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  1. A

    Can't save headlight position/calibrate after 2023.38.6/8

    Hello, TM3 2019 LR here. After updating to 2023.38.6, the headlight position isn't saved when I try to calibrate them. I set them as I want (they move without any issue, up/down/left/right), but then once I exit the calibration the left one goes all the way down and the right one all the way...
  2. tevman

    Body work needed

    Has anyone in the Denver - Colorado Springs area used Status Symbol Auto Body located in Colorado Springs? Recommended? My 2022 MYLR Deep Metallic Blue needs front left bumper work from a parking lot rash that deformed the seal at the lower edge of the headlight. Appreciate any input, thanks. Steve
  3. T

    2021 LR (UK RHD) - Dead RH headlight + main beam

    Just noticed today that my driver's side headlight + main beam is dead. Daytime running light is fine. It had a new windscreen fitted yesterday by Autoglass and I think they talked about removing the frunk pan. Is there a chance they unplugged something accidentally? Don't know if I should go...
  4. D

    Headlight flashing after update?!?

    My left headlight started flashing, I just updated my 2022 Model 3 LR to 2023.26.1 Anyone having a similar issue?
  5. Sanderpman12

    Model S gold tint headlights

    Hi all . Anyone tint their headlights gold? Thinking about trying this and wanted to see how it looked before hand and if I should go to a shop or buy this and do it myself? 2013 model s p85 Shop quote is $150 This is $50...
  6. R

    Low beams not working (driverside)

    Hi guys, I am having a little issue with my headlight on the driver-side. High beams are working as well as the daily lights, however, the low beam does not. I have no error messages and the fuses for the left headlamps are solid. Has anyone had such an issue and how what did it turn out to be...
  7. R

    Tesla Model S Plaid 2022/2023 vs Tesla Model 3 P 2021?

    Tesla Model S Plaid 2022/2023 vs Tesla Model 3 P 2021 1. General opinion about Tesla Model S Plaid 2022/2023 vs Tesla Model 3 P 2021? 2. How does front light / headlight compare between Tesla Model S Plaid 2022/2023 vs Tesla Model 3 P 2021? 3. How does sound system / music system compare...
  8. I

    Gap in light pattern of the matrix headlight

    Hello guys, Got my MSLR last week with the matrix headlights, and noticed that when driving at night, there is a dark patch in the lights on the left. Today I parked close to a wall and observed carefully, and I think that dark patch is this gap on pointed by the left arrow. There is a similar...
  9. .FP.

    Driver side headlight - 2020 Model S - Free

    Up for grabs is a used headlight (driver side) from a 2020 Model S Long Range Plus LED 1053570-00-F. This headlight was working perfectly when removed. There is damage to the rear housing and there is a crack in the lense. The tabs seem to all still be in place. See photos below. Local pick...
  10. nilesborg

    2022 "Refreshed" "Refresh" Model S Headlights, Taillights Charge Port, Plaid Badge in the Flesh

    Was at the Tesla dealership the other day - saw a few Model S refresh refreshes sporting the new headlight and taillight designs, in case anyone hasn't seen them IRL yet and wants to take a closer look! Photo dump below... 2021 refresh owners, whatcha all think; are we jealous or like whatevs...
  11. S

    Refresh Model X Matrix Headlights?

    Anyone have any ideas if Model X's will change over to the newer Matrix Headlights too?
  12. Alan J

    Winter Range

    I've had my M3 SR+ for over 2 years so I consider myself a fairly experienced Tesla Driver or at least I did until today. We took a drive from Glasgow to St. Andrews but on the way back hit heavy rain, wind and 2C Temperature. Result dramatic Range loss and we only got Home with 6% so pretty...
  13. P

    New Tesla Headlight video from Samsung

    Here are the official Samsung videos which show the new Headlights in action. This video at 0:04 is clearly a Tesla M3: This video shows the features of the new Headlights (yet to be activated via software update):
  14. N

    MY LR New Features

    Took delivery of MY LR today. Confirmed features: Heated Steering Wheel New Center Console Could not confirm New Headlights? I guess not? (See pic) 82 kWH battery - How do I confirm?
  15. K

    Gap between headlight and bumper

    I noticed that my otherwise perfect Model Y has a tiny gap between the headlight and the front bumper. It is symmetric and is there on both sides. It is very possible that this is within spec as I have seen it in other vehicles. I think it is due to Model 3's headlight being reused thus leaving...
  16. M

    Right-Side Model S Headlight For Sale

    Right-side headlight for sale, was replaced at Certified Tesla dealership in Santa Barbara--the light was not working up to standard and was dimming... figure someone would be interested in the old light to fix and resell or otherwise utilize.
  17. nguyentoogood

    I painted my Headlights (AGAIN!) + 4K Video + Lots of Photos

    Hey TMC, I painted my headlights again! Well sort of (I didn't paint it this time), I had greg use his spray gun and he has been trying to get the best "frosted" look. He was able to get this nice glossy like white that is very similar to the newer headlights. his ig: grc_lights The video...
  18. S

    Bumper alignment issue?

