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  1. Ostrichsak

    How are we supposed to get est range @ 90% 100% etc. now?

    These new updates are awful. I can't adjust the SoC capacity unless it's actually plugged in which is stupid. I should be able to open the app at any point and slide the SoC to 80% 90% 100% or whatever. They appear to have also removed the estimate of range that previously existed. So, even if I...
  2. MartyL

    iPhone Tesla app map

    Recently the "Location" map on my iPhone app changed. When I click Location It used to show a close-up version of where the car is, but now I have to manually do a two-finger zoom in to get the close-up view but when I do that the map doesn't follow the cars movement. Is there a way to change...
  3. V

    Tesla App Energy Production: DC or AC?

    Regarding Tesla solar energy products: Is the production of power (kW) and energy (kWh) *as shown in the Tesla app* either DC (before inverter losses) or AC (after inverter losses)? For PV array performance monitoring, I would want DC. For utility bill comparison purposes, I would want AC. My...
  4. Adopado

    Precondition bacon colour

    The "bacon" that appears beside the battery icon in the app when preconditioning is/was red but recently I've seen it as orange ... I don't know if there is a specific meaning of orange as against red ... (as a colour "challenged" person the orange stands out better than dark red against the...
  5. mstafford787

    TezLab - The Best Third-Party Tesla App

    When it comes to overall features and functionality, I believe the TezLab app is the best third-party app one can use with their Tesla. I’ve had the app track my driving and charging stats for the past 43,000 miles and it’s been outstanding. The data is presented to you with a sleek interface...
  6. I

    Charge Stats Not Displaying In App

    Hello, I took delivery of my Tesla mid February. 2022 model y. I have updated my app to the latest version. I am located in California. Any idea why I’m not seeing the Charge stats option in the app? Thanks!
  7. S

    Solar Data in a multiple accounts

    I am trying to get my solar data to show in both my Tesla account and my wife’s account but Tesla said this was not possible. I am concerned because I bought a vehicle in my account, but my wife has the solar in her account. So, if we share the vehicle and use the app as a key, then I won’t be...
  8. T

    HVAC button with halo

    I swear the HVAC button in the app looks different every time I look at it! Sometimes there is like a halo around it and it seems to be glowing although it is actually off. What does that mean? I think I get it after driving in cold weather and the battery is still warm but the car is actually...
  9. B

    Mobile app updates

    Moderation comment - thread renamed to include general 4.4 discussion from "Mobile app 4.4.0 gone metric?" Since updating to 4.4.0 my mobile app (iOS) seems to have decided to show stuff in kilometres rather than miles (so range and last charging session for example). Anyone else seeing the same?
  10. M

    Connection Failed, an unknown error occurred

    Hey guys.. please help. I am using iPhone with last Tesla app 4.3.1 Did anyone having the same issue? I try soft reset(bottom, pedal) and hard reset(batter off, did by ppl from service center).. delete the app, none of them works. The guy from Tesla service said maybe the problem is the app...
  11. C

    Cold battery icon not appearing in app

    Hello! First time poster, long time reader, Model Y owner. As the temperatures start getting below zero in Ontario I've found that the cold battery icon - blue snowflake - is no longer showing up in my (up to date) app. When I enter my Model Y, I can see that there is a chunk of unusable battery...
  12. I

    App climate control bugs

    I have iOS app version 4.3.0. There are two bugs that I’ve noticed…one visual and one functional. The visual bug: when I turn on climate control manually it initially shows the vents blowing air but then after a few seconds will switch to showing front and back windows defrosting and no more...
  13. James@Tessie

    Vendor Official Tessie app talk

    Daniel recently invited me to become an app vendor on TMC, so I did! I'm happy to support TMC and anyone that might be using Tessie. I'll post meaningful updates here for those that want to subscribe to the thread. The best way to get immediate support is through help.tessie.com and...
  14. I

    Heated steering wheel on app?

    Maybe I’m blind. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to activate the heated steering wheel from the app. I have seen pics of other models’ apps (older versions?) which show a clickable icon on the steering wheel but I don’t see that on my 2021 M3LR. Before anybody asks, yes I definitely...
  15. R

    Incorrect model graphic showing in app and car

    Hi, I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but after a quick search, I haven't come across anything. Anyway, I picked up my new Model 3 LR on 28th Sept and love it, but I've noticed something odd, on the both the screen in the car and the app the model shown on the animation graphic is...
  16. Exsangus

    Safety Score Beta Page Failed to Load Error

    I opted in for FSD, and after some driving see the Safety Score Beta show up in the app, however, every time I try to access it, I get an error message saying the page failed to load. Has anyone else seen this or figured out how to fix it?
  17. Scotty7

