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Road Trip

  1. AGNL

    2000km in a Model Y up to the mountains - NL to Swiss

    This is a summary of my trip with my new 2023 MY RWD from Netherlands to Switzerland and back. This is my first EV transition, having had many an ICE car throughout my driving life of 21 years across multiple continents. But as I had also done a road trip to Nurburgring just a couple of weeks...
  2. W

    Got any road trip advice?

    In a couple weeks I'll be taking a roughly 3200 mile trip in my Model Y LR, driving from Santa Cruz, CA to Lovell, ME. I'm wondering if anyone has any tips or advice for me. More details: The car will be packed pretty full including me and a dog, and we'll do it in 7 days of driving. Five days...
  3. T

    Go Anywhere service appears to be inoperable?

    Have attempted to use Tesla's "Go Anywhere" site -for upcoming travel. Unfortunately, even with originating and final destination clearly identified, the "Get Route" button (at lower-right of Page) does not enBOLDen; allowing completion of data entry, and (supposedly) activation for route to be...
  4. S

    Road Trip to Poland and Back

    Hi I'm about to order a new Tesla Model Y (LR) and wondered if anyone has experience on taking their EV's on long road trips across Europe. I'm planning a trip from - Dover to Hamburg - Hamburg to CPH - CPH to Karlshamn - Klaipeda to Krakow - Krakow to Smizany and the Bratislava - Then slowly...
  5. G

    Directional Tire Spare Rotation & Purchase Query

    Hello all, I have a Model 3 RWD. I have a spare tire question. I need a full-size spare for times when I take road trips to remote areas with no cell phone coverage and having to avoid interruption due to tire availability. Spare: I have a new OEM 18 inch wheel and a universal TPMS sensor as...
  6. Maximillan

    Melbourne to Sydney via Destination Charger in a MY RWD

    Last year we visited my in-laws in Melbourne in our Model 3, and some of you will remember that I documented that trip here. I obviously didn't behave myself in 2022, and as punishment I was again forced to visit my in-laws in Melbourne. This time we did it in the Model Y RWD, and I decided to...
  7. J

    Charging Advice 1st Long Trip

    I am looking for some charging advice to save time on my first trip from Toronto Ontario Canada to South Carolina. Are there ways to help me map out the most efficient charging stops along the way. I am getting different reviews from fully charging, which takes 55 to 60 minutes compared to just...
  8. JamesEarl15

    CO to OH Road Trip Cost

    This will be my second road trip to Ohio but the first one in my M3P (last one was in a SR+). For my people who have traveled from the midwest (CO, OH, WI, MI) to CO or UT, how much do you recall your total trip was. I think my SR+ trip was 160 round trip. This may be cheaper but then due to...
  9. w1n78

    2022 Model X LR issues and road trips

    Hi Everyone. I just wanted to share some ownership experiences with our new Model X. We picked it up September 24, 2022. It's not a perfect car. We've had issues and has been in multiple service appt. I have been documenting those in a few videos. But we drove it more than 2,500 miles on 2 road...
  10. gravastar

    Dallas to Telluride - 2,610 Miles Round Trip

    I drove 2,610 miles round trip from my home in Dallas, TX to the San Juan National Forest earlier this month. I spent roughly a week using Camp Mode at Cayton Campground along the San Juan Skyway loop. Of all the many outdoor activities you can do, one thing must be at the top of your list --...
  11. S

    FSD subscription for road trips

    I'm planning on taking a road trip in September with my Model 3. I have the basic standard Autopilot, which has been super useful for road trips in the past, but I'm wondering if I should try out the FSD subscription. I'm wondering what people's experiences are on road trips with FSD vs basic...
  12. V

    NJ->Toronto How to check Tesla super charger health status?

