel like a "production" car.


This is the kind of thing that really bothers me about FF. They make this claim, but I am quite sure that the VAST majority of those 64k "reservations" are just people signing up for the free one, which in effect is no different than signing up for a marketing email list from your local fish market. It is utterly meaningless (heck I signed up just to see their process, I have less-than-zero percent chance of buying one). They have not even hinted at the actual cost of the car, so I can't imagine tens of thousands of people are plopping down $5000 on a complete and total unknown.

But they continue to do things like this which just degrade their credibility for anyone that can step back and think for more than 5 seconds. It's like the slimiest kind of glossing-over-reality and not at all what the EV market needs. Each of these little stunts just make my distaste for their vehicle and company grow.
First Drive / Ride Reviews In Faraday Future FF 91 - Videos

>> I liked the fact that in this demonstration the car backed into the spot.

Any idea where the charger port is located?

May be the car choose to backup because of the position of the port on the rear side like on a Tesla?

However, to be able to select between front or rear parking need to be available.

Many places don't allow to backup, may be because some ICE's exhaust might create a stain on a wall?

However baking up into a parking slot is safer, because many accidents occur when two cars from two opposite rows are exiting at the same time.
Them sneaking a driver into the FF during the autonomous parking demo is too much smoke and mirrors for me.

Ah, the ninja driver stealthily slipping into the driver's seat of the "autonomous" car. Dim the stage lights and maybe no one will notice. ;) Now this makes me wonder if the successful parking lot demo was real or if it was done by a person off-camera via remote control (like on MythBusters).