    Software downloads bugged - update notifications disappear when on wifi

    I've had a software update pending to 2021.24.4 since getting my Model 3 back from the service centre a week ago. It asks me to get on Wifi to download it. As soon as I get on wifi, all the relevant prompts to download it disappear and the car says I'm already up to date (it's the same behaviour...
  18. M

    Please help phone key partially setup

    I've had my model Y for about a month now and have used my pixel 4 xl (priority) with no issues. Phone key immediately worked flawlessly...and i dropped my phone (using nfc on b pillar to lock car) and it broke. I just got my replacement (another pixel 4 XL). Removed the previous phone from...
  19. Y

    Finally I'm done with the first version of the App

    Hey everyone, being a proud 2021 MY owner and a software engineer, I was not too satisfied with the Tesla App which needs a lot of clicks to get information or send commands. So I made an app myself. I've asked questions earlier in here. I know many of you probably already use TeslaScope and...
  20. Dr. Y. Tokui

    Requirements for updating via app without home charger

    I live in an apartment in the city, so I do not have access to a home charger, so my tesla stays on the street where I live. Yet, I have installed a small 4G router in my Tesla to have internet reception at home and avoid issues with remote connectivity when travelling abroad. Anyway, I was just...
  21. B

    App displaying incorrect model

    Hi, This is my first post. I just read the rules and I’ll do my best to follow them so I hope I’m posting in the correct place. I just noticed my app is displaying my vehicle as a 100D. I own a 2020 Long Range Plus Model X. I couldn’t find anything online of anyone else mentioning this...
  22. G

    PTO finally approved but Tesla App not working

    So I received my PTO on Friday around noon for my Tesla Solar only system (no battery). I immediately turned the system on after receipt of PTO. A day later and my Tesla app tells me that “No products found”. I logged into the inverter to see if I could find anything wrong. I noticed a message...
  23. Kenz3

    iPhone apps for Tesla

    I’m looking for a great app that I can use to control the most common tasks (e.g. open trunk, open window, unlock car,etc) with Siri on my Apple Watch. Anyone have good experiences with any of them on the market?
  24. G

    Hotspot unlock

    Hey guys, New to the forums and new Tesla owner. I got my Tesla about a week or two ago, and had to have some minor work done, and the Tesla mobile service guy came out. I asked him (because I bought used from 3rd party, and know very little about my car) what happens if I use my phone to...
  25. T

    TMC app

    Hi all, is there an official TMC app? I couldn't find one so wondering if there is one. Thanks.
  26. E

    Password reset on web leaves App on iPhone unusable

    Was updating passwords today and went to www.Tesla.com to change my account password. The process went fine, but when I access the Tesla app on my iPhone 12 i get the following message: I have restarted the iPhone a number of times, cleared browsing data in both Chrome and Safari, Deleted and...
  27. L

    Back to the Future! [ Tesla easter egg ]

    I live in Sunnyvale and my M3 is charging using a public charger. I tap on my app via my iPhone and whoah!!! Someone else’s Tesla Model X!!! And not in the same city. Anyone else experience this?
  28. ev.energy

    Vendor Happy Elon Musk Day! Bonus points for Tesla owners who download the ev.energy app before midnight

    He's the man who dared to go further than anyone else! April 20 has been reclaimed as #ElonMuskDay. To celebrate, ev.energy are giving £20/$20 worth of Amazon gift vouchers or 200kg/CO2 offsetting in your name to any Tesla owners who download and complete set-up of our smart-charging rewards...
  29. A

    battery charging, is this possible?

    Is it possible to plug your car into a standard 120v or 240v outlet, use the Tesla app on your phone to set when you want the car to charge at what capacity and have the ability in the app to change the capacity? I assume all this is probably possible with a smart charger, but do you have this...
  30. D

    Bought 2017 MS 75D, in UK; process for getting set up with app & superchargers?

    I've now bought a 2017 MS 75D, really pleased so far. The main task still ahead of me is to register ownership with Tesla. I'd be grateful for help gaining clarity on what this involves. My understanding: The seller (dealer) will notify DVLA of the sale; I then get the V5C, perhaps within...
  31. E

    App issues

    Out of the blue, my wife and my app on our iphone 11 just stopped working. Did not update the phones, nothing changed except we were kicked out of the app. When we tried to sign back in it wouldn't accept our password. I could sign in on the website with the password, but not the phone. The...
  32. J

    Service messenger keyboard issue

    When trying to type messages in the service messenger my keyboard covers the message I am typing and I can't read it. Any else have this issue? Samsung Galaxy S20 FE phone with high contrast keyboard turned on.
  33. Seth2020

    Connection interrupted. Summon will resume when connection is restored

    When I try to use summon in my garage at home, using the app, it will start, then abort (without moving the car) saying: > Connection interrupted. Summon will resume when connection is restored When I use summon anywhere else (outside my garage), it works fine. I get that the one obvious...
  34. ehacke

