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ev charging

  1. H

    Knowing the Real World Driving Range of Your Tesla — No More ‘Range Anxiety’

    Knowing the Real World Driving Range of Your Tesla — No More ‘Range Anxiety’ After reading and writing about EVs with great interest and watching the evolution of sustainable mobility for years, I’m excited about joining the revolution. I finally took the delivery of my new 2023 Tesla Model...
  2. Pstreicher1

    Suggestion: A Way to Jump Start or Boost Another Ev

    Hey All, Just thought of this while looking out across the street and seeing the neighbor's NIssan Leaf. Has been sitting there for several days now and normally they keep it in the garage. What if their battery was dead and they are waiting on Nissan Support or something or other to get this...
  3. MrNik

    Zappi or Hypervolt for a solar home system ?

    I know for a long time, Zappi had been the best charging point for integrating with a solar powered house. But now with other good CPs in the market, is Zappi still the top choice in terms of features, solar integration etc ? I'm deciding between Zappi and Hypervolt ... Does Hypervolt provide...
  4. NoGasNoBrakes

    Mismanaged - The Problem With Government-Funded EV Chargers (TMC Podcast Clip)

    Here's a clip from TMC Podcast #13, where we discuss Biden's new policy to build $7.5 billion dollars' worth of EV chargers. “The number is $7.5 billion dollars, and you’d think the industry would pay for most of it since they want us to buy their cars. But instead, you and I, the consumer...
  5. J

    Right To Charge Law CA - HOA Complex

    I live in a Condo Complex in Los Angeles but rent a condo from a homeowner so I am NOT an owner - there are numerous 'Right To Charge' Laws here in CA but my HOA has repeatedly denied any request to charge my vehicle in the garage. I initially sent them incentives to install communal chargers...
  6. mspohr

    EV owners have questions...

    Here are the questions: “I have heard that gasoline-powered cars can not refuel at home while you sleep. How often do you refill elsewhere? Will there be a solution for refueling at home? Which parts will I need service on and how often? The car salesman mentioned a box with gears in it. What...
  7. R

    Looking for information on set parameters for vehicle charging

    Hello all Recieved my 2022 Model Y in late December '21, question is.......when I initialise the charger to 80% and it finishes (use my designated charger (Unico Power) in our condo underground parking. the issue is have Sentry mode enabled as well as paracitic battery use, the sevice...
  8. ev.energy

    Vendor Happy Elon Musk Day! Bonus points for Tesla owners who download the ev.energy app before midnight

    He's the man who dared to go further than anyone else! April 20 has been reclaimed as #ElonMuskDay. To celebrate, ev.energy are giving £20/$20 worth of Amazon gift vouchers or 200kg/CO2 offsetting in your name to any Tesla owners who download and complete set-up of our smart-charging rewards...
  9. D

    Apartments with EV Charging in Arlington/Alexandria/Tysons

    Inspired by this post, I wanted to give an update on Virginia apartments near DC that have EV charging available, as uncovered by my own apartment searching. They don't all advertise it. Some of these we had to call and ask. ALEXANDRIA 1111 Belle Pre The Asher Post Carlyle Square The Thornton...
  10. K

    Home EV Charger install Vancouver?

    Im waiting for the delivery of my Model 3 SR+. Im planning on upgrading to a 240V outlet in my garage to charge the car at home. Who in the Vancouver area do you guys recommend to get the job done? I got a quote from EV Tec BC Pros, it wasn't too bad, just shy of $1000. Curious to see if there's...
  11. M

    Do you unplug another EV if its charging is complete?

    I live in an apartment complex where there are free charging stations to its residents. The charging station can indicate whether the car its plugged into has completed its charging session. On two separate occasions, my model 3 has recorded the same resident unplug the charging cable from my...
  12. P

    EV Charging Single Phase Inverter

    Does anyone have one of these installed? I’m researching the installation of extra solar panels and have discovered that SolarEdge have an inverter that can handle smart ev charging. Looking at the specs, the max charge rate is 7.4 kW. I’d be interested in people’s perspectives on this as a...
  13. E Dizzle

    Is Electrify America a scam for EV's?

