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  1. D

    Aftermarket rear shock spacer!!!

    Does anyone know where I can buy or have the exact specifications on the shock spacer that goes below the rear shock of most coilovers and air suspension. I have airlift performance and I’m missing a pair. I contacted them and they do not sell them separately and other places don’t either or...
  2. tom @ eas

    Redwood Motorsports - Ohlins DFV Coilovers (Performance Sport) - Tesla Model Y

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Redwood Motorsports - Performance Sport Ohlins DFV Coilovers - Tesla Model Y. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. Redwood Motorsports - Ohlins DFV Coilovers (Performance Sport) - Tesla Model Y

    For sale Redwood Motorsports - Ohlins DFV Coilovers (Performance Sport) - Tesla Model Y

    Redwood Motorsports (Performance Sport) Ohlins DFV Coilovers for Tesla Model Y. Used for ~25Kmi, no leaks or external damage. Comes with everything seen in images. Didn't have time to clean before taking pictures, but will look fantastic with a quick wipe down. Ready to ship, no waiting. $3950...

    Vendor EVANNEX Adjustable Coilovers for Tesla Model 3 AWD

    Hey Everyone, EVANNEX Adjustable Coilovers for Tesla Model 3 AWD We wanted to come on here and post about these coilovers that we are offering! Here are the installation instructions for those of us that like to do it ourselves: Installation Feel free to ask us any questions about them...
  5. M

    RMS FPX vs MP KW’s vs UP luxury?

    I doubt anyone’s tried multiple sets and I’m actually looking at the GT luxury versions . All three are approximately $2600. I also have the LR and most going will have the performance and choose the sport or race versions. So I was hoping to get feedback from anyone with the softer luxury...
  6. B

    For Sale: KW V3 Model 3 and CCS Adapter

    Hi everyone, selling my used set of KW V3 for model 3 LR Awd/Performance. These fit all model 3 except obviously a RWD and was on my daily. Was used for at most 8k miles at most and they feel great. Going to put the car on air suspension soon since I cant get up the driveway without scraping in...
  7. A

    Any interest in stock M3 coilovers?

    Hi, total noob here. I just swapped out my stock Model 3 RWD coilovers for softer coilovers (so much better omg) and was wondering if it was even worth it to anyone to offload the stock ones. They were on the car for just over 43,000 km. Let me know whether they’re worth anything or I should...
  8. N

    22MYP Suspension Upgrade third party or new 23 comfort suspension?

    I’m about to pull the trigger on a suspension upgrade, the post winter potholes here in WNY are brutal. I’ve been doing a good amount of research and I’m leaning towards the 23 “comfort” suspension because it is by far the cheapest option. Some videos on YouTube seem a bit “influenced” so I...
  9. Dapperson

    F/S: (SoCal) Used Mountain Pass Performance Comfort Coilovers Model 3 RWD ONLY Non-Adjustable

    $1000 - Located in Eastvale, CA. (SoCal) - Mountain Pass Performance Comfort Coil Overs for Tesla Model 3 - Manufactured by KW - RWD Only - Height Adjustable/Non-Dampening - 30k miles on this setup, no issues - Never Tracked
  10. R

    [SF Bay Area] Redwood Motorsports (Ohlins) DFV Coilovers and Rear Control Arms for Model 3P $2.4k

    Selling used set (10k miles) DFV Coilovers and Rear Control Arms for Model 3P. Bought originally from from another member on this thread as I was planning to track the car. However, I never got around to installing it and am now upgrading to a MY. Looking to recoup what I bought it for $2.4k...
  11. scubastevo80

    FS: MPP Comfort Coilovers, Rear Camber Arms (NJ)

    Hi all - I'm selling a set of brand new MPP non-adjustable Comfort Coilovers for a Model 3 AWD/Performance and a set of brand new MPP Rear Camber Arms. I purchased these awhile back intending to install them over the winter but have decided to sell my Model 3 instead. Everything is still in...
  12. Rollingstone

    MPP SPORT COILOVERS (2 way adjustable) $1750 plus shipping.