    Hi All, Driving from NJ to Toronto. Wondering whats the best way to check the Tesla supercharger health status to see if they are actually working or not? Sometimes they are down when we go on other trips. Anyway to do it outside of the in car app? Thanks!
  13. aricsautos

    First Tesla pick-up, road trip concerns

    Good Evening all! I am flying out to pick up a 2018 M3P Saturday morning from a private seller just outside of NYC. It’s about 650 miles to my home back in Michigan. I am extremely excited and somewhat anxious. I want to make sure that I’m prepared for everything that comes my way. This will...
  14. VinayRaju21

    Coast to Coast Road Trip (LA --> ATL)

    I drove my Model3 across the nation couple weeks ago, true coast to coast trip from LA to ATL. Here are some highlights: About 2400 miles, it took 5 days and 4 nights. Drove through AZ, went to Grand Canyon, NM, OK, ARK, AL, MS, and GA 23 supercharger stops Some were small stops, just to make...
  15. T

    Octopus Electric Juice works great in France & Normandy trip report

    The main tip I wanted to share was that Octopus Juice has a partnership with Freshmile, which gives you access to many of the fast (22kw AC) and some supermarket low end rapid chargers (50kw). There is no need to buy a Freshmile RFID (which, unfortunately, I bought before realising octopus...
  16. jasondelane

    1700 mile road trip in three days.

    Road-tripped our 2020 Model 3 Standard Plus that we had bought used from Tesla.com in March. First leg went from Florence, SC to Staunton, VA stopping at superchargers in Archdale, NC and Madison Height, VA. After supercharging to 100% in Staunton, VA, we drove the Blue Ridge Parkway from...
  17. K

    What items would you take on a long road trip?

    I will be taking my MYLR on a 1,500 mile (each way) road trip come the beginning of May. For those that have done long road trips, I'm wondering what items you would pack that you found to be necessary, or just ones that made the trip a lot nicer. I'm hoping that this thread will be useful to...
  18. A

    Tesla Model 3 SR+: 14-day West Coast road trip with 4 people

    I am planning a road trip for 14 days with my family (4 people total) and a lot of luggage Dec 18th onwards. Bay Area -> Yosemite -> Bakersfield -> Vegas -> Zion -> Grand Canyon (Page, AZ) -> Flagstaff, AZ -> Joshua Tree -> LA -> Bay Area My primary concerns are charging, driving in cold/snow...
  19. VivekDr

    What to do when battery is about to die in the middle of nowhere?!

    Hi everyone! I am planning to go camping soon in VA. The place is probably a worst possible location; the nearest supercharger is 100 mile away. Note, I will be camping out for 2 days. I might be car camping one night (so need to consider energy for climate controller as well). So back and...
  20. Sanderpman12

    500 mile road trip

    Hey yall, I am about to go on my first road trip with my 2013 tesla model S p85 I just bought. Its a 500 mile trip. I am still charging it to 90% because at 90% its at 222miles range where at 100% its at 245-250miles. Do yall think i should charge to 100%? Also, any other tips and tricks to...
  21. J

    Driving from San Francisco to Denver

    Hi folks, I'm considering a drive from San Francisco to Denver in my long range (360mi) Model X. I'm considering the I-80 route through SLC and try to power through it in two days. Has anyone done this? Any tips or things to watch out for?
  22. H

    Tesla Y Road Trip Experience and Tips

    I just completed my first road trip from San Diego to Dallas and back again taking different routes. Each way the trip was done in 3 days with an average of 4-7 hours of driving a day. This drive occurred while temperatures in the Southwest soared to as high as 117. I found the supercharger...
  23. guccitrash

    Searching for hotels with destination chargers

    Hey there! Still waiting on my Model Y and currently planning a road trip and noticed something - are there any hotel sites that allow you to filter down to hotels with chargers? I typically use booking.com to search for hotels and there doesn't appear to be a Tesla charger filter. Does anybody...
  24. limmerguy

    Road trip with the Thule Cargo Hitch Box (Transporter Combi)

    Hi All, I wanted to document a recent 2,200 mile road trip with my Thule hitch-mounted cargo box for anyone who is interested. Notes: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD with 18" Aero wheels. 5.8% battery degredation. Roughly 70 kWh usable at 100% SoC. Stealth Hitches hitch with trailer package...
  25. J

    Bay Area -> SB Road Trip

    Hi folks, Taking a staycation road trip this week with the family. I was wondering if anyone has any good routes and/or recommendations on how to get down there. - Dec 2018 75D Model X - will be traveling with wife + two kids under 5 so 1-2 breaks should be fine, if not better for the kids to...
  26. L

