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  1. D

    Cleaning the floor mats

    Hi all Those of you who have kept the original floor mats, how do you clean them ? Would it be ok to machine wash them ? I’ve a M3 but guessing it’s the same material across the entire range. Thanks in advance for sharing your tips !
  2. C

    Carpet floor mats

    Hi all, I just took delivery of a 2022 M3 from Cazoo - I love it already! 😍 I'm pretty sure I read that I read that it should've come with fabric floor mats but it seems the previous owner held onto them... Can anybody recommend something good quality & reasonably priced, please?
  3. P

    Available FS: Model 3 Interior Mat Set $50 (socal)

    Hello! I recently sold my car but have a set of front, rear, frunk and trunk interior mats (black with red stitching) for sale for $75 obo. These were in the car for 20k miles and have wear in the carpet on the drivers mat. Located in Orange, CA. thanks!
  4. T

    FS: Model X 6 Seater Official All-Weather Floor Mats/Liners (SoCal)

    Hey TMC, So long story short, I got a set of official Tesla Model X 6-seater floor liners, but I ended up buying a MY, lol. Obviously have no use of the liners anymore, so I'd like to sell them. I did open the box to inspect them, but these are brand new and unused. Note: they're only for...
  5. S

    2023 Tesla Model Y 5 Seat OEM Floor Mats and Magnetic Cargo Cover - Florida

    I don't plan to use my OEM floor mats or rear cargo cover. Would like to sell local to Ponte Vedra, Florida area (32081). $100 for mats and the cover.
  6. MