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Wipers wiping no rain...

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Regularly having issue where wipers do a pass or two or five (with pauses between) and no rain or moisture on windshield.

I have cleaned glad in front of windshield camera... That did not solve.

Any suggestions? Thanks so much.
There's one particular stretch of highway near our home that causes the wipers to frantically wipe for a few moments when we pass that certain spot in the daytime. We figure it's just some anomalous light reflecting in that particular area.
Tesla auto wipers are simply still first generation. They have been tweaked a bit to make them work much better than when released, but still can stand some improvement.

Tesla just patented a new "deep learning" system to improve their software operating the wipers. Imagine that when it is complete, it will be rolled out OTA to the eligible fleet, and better wiping will arrive.