    Planning a trip from Toronto to Vancouver in Model 3 SR+

    Hey all, Me and my wife are moving to Vancouver next month and we have decided to drive since we have two dogs and we have always wanted to do a cross country road trip. (We actually thought about selling the Model 3 and buy a gas car for the trip, but we only got the Tesla in December last year...
  27. MrWattson

    My First Road Trip (MY LR)

    Picked up my MY Long Range in November had my first road trip this weekend. We had go head from Central NJ to Baltimore so not a particularly long trip but longer than my other COVID-era Philadelphia trips, which I can do roundtrip without a Supercharger visit. Being my first trip (and to...
  28. intrepidtoo

    Ultimate EV Road Trip - Circumnavigating North America

    In response to a recent question on Quora about the inconvenience of charging on a roadtrip, I posted this response. As it seemed to elicit a favourable response I thought I would share it here, particularly as prior to my trip TMC members provided some very supportive and reassuring advice...
  29. W

    Peak Time Alps Road Trip - Charger queues?

    We are (hopefully) travelling to the Alps in the Easter holidays next April and I'm perfectly happy to road trip in the M3, my concern is that it's a busy day for travelling to the Alps and if there are queues for the chargers on our 4/5 charging stops, then it's going to be a very long journey...
  30. O

    Over inflate for better milage on road trips?

    I am considering over inflating tires to 50lbs for an upcoming road trip from Austin to Denver. First, is there an advantage and will it get me better milage? Second, anyone done this road trip and had any issues with range etc? This will be my first long trip in the model 3.
  31. dauger

    5252-mile Road Trip through the Pacific Northwest

    Hello my TMC friends, I am very happy to share how I took my family of four on a 20-day 5252-mile road trip entirely using my S this summer: Tesla Model S - Pacific Northwest Road Trip Our travels through the Pacific Northwest took us to see National Parks, beautiful sites, and scenic byways...
  32. BBQSean

    1000mi Road Trip Tire Advice

    We're planning a 1000mi road trip from PNW to Central US (Link to Route) with a Mid '18 Model X100D and Late '18 M3P about first week of October. Seeing as we're getting into Fall weather, we're trying to decide which tires to put on the M3P. The X we'll take with the all-seasons + chains in...
  33. lestager

    Cross Canada Road Trip - BC to Quebec & Back

    Hey All! I finally got around to completing the video from all our footage this summer. We drove from Kelowna, to Quebec City and Back in 18 days. Driving across Canada had long been in the back of our minds, but it took purchasing a Tesla followed by a global pandemic to get us there. Being...
  34. Gwgan

    Maine Scenic Drive convoy

    My plans for the Katahdin Scenic Byway Rally October 2021 with dinner and a meetup is still on the calendar for October 2021 (you might want to look at reservations now if you want to make a weekend of it) BUT… is anyone interested in a simple physically-distanced convoy along a more southern...
  35. Techno-phile

    Driving round Australia on Route 1

    Since we could not travel to Europe this winter, we decided to drive Route 1 round Australia from Perth, and packed our S100D for a leisurely 8 week trip with a maximum of about 500kms per day (so minimal day charging), and lots of eco-resorts. Initially we were only given 48 hours to transit...
  36. mionske

    Colorado to Delaware Cross Country Road Trip Suggestions

    Planning on taking off early next week with my girlfriend and our dog in my Model Y. We are planning on taking I-70 all the way back east. I've worked out some rough trip plans with A Better Roundplanner, but was interested to see if anybody had any personal experiences making this trip that...
  37. Lee K.

