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heat pump

  1. P

    Pretty loud rattling from outside when it's hot / AC is on - front wheel well / frunk area

    Hello Community, I have quite a loud rattling sound coming from the front wheel well / frunk area that seems to be AC / heat pump related. It occurs mostly when it is hot outside and/or the AC is producing cool air. I also get the rattle one or two times quite often when I open the driver...
  2. zef3215

    Battery overheated on Model 3 LR 2021? [during supercharging]

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and I have a question for Tesla Model 3 owners. Recentry I wanted to experience a super fast charging session (LG Battery - yes I know) at a V3 SC. So, I made sure I got there with warm battery and low state of charge. I got extremely good speed at the starting of...
  3. V

    2021 Model 3/Y Heating Issues

    So, my car just got this issue. It seems to be fairly quick to diagnose (besides not actually feeling heat) since the climate screen will have the "Climate Keeper is unavailable..." message, and you won't be able to turn on Dog or Camp mode, etc. You also won't be able to use the remote climate...
  4. P

    Cold weather heat pump comparison

    Is there any data out there comparing the earlier M3, no heat pump, with the new M3 with heat pump for efficiency and range in cold weather?
  5. J

    Do Winter Heater Failures Portend Summer A/C Failures?

    As an imminent MY customer, I've been paying attention to the various threads about Heat pump problems. At the moment these are mostly stories of inoperative cabin heating/defrosting in extreme winter conditions. However, there are also older threads floating around about weak or occasionally...
  6. Cybr.Myk

    Heat Pump Limit?

    So I was wondering how the heat pump would perform in extreme cold and today I got to find out. I put on about 200 kms today and while I was driving around the city the heat worked as expected, it kept us toasty warm. However, this evening I went out on the highway and the combination of -35 C...
  7. O

    Heat Pump issue

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2021 TM3. the one with the heat pump ;-) This week end I was on a road trip with my family, We went to Ottawa (200km from Montreal). On saturday every thing went well but today it was a nightmare. This morning, I entered the adresse for a supercharger, the car started to...
  8. O

    Loud conch-blowing noise

    Took delivery of my MSM Model Y on 12/30. This morning when wife is backing out of the garage the car is blowing super loud noise, literally sounds like someone is sitting in the frunk blowing a conch. Seems coming out of the front intake vents. Is it possible this is heat pump related? I am in...
  9. T

    Model Y heating - slow

    Anyone else noticing that when the temperature is below freezing that the heater takes a lot longer to warm the car? This morning it took close to 30 minutes before the climate even approached the right level (while also still attached on the charger). Comparatively, my Model S with resistance...
  10. AlanSubie4Life

    2021 SR+ Range/Efficiency/Battery Capacity Measurements Released by Tesla, via EPA

    EPA test docs for the US 2021 SR+ have been published. (EPA datafile and EPA new car website not yet updated though.) https://iaspub.epa.gov/otaqpub/display_file.jsp?docid=51461&flag=1 -> It has a heat pump (heat pump confirmed!) -> Battery capacity seems similar to that of the 2019, though...
  11. J

    Model Y Heat stopped working

    Suddenly our heat is not working in winter. It is exact same as described here. Anyone else?
  12. D

    SF Bay Area Service Center recommendation?

    I have a Model Y performance that is having heat pump issues after taking it to my nearest service center to have the retrofit heat pump cover (AC Compressor Acoustic Cover, Model Y Part #: 1502213-00-A, I think) installed. I must say that I'm not real happy with the service there and would...
  13. F

    Heat Pump Insulation/Cover Installed

  14. M

    Is the heat pump toasty in very cold weather?

    "I did notice that it didn't feel 70 in the car" was iTesla's comment about the cold portion of his 1000 mile run last week when asked "At what temperature did you notice the heat pump not keeping the interior of the car warm? I'm in Minnesota and It has to work in pretty cold temps here."...

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