    Selling due to car trade. Very good condition. Wide range of adjustments for variety of applications. About 5,000 miles on these with a few autocross events. Shipping in continental US range from $75-100 depending on your location. I’m in Cary, NC if any locals want to pick up.
  13. tom @ eas

    Vendor Ohlins - Road & Track DFV Coilover Systems - Spring into May Sale - 10% off all kits!

    Ohlins Spring into May Sale - 10% off all kits! Meet the revolutionary new Road & Track suspension for Tesla models. Backed by over 45 years of experience in advanced suspension development and global racing series, the Road & Track line showcases Öhlins’ ability to engineer the ultimate...
  14. I

    Anyone want to buy my Mountain Pass Performance Comfort Coilovers for Model Y?

    Located in the east bay. Brand new. Literally just arrived from MPP. Just changed my mind and MPP has a high restocking fee. Paid 3268.54 shipped. Asking for $3100.
  15. I

    FS: Mountain Pass Performance Comfort Coilovers for Model Y

    Located Bay Area, CA. Local pickup only. Literally brand new. Just received from MPP a few days ago. I changed my mind and MPP has a high restocking fee. Paid $3268.54 shipped to me. Asking for $3100.
  16. I

    FS: Mountain Pass Performance Comfort Coilovers for Model Y

    Located in Bay Area, CA. Local pickup only. Brand new. Literally just arrived from MPP. Just changed my mind and MPP has a high restocking fee. Paid 3268.54 shipped. Asking for $3100.
  17. I

    For those of you who lowered your Tesla, did it affect your Autopilot?

    For those who lowered their Tesla, did it affect your Auotpilot? Thinking of ordering some MountainPass coilovers for my MYP but will the lowered height affect the vehicles cameras and autopilot? I did my own googling and found one thread of a user complaining Autopilot was affected when he...
  18. M

    FS: MPP Comfort adjustable coilover suspension

    Mountain Pass Performance coilover suspension kit. Brand new never used in open box. This will fit any Model Y (including RWD standard range models). More info: Comfort Adjustable Coilovers for Tesla Model Y Pick up only. Located in Los Angeles/Orange County area $2800
  19. P

    Mountain Pass Performance - Comfort Coilovers for Tesla Model 3 RWD

    Mountain Pass Performance - Comfort Coilovers for Tesla Model 3 RWD. Brand new still in box. Asking $1600. Retails for $1620 without tax / shipping. Located in SoCal - Los Angeles / Orange County area. Buyer pays for shipping.
  20. M

    FS: MPP Comfort Adjustable Coilover suspension kit for Tesla Model Y

    Mountain Pass Performance adjustable coilovers built by KW for sale. Brand new never used in box. Should fit any AWD Tesla Model Y. Front strut springs for RWD standard range Model Y’s also included. For more info: Mountain Pass Performance - Model Y coilovers For pickup only in Los...
  21. M

    MPP Comfort adjustable coilovers (FOR STD RANGE RWD MODEL Y) New in box

    These are Mountain Pass Performance coilovers. New in box never used. Specially ordered for RWD Tesla Model Y Standard Range models. Local pick up only. Located in Los Angeles/Orange County area. $2,850 FIRM
  22. tom @ eas

    Vendor ▀▄ eas | Authorized Retailer & Installer - Mountain Pass Performance Parts

    Mountain Pass Performance (MPP) is an EV oriented performance company started in 2017 by a group with a deep rooted history in motorsport. MPPs goal is to carry that background to the electric car community, and develop EV’s into not only efficient and logical vehicles – but objects of desire...
  23. tom @ eas

    ▀▄ eas | Authorized Retailer & Installer - Mountain Pass Performance Parts

    Mountain Pass Performance (MPP) is an EV oriented performance company started in 2017 by a group with a deep rooted history in motorsport. MPPs goal is to carry that background to the electric car community, and develop EV’s into not only efficient and logical vehicles – but objects of desire...
  24. tom @ eas

    Vendor ▀▄ eas | KW Variant 3 Coilovers now available for Tesla Model Y - IN STOCK

    KW V3 Adjustable Coilovers have landed for your Tesla Model Y and are now in stock at EAS! https://europeanautosource.com/products/kw-suspensions-v3-coilover-kit-tesla-model-y Lowering Front Lowering: 1.0" to 2.0" Rear Lowering: 1.0" to 2.0"...
  25. M

    Coilovers. Anything else needed?