    Road Trip Range with Bike or Cargo Rack

    Sorry if this is redundant. A search did not find any similar threads. We are taking our first real road trip in our 2019 Model X. We are considering a Cargo Tray Hitch Rack or a Hitch Bike Rack with 2 bikes. Both would be under the recommended 120lb max weight. Has anybody kept track of...
  38. rossfboyle

    Round Trip Cross Country Camping Road Trip

    Hi, friends— My wife and I began doing a lot of research at the beginning of Covid-19 about taking a road trip with our M3 SR+. We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do a round trip cross country road trip knowing that all we need is an internet/hotspot to keep up with work. We...
  39. antdun

    Video series with all the details of our nearly 6,000 mile road trip with a young family

    Today I published the last video from our Tesla road trip series going to Orlando Florida from Salt Lake City Utah with my young family with three girls ages 2, 3, and 5. Here's the link to check out the entire playlist of videos if you're interested in checking it out Our 5,883 Mile Tesla...
  40. surfaholic

    Long Road Trip Advice - Ottawa, Canada to Naples, FL

    Always second guess the route the car gives on the fly. It will not always give the best option. One time it had me going the longer way around to a supercharger at a further exit. It clearly looked faster to take the approaching exit, so I just went for it. I was correct, and shaved off any...
  41. univ

    Model S roadtrip: From Germany to Israel and Jordan

    Note: I posted this roadtrip diary to the German Tesla forum TFF originally in May 2018 in German language but since I still "owe" a few people an English version I'm now finally taking the time to translate it into English and post it here on TMC in January 2020 as well. :) Hi TMC! After my...
  42. J

    How did I ever do a road trip before the Model 3?

    My fiancé and I just got back a couple days ago from our Christmas road trip: 1,400 miles to, from, and all around the state of Ohio. I picked up my M3 SR+ exactly 7 days before we were due to depart, and I was thrilled to take my dream car on this trip. I put together a few thoughts for folks...
  43. J

    Safe to charge SR+ to 100% and sit overnight before roadtrip?

    Hi all—I pick up my SR+ in a week and then I’ll be taking it on a 900 mi r/t road trip for the holidays. I usually don’t look forward to the drive but this year, there is no place I’d rather be than the driver’s seat of my new Model 3! Question for the group: I know you aren’t supposed to...
  44. jkirkwood001

    3 country, 7,800 mile road trip in 15 days - SAFELY. Range anxiety, oh no! (yawn)

    (©2019 photos are copyright) I recently completed a 7,800 mile (12,500 KM) road trip from Eastern Canada, to Mexico, up to California, and home to Ottawa, ON. I haven't heard of many trips like that so thought I'd post - enjoy! I didn't record a blog for this trip, so I'll just add some notes...
  45. J

    My North Coast 500 summary

    We’re now back to Edinburgh after having driven the entirety of the NC500 (plus the miles from Edinburgh to Inverness) in our Model 3 SR+ and, as promised, here is my write up of the journey… (long read) Our plan was to do the trip over 5 days, stopping for the night once on the east coast...
  46. J

    Winter Road Trip with dogs?

    Has anyone done a significant road trip in the middle of Winter? With dogs? For the lunch stop with warmer temperatures, I would try to find a "dog friendly" restaurant, which translates into one with a patio. In the winter it would be too cold to sit on a patio. Unless you have a service...
  47. G

    My Tesla Adventure

    A couple weeks ago I bought my first ever car, a Model 3. After 6 years of waiting and saving, I decided to immediately take off on a road trip around North America. The car is driving like a dream so far, I'm now 13 days (and over 7,000km) in to my adventure. I'd love to hear recommendations...
  48. srs5694

    EV Road Trip: Stopping-Time Poll

    Several recent threads have made me curious about peoples' road-trip habits. The question: Given enough EV range or a fast enough charging time, how much time would you spend stopped on a long road trip -- say, something that involves ten hours of driving (actual on-the-road, wheels-spinning...
  49. E

    Just completed a Canadian road trip on my Model 3 RWD+. 2500klms

    It is doable. Ottawa Ontario to Sackville NB and back. It was a bit tight on the stretch between Edmundston and Fredericton (the range is about 300klms and there are no superchargers in between). Apart from a software bug causing the monitor to flicker (which went away after the update)...
  50. grayguy

    Cooler for Model S Trunk Well or Frunk

    Looking for the cooler with the best fit for either the trunk storage well in the back, or the frunk in the front of a 2017 Model S. The ideal cooler would have the following: Utilize as much of the space as possible for maximum storage and/or insulation. Have high quality thermal insulation to...

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