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  1. R

    VIN / Window Sticker Discrepancy

    Took delivery of a 2024 MY Performance on 03/31/2024 in NJ. There is an “A” in the VIN indicating it is from Austin but the window sticker said the Final Assembly Point was Fremont. Has anyone else seen this? I’m curious because up until now I thought all the MYP had 2170s and were made in...
  2. L

    Anyone in Austin, TX interested in having their Cybertruck filmed for an educational design video?

    Hey y'all 👋🏽, I'm the creator of a new video series called "The UX of Our Everyday Lives" that explores how and why the tech we interact with everyday is built this way. My focus is on educating people and practicing cinematography. A segment I'm working on is exploring the digital and physical...
  3. S

    Shareholder Meeting 2024 (presumably in May in Austin, Texas): how to attend?

    Hey all, already in 2022 I wanted to attend the shareholder meeting in person, but was not able to do so, due to the random selection process. I open this thread to share information regarding this years shareholder meeting. Any information so far on dates, process etc.? What are the legal...
  4. C

    South Austin Service Experience

    I'm sure versions of this story have been posted here before but felt I needed to share my frustrating experience at Tesla South Austin, especially since it was not my first bad experience with Tesla service. I needed to schedule service for a punctured tire and during the tire service my front...
  5. LBM4

    (Pics) - 2023 Austin Built MY AWD trunk storage side covers

    Finally can confirm a seller that has the side trunk storage covers that fit the 2023 Austin and Berlin built Model Y AWD. As you can see in the first pic, the left one fits all other Model Y's, while the one on the right is specific to the Austin and Berlin built MY AWD variants. It's more...
  6. J

    Tesla Model X - Original 22" Turbine Wheels 2020, Mint condition (Complete Set of 4) - $3500 (Austin, TX area) w/ TPMS & Pirelli Scorpion Tires

    For Sale Full Set of 22" OEM Turbine Black Wheels Set w/ TPMS & Pirelli Scorpion Tires (approx 7,000 miles). Mounted and Balanced by Tesla. Package Includes: 2 x 22X9.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 22X10.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 265/35R22- Pirelli Scorpion tires (Approx 7,000 miles) 2 x 285/35R22- Pirelli...
  7. N

    Tesla Model Y Full retractable Sunroof Shade for Sale.

    Never installed full MODEL Y Sunroof shade by OTRIFOWD for sale. Traded in my MYP for an X before it came in so I no longer need it. Selling out of the Austin Texas Metropolitan Area. Would be happy to meet nearby and or drop off. Retail price is $499.00 Selling for $350.00 I will not ship...
  8. J

    Mud Flap don’t fit Austin model Y

    Sorry, another mud flap thread. Took deliver of Austin model Y in NY. Tesla oem don’t fit and Amazon one explicitly claim they don’t fit austin Y. Rear underside bumper doesn’t have a bolt, though do have different holes that are approximately in right location. Is that even normal? Wondering...
  9. W

    WTB: in Austin, TX < $50k - that benefits from owner to owner transfer

    Honestly every Tesla owner wants too much for their used car and I get it, who wouldn't. But I am looking for the owner who wants to get more than trade-in or CarMax / Carvana and doesn't want to strip their previous Tesla of the Supercharging for life etc. Honestly buying new from Tesla or...
  10. M

    MY Matte Black PPF - Austin, TX

    Hey, I’m looking to get quotes in the Austin, TX area for Matte Black PPF for a MY Performance. Who would you recommend and are their prices reasonable? Thanks
  11. M

    Old to Tesla new to this group

    Hey all. I’m meg, I live in austin but May escape to sandiego any day. I bought my model 3 in January 2020 just in time to have it for a x-country National park tour during COVID lockdowns. I’ve loved & hated my car at different moments but never posted to this group. Maybe I’m using this wrong...
  12. R

    2021 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus (What Would You Do?)

    Hey Tesla Folks, Mostly Looking for feedback which route I should go if I should private sale, trade in or which company is giving great offers for Teslas Instead of waiting till end of year or early next year for your reservation -- Look here Please message here or text 213-889-5694 (texts...
  13. C

    Just bought my LONG RANGE Model Y made in Austin

    Yeah I know it sounds crazy but I went into the Tesla showroom in Austin to talk about my model Y which is supposed to be delivered in December and the showroom guy there called up the list of cars available and it turned out that a demo Long range model Y with a serial number saying it was made...
  14. Tcmccormick

    Will our Model Y come from Austin?

    We are in Tennessee and ordered our Model Y LR around April 1, 2022. Delivery is scheduled Dec or Jan. We would prefer it come from Austin with single castings and 4680 structural battery pack. I know they are still making Model Ys in Fremont. I have read in some places that if you are in the...
  15. D

    Any Austing Vendor to Fit HUD for Model3

    I am looking for any vendor near Austin area that can fit a Heads Up Display for Model 3.
  16. S

    Cyber Rodeo ticket or +1?