    I ordered a comfort coilover kit from Mountain Pass Performance. I plan on lowering my ‘21 Tesla Model Y (Standard Range RWD) to performance level height. Would a camber arm kit be necessary, as well as any other parts (such as cyber rear traction and toe arms)? Or could I just get coils...
  26. Motion122

    Sold FS: KW V3 M3P/AWD 35287007 Brand New In Box

    For sale brand new sealed in box KW V3 for AWD and M3P. Price shipped to the US48. Part# 35287007 Paypal, Venmo or Zelle. PM with any questions. $2700
  27. U

    Aftermarket coilovers and warranty repairs

    Just an FYI: any suspension modification may result in Tesla not covering warranty repairs of seemingly unrelated suspension components. I took my 2018 M3P to repair/replace wheel bearing (that developed a typical failing sound as I was told) and the manager told me that this can't be covered...
  28. C

    Selling MPP Model Y Comfort Adjustable Coilover Kit

    Hey Y'all, I am looking to sell my MPP Model Y Comfort Adjustable Coilovers for the original purchase price $2,780. They are unopened, still in box. I sold my Tesla before the coilovers arrived. MMP says wait time of 3-6 weeks if you order from them, you can get them now from me. I live in...
  29. Tezla1

    FS: Unplugged Performance Coilovers for Model 3

    Unplugged Performance Full coilovers set Installed on AWD Model 3 (works on all M3) orig price: $2,500 asking: $2,000 OBO location: SoCal / LA I am selling my car, so had to remove these coilovers to put car back to stock. originally installed: Early 2020 Barely put any miles them due...
  30. Motion122

    Sold UPP Sport Coilovers Brand New AWD

    Unplugged Performance Coilover Suspension Kit for Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor / Dual Motor Performance More comfortable than stock when set to soft. Meanwhile, on-track performance is so dialed in that it managed to impress our development driver Randy Pobst when turned up to firm (see video...
  31. A

    MPP Comfort Coilovers Model 3

    Looking to buy MPP comfort coilovers for the tesla model 3 performance, shoot me a message if you are looking to sell.
  32. M

    Model 3 few accessories for sale

    I have few model 3 items lying around for sale. 1. Abstract ocean blue model 3 footwell led light blue color $10 2. Carbon fiber glossy mirror cap, need vhb tap to install. $100 3. M style mirror covers glossy, has 2 to 3 clips broken but still fits without any issues. $100 4. Taptes CF glossy...
  33. M

    Model 3 RWD YCW coilovers for sale

    Trading in my 2018 RWD for 2021 AWD so I removed the coilovers installed before trade in. It can’t be used for new AWD unfortunately. Had these on my car for about 4k miles or less. It is rebound adjustable for front and rear. Bought it for $1650 with shipping and assembly from YCW. Contains...
  34. M

    Model 3 on YCW Aeries One way adjustment Coilovers

    Model 3 has few options on coilovers and suspension technology now compared to last year with affordable price range. We have UP, MPP and Redwood with KWs and Ohlins and they maybe great but not for the wallets haha. So I decided to search for some decent suspension without breaking the bank...
  35. dfwatt

    Suspension poll for all Model 3 owners (RWD, AWD, DMP)

    Looking to get a broad-based sampling of people's general take on their Model 3 suspension. Please note that in addition to indicating your preference for suspension modification, please also indicate your assessment of the car's stock suspension and whether or not you have purchased aftermarket...
  36. webbah

    Unplugged Performance Coilovers - check front cables for rust!

    Please see attached photo of mine. Knob broke off and discovered rust in the wrapping and also the internal cable broke inside the knob. Will be installing replacements as soon as they arrive. Only on the car for 10 months and garaged indoors. Never spent too much time in the rain or snow.
  37. MountainPass

    Vendor Hurry Up And Wait Coilover Sale!