    We're looking at getting our first EV next year so I was comparing the Model Y to the Mach-E on abetterrouteplanner.com. I ran a trip from Arizona to Houston, TX (1200 miles one way) since this is a trip we are looking at doing to visit family. The charging cost on Electrify America seemed...
  14. C

    BC hydro EV charger rebate

    Does anyone know if the Tesla HPWC qualifies for the bc hydro ev charger incentive? EV Charger Rebate for B.C. Homes | BC Hydro Wondering if anyone has taken advantage of this yet.
  15. T3slaOwner

    First Impacts of EVs

    As EVs start to enter the mainstream of car buying, it seems to me one of the first effects we can expect to see is a lowering to the price of gas. Right now there are almost 700,000 BEVs on the road in the US and the number is growing rapidly. That is barely 0.25% of all light vehicles which...
  16. IchDochNicht

    Making a Vacation Rental EV Ready

    I could use some advice on how to best go about this... Last year, I bought a run-down codo in San Diego, 100ft from the beach. Had it gutted, rewired, and completely rebuilt from scratch to the latest standards. Now it is partially our own vacation spot, and partially vacation rental (managed...
  17. mspohr

    New design for EV chargers - Skip the transformer

    Radically smaller, more efficient and perhaps faster EV charger may be on its way Interesting research project redesigns EV chargers. It skips the utility transformer and converts utility "medium voltage" distribution lines (1kv to 35kv) AC directly to 480v DC. "Made possible by the use of wide...
  18. Whisky

    Toronto has charging issues...

    Almost a year in, I did a quick summary of challenges of charging in Toronto: Would love your input for Part II. It'll include Eaton Centre Supercharging, how one should never charge at Lawrence because damn it's busy, and changes to the laws that force condo boards to say yes to EV...
  19. P

    Charging Non Tesla EV with Tesla UMC

    I have a Model X and love it. I think its the best Daily Driver you can buy (but Gf is driving it LOL). My other car is a BMW M3, I leased it a couple years ago and now the lease is coming to an end. To replace it, I want a practical cheap EV (Bolt, Volt, I3, Leaf) doesn't really matter. It will...
  20. J

    EMotorWerks JuiceBox Pro 75 and Tesla S

    Hello, I am new to Tesla and this forum. I apologize in advance if this has been posted but could not find anything on point. I have another EV that I had a JuiceBox Pro 75 installed in my home. This is a direct installed unit to our electric system. They unit is supposed to deliver 75 amps...
  21. S

    Supercharging: SoC and power evolution with time

    Maybe someone already did this. Anyway, for those interested: Here are some graphs I've build with the same algorithm as the animated battery recharge on Tesla's Supercharger web page (I looked at how the JavaScript code updates the green battery): Supercharging: SoC and power with time Power...
  22. S

    EV Charging in Strata - Study Griffith Uni/ Energex

    My company is working with Energex & Griffith University on a study into "Electric Vehicle Recharging in Strata". We are taking registrations here from schemes that are interested to apply for a FREE electric vehicle recharging assessment. Electric Vehicle Recharging in Strata Everyone who...
  23. T

    Charging: Reported consumption vs. meter reading

    I've noticed something interesting over the past couple of months. When I took delivery of my Model S85 I had a 14-50 outlet installed in the garage.Within a month, I had my power company, Dominion Power here in Northern Virginia, install a second meter to take advantage of the EV off-peak...
  24. valerun

    JuicePlug - an $89 Smart Charging adapter - from the creators of JuiceBox EVSE

    Hi Guys, Wanted to start a thread to get your feedback on this new idea we had to facilitate EV-grid connectivity and smart charging. Please let us know what you think. More details on our Kickstarter page: JuicePlug - an $89 Universal Smart EV Charging Adapter Thanks! Val
  25. Duckjybe

    Queen's University EV Charging Stations

    I have been facilitating an EV charging station initiative at Queen's University in Kingston. They need help with funding the purchase and installation of two, 80 amp, EV charging stations on campus. They plan to cover the electricity and maintenance costs going forward but will rely on...
  26. W

    Wanted: your thoughts on the current state of EV charging location app/sites

    [Disclosure: I am the main developer of the Open Charge Map database, app and website, so I'm biased even though I try not to be :smile:] Hi folks, I have a general question about how people people about the current state of EV charging apps/sites: - What are the main challenges drivers...

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