    If anyone has an extra ticket or a +1 that they will not be using to attend the Cyber Rodeo, I am very interested in going.
  17. MontyFloyd

    GigaFest Austin, April 1,... make that April 7, whats happening.

    So Tesla via Elon Tweet confirmed April 1st 7th, a Thursday, as the GigaFest Austin event, 6 weeks from now. A repeat of the one held in Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg (as of this post shows images from that event, in case reused for Austin) Who can go, how to get in, and a million other...
  18. A

    Giga Austin MYP Vins and Delivery

    Since I didn't see a thread for owners with Giga Austin VINs, I thought I'd put one here. According to this article they've started pushing out MYP VINs for Texas now. If Austin VIN people could detail their delivery experience and features here along with their delivery dates.
  19. jama999

    Model Y TeslaVision Autopilot

    All, before you ask *yes* I searched this topic. So, I have a brand new (August delivery) MYP with the Tesla Vision system. For the most part, I am enjoying the car (first electric car, first Tesla etc etc) but I have noticed that, even in the most basic situations, my autopilot does not...
  20. Guacahummus

    Sold FS: Chademo Adapter - DFW

    Selling my Chademo adapter for $375 local pick up in DFW, or can meet in Austin, Houston, OKC, Tulsa or anywhere in between DFW and those areas. Willing to ship as well.
  21. pcmike

    Who has a MY order on hold expecting to take delivery in Q3 and is now considering waiting for a Austin MY?

    Like the title suggest, I have a MY order on hold (currently $2500 cheaper than current price) and my lease is up in August, but I’m going to push it out two additional months for two reasons 1) tax credit (fingers crossed), and 2) Austin MY. If by October only #1 comes to fruition I’m still...
  22. Guacahummus

    WTT: Heatshield for Gen 2 NEMA 14-50, DFW TX or OK

    I have an extra Model 3 heatshield lying around, looking to trade for the Gen 2 NEMA 14-50 adapter. Located in the DFW area, but make frequent trips to Austin, OKC, and Houston so willing to meet in any of those areas. Also Tulsa although don’t frequent that area as much.
  23. M

    Anyone know where I can get help installing a Frunk lift in Austin?

    Hi Yall, I just joined the TMC and its my first time posting. I never knew such a great Tesla community existed. I am trying to install a Frunk on my Model Y but I am not that good with tools. Does anyone know where I can get help installing a Frunk lift in Austin? Thanks in Advance!;)
  24. empiredown


    Good, balanced article in the Austin American-Statesman today... win/win for an area that deserves it and will enable great things to be built as well. THE TESLA EFFECT: Gigafactory could transform Del Valle area ß
  25. MichaelP90DL

    2019 Model S Raven Performance

    Not my car but I found this on Autotrader. Build date is 08/19, which makes this a Raven. No mention made of the kind of autopilot/FSD, but if you're in the market, check out the listing. Ford dealer, they are probably clueless about Tesla autopilot stuff. Advertised price is $95,988. Only 4,352...
  26. S

    Supercharger - Austin, TX - Research Blvd.

    Both permits (building and electrical) are issued, as of ‘Apr 15, 2019’, for the Stonelake location!
  27. TravMor

    Austin, TX Owners - Questions For You

    I am currently considering moving from California to Austin, TX for a job. I visited this weekend and looked at a few apartments... Seems like none of them have on-site charging capabilities and it didn't look like my potential new office had chargers either. This is a big difference from here...
  28. P

    Model 3 all-weather floor mats for sale in Austin area

    I have an extra pair of all-weather floor mats for the Model 3 for sale. These are the ones for sale on the Tesla website. Brand new, still in packaging. For local pickup. $120 obo.
  29. DeckardsGirl

    Austin Tesla Owners Volunteer to Help this Weekend!

    Tesla Owners Club Austin has several members volunteer to help Tesla this weekend at the Austin location. We all had our required orientation Thursday night! Can’t wait to help!
  30. pub cheese

    Go-to parking in downtown Austin?

    I just got my Model 3 a few days ago and have plans to hang out downtown tonight (Master Pancake @ Drafthouse Ritz). Does anyone have a great go-to garage in downtown ATX that's safe/lightly-used/hidden so we can have a chance of emerging dingless? A charger would be a bonus, but not what I'll...
  31. L

    Meet Model X - Austin, TX

    Tomorrow, Thursday 17th, is the first of four days for Meet Model X event in Austin, TX. I have an appointment tomorrow to go and see, drive and smell the Model X. Wifey is coming with although I'm sure she won't be testing out the acceleration like I will. If anyone is going to be at the Meet...
  32. traveler

    Where to get my Tesla tinted in Austin

    Hello everyone. At the end of the month I will be a new Model S owner, fingers crossed it doesn't get delayed. I'm planning on getting the car tinted and wanted to get some recommendations on the best places in Austin to get the work done. Any help would be appreciated.