    Is it normal for the older MS to have a gap between the bumper and the headlights. It doesn’t really show well on photos but you can that I can push the bumper to align it with the headlight. It’s not that bad on the facelifted s. I can’t really see any damage under the bumper either.
  19. S

    2014 Model S HID to LED Replacement

    Hi everyone, I am trying to find a bring alternative for the HID bulbs on my Model S. Found one in Amazon and according to a review, a user did install it on a prefacelift Model S and got it to work. Anyone else tried this? DZG D1S D1R D3S D3R LED Headlight Bulbs 6000K Bright White 2 Yr...
  20. ME_UK

    Headlight Alignment - Getting Flashed - Solution (M3)

    I've been getting a lot of other drivers flashing me recently, and started to wonder if my headlights were misaligned - as per Tesla Bjorn's video and a number of other dormant threads on the board. Was planning to take the car into a local MOT centre to have the alignment corrected but found...
  21. Brother T

    No panic button?

    How does one invoke a panic function (honking and flashing lights) like one would by pressing the red button on the key fob of other cars? Also, it snowed and frosted today and I noticed there is no way to heat the LED headlight lens. Does Model 3 have a heat element that defrosts the headlight...
  22. Gwgan

    Dynamic headlights, hope with AI?

    Just did the holiday TSO dance for the first time in a while and seeing the fine headlight control reminded me we expected some finesse with partial low beam when close behind another car or with oncoming traffic. Think we will still see this kind of control with the AI when the team gets around...
  23. S

    intermittent headlight issue

    I have issue with intermittent headlight (left/driver side only). The car is 2013 model S. The service center recommends to change the entire headlight (not just bulb) for $1600. The problem is very similar described in this video. Does anyone experience the same problem ? I don't mind to...
  24. MacPaul

    M3 Headlights

    Interesting video from Tesla Bjorn about incorrect headlight adjustment. Says he hears lots of complaints about M3 dazzling other drivers. Anyone else getting ‘flashed’ a lot?
  25. riles246

    HID Projector Retrofit

    I've had my 2015 Model S for about a month now, and I love almost everything about it. However, coming from a Lexus RX450h with GREAT headlights, I can say that I really don't like the headlights in this car. Overall just not enough light, mainly driven by the fact that the cutoff is really...
  26. R

    LED flickering

    Hello! Does anyone else notice their headlights flickering when they first turn on? Seems to go away after a couple minutes which I find odd. Any insight would be great, I am thinking of scheduling a service but wanted to see if other people experience this issue. Service center is ~2 hours...
  27. jerjozwik

    headlight compare, 2016 S v 2018 3.

    i promised someone on reddit i would compare my 2016 model s p90d [pre-facelift]'s headlights against those in the 2018 model 3. figured not everyone is on reddit and i should also share the info here.
  28. V

    What will happen if I join LED restyling headlights to old tesla

    Hey guys! What will happen if I join LED restyling headlights from 2017 Tesla Model S to my 2015 ones??Who knows? Is it working?
  29. selfbp

    Hmmm Warranty Covered right?

    Was waxing the front of the car this evening and I noticed with my light all of this film on the inside of the headlight lens! I was actually surprised that the film was on the inside of the lens and not the out. Looks almost like condensation got on the inside during sealing. I would recommend...
  30. H

    Model S OEM Headlights for Sale

    Replaced my OEM headlights with a blacked out pair from Vision Auto Lab. These OEM headlights are in excellent condition and removed from my 2013 P85+ at 22,260 miles. No broken tabs or any cracks. Includes the original XENON bulbs. SoCal car only so never seen snow and only a handful of...
  31. T

    Daytime running lights aren't on anymore

    I have a refreshed front Model S, and from day 1 I've always had daytime running lights. Beginning this morning, I don't have them anymore. Anyone else experience this?
  32. MikeInFL

    Model S and Roadster parts for sale!

    I have several items for sale for Model S and Roadster. - OEM Roadster Headlights (driver's side has light peeling that can be corrected) - $500.00 - Model S Arm Rest / Cup Holder (2 different styles) - $100.00 (each) - Signature Red Driver's Side Mirror Cap (light scratches / clear bra...