    Hello dear MPP friends! We hope everyone is doing well in these strange and unprecedented times. As we mentioned in our last blog post, our damper supplier KW is currently in the process of making a massive upgrade to their facility in Germany, which will allow them to increase output speed...
  38. MountainPass

    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance SpaceX Launch Sale!

    SpaceX Launched Humans, So Let’s Have A Sale! I can’t tell you how impressed and amazed we are here at the accomplishments SpaceX continues to pump out – one after another. It is the ultimate motivation for us to look at ourselves in the mirror and say we aren’t doing enough – and it...
  39. surfpilot

    Dual Rate Linear Lowering Springs from Unplugged Performance

    Just got my Dual Rate Linear Lowering Springs by Unplugged installed on my Model 3 Performance and I'm very impressed. Amazing look and handling characteristics. It’s provably firm but compliant. It feels better when making a sharp turn and feels better driving over roads that are not smooth...
  40. MountainPass

    Vendor NEW: MPP Model 3 Comfort Adjustable Coilovers RWD/AWD!

    Our newest suspension line introduced in April 2020! You asked, we listened. It is clear that many of our fine TMC members prioritize quality and comfort over all else, so after testing the waters with a hybrid version of the Sports kit, we have committed to a fully retuned version that will...
  41. M

    Ohlins coilovers for Tesla Model 3 RWD

    I preordered Ohlins for my RWD with GT option but unfortunately I’m not in a financial situation to get and install them right now. preorder comes with 10% discount, if anyone wants to take my order and pay me what I paid, redwood motor sports willing to transfer order to your name and ship...
  42. awedio_femi

    MPP Model 3 Sports Coilovers AWD/Performance

    Brand new, in the original box, parts are untouched & unpacked. $2590 Pickup is available in So. Cal (Ventura County). Shipping is via FedEx ground & I'll pay the first $30.
  43. beastmode13

    BeastMode13's Dual Purpose P3D Build Journey

    I have the curse of being an enthusiast that can't just leave things alone. Perhaps a few of you out there can relate to this. :) After starting several threads on installations and track performance related FYI, I find myself going back to those threads time and time again when I'm working...
  44. Cce32

    Suspension, brake installers near southern California

    Looking for recommendations on shops to install coilovers, etc. I live in Thousand Oaks, Ventura County but could drive to LA or Santa Barbara if need be. Thanks
  45. M

    KW V3 coilovers for RWD

    Brand new open box coilovers for sale, bought it to install but life happens and decided not to install them. This is for RWD model 3, asking $2250 as new sells for $2550.
  46. RedwoodMotors

    Vendor Model 3 Öhlins DFV Coilovers - Engineered by Redwood Motorsports ™

    Built from the ground up, we have partnered with Öhlins Suspension - the world's foremost leader in damper technology - to pioneer the gold standard for Tesla Model 3 performance coilovers. Found on hyper-cars from Koenigsegg to Pagani, Öhlins dampers represent the pinnacle of modern suspension...
  47. M

    M3P Track Part Out

    Hi All, Life changes have dictated that I hit pause on my track endeavors for the time being. As a result, I will be returning my car to stock and selling the following parts (parts have less than 250 miles on them and are essentially brand new): Motion Control Suspension (MCS) Motorsport...
  48. T

    New KW Coilovers & Weathertech for Tesla Model 3!!

    Good evening Tesla Fam! I am owner of The Mod Garage and would love to offer a great coilover kit for your Model 3 (RWD Models)! These are brand new, and will offer the following: Front Lowering: 1-2.2 inches Rear Lowering: 1-2 inches Additional Details: KW Variant 3: Race technology for the...
  49. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP Visits Laguna Seca and Has a Record-Setting Party

    Hey TMC! We took a few days to collect our thoughts, shake off the jet lag and post some photos and videos for you all to see. Participating in Tesla Corsa 4 and Refuel at Laguna Seca was some of the best times we've had behind the wheel. We had a ton of fun and got to meet many of our...
  50. MountainPass

    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance Weekend Sale!!!

    We The North – Here’s 10% Off, No Hard Feelings As most of you know, we’re located in Toronto, Canada. Well, last night our Toronto Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals to take home their first ever championship! Now we’re not huge basketball fans, but we don’t want...