    Service Appointment Cannot be set to "Read"

    Booked a service appointment for a door fit issue. After a bit I get a notification to approve the service with no cost (under warranty), I do so and the appointment is scheduled. App continues to say that I have an unread message and won't show me any other service menu options other than...
  35. K

    Ohme charger app can't find car

    Wondering if anyone else has come across this (I may just be impatient...). Received car late last night and it is all registered and shows up on the Tesla App, but when I try and link to the Ohme app it says no car can be found. This is a leased model through 3rd party so I don't see it when I...
  36. BZM3

    AT&T Issues with Tesla App

    I have seen a few threads that make note of a potential connection, but haven't found a specific thread to this (post link if I am wrong). There seems to be a common issue recently in that AT&T users are unable to connect to their car through the Tesla app through cell service (not wifi). The...
  37. gcsutton

    Does Solar Power Non-Backup Leg At All?

    I have 16kW of solar and 6 PowerWalls. The monitoring app does not seem to recognize power changes (like 2 stage AC or oven turning on) on the non-backup leg. For example, right now I have 11KW of solar being generated. The app says I'm consuming 1kW in 'Home' and 10kW are going into the...
  38. S

    method: getOnBoardingData()

    Help! Delivery day is coming up for me and I get this error code when I try to log onto the app: method: getOnBoardingData() server failed to response. Is the server running? I know I have limited access until delivery but I should be seeing video tutorials and a welcome message. How do I fix...
  39. Y

    I wish the Tesla app could ...

    I'm a developer, working on a new app to enhance the original Tesla app. So I'm collecting ideas of what y'all wish the original Tesla app could have offered. NOTE: it doesn’t need to be just controlling your car. Think about how you can utilize the different data you get from the car. Like...
  40. FalconFour

    Window/door open notifications - annoyingly persistent - no setting to stop them

    With a recent update, there was a new feature added that sends notifications for windows/doors left open. That could occasionally be useful. The grand majority of the time, it's not useful - because my car is parked at home in the garage, where I leave the windows down. Or I'm at work, and the...
  41. M

    Will the app work with old password after password change?

    If you change your account password, when will the new password be enforced in the phone app? If a phone running the app has an open session, will it immediately query for the new account password in the running app? Or can you continue to use the app on the phone for "some days", since it was...
  42. G

    Tesla iOS app widget & car wakeup

    I have tested the iOS app widget this week. I have read in an old post that the widget should not wake up the car in any way as opening the app does. However, every time I swipe left the phone screen to the widgets page, it first shows the previous range (with a « X minutes ago » tag), then...
  43. T

    Newbee Question on App Display/Settings

    I am trying to set up Custom|Advanced|Balanced Price Schedule slots to handle my 4:00pm- 9:00pm Peak time TOU rate. (all other times are off-peak rate.) I have it set up as in the image file uploaded. When I look at the graph for a day, it shows a reasonable number for the Peak times but if I...
  44. S

    Android App Notifications Too Long to Read

    On my phone when I get notifications from the Tesla App they often are too long to fit on the screen. The notifications don't wrap and they are cut off with ... added to the end. How can I read the full notification? Tapping the notification only takes me to the Tesla app which does not show...
  45. devios117

    Data App for Android

    Had anyone come across something like Teslapp for Android? I've done some looking but haven't found anything.
  46. KeithT

    Tesla App connectivity issues

    My App (on Android) often does not connect - "Vehicle connection error" (or similar). In my case I think that the problem is that though the car is connected to my Wifi, the signal in my garage is weak. Sometimes it connects sometimes not. However, when the car is not connected to any Wifi...
  47. I

    Post-delivery upgrades (FSD, acceleration boost) now refundable for 48 hours after purchase

    The upgrades screen in the app now has the following text: The upgrades page on the website has been updated with the relevant FAQ. Premium connectivity purchases are not eligible. Full FAQ entry: Curiously, there's no mention of upgrades purchased through the website. I don't have any...
  48. Keung18

    APP remote to Car

    I always different to remote connect to Car via Tesla App. But I am sure the network is good and in outdoor. I only can connect when I am physically in car. Seem the car is deep sleeping..... I have tried to reboot car, Any solution?
  49. tk421jag

    Problems putting the car into drive (app and pin to drive)

    In the last few months, since at least v10 update, I've been having problems with getting the app to connect with the car. It almost never connects while I'm sitting in the car. I'll put my phone into airplane mode, then turn airplane mode off, and it will connect then. So I'll drive the car...
  50. R

    Unable to schedule service due to existing phantom appointment

    The only way to schedule service these days is through the app. When I go to "Schedule Service", it shows an appointment for a service I did back in November. I'm not sure why it's still showing there, but the net result is that I am unable to schedule a new one. On that same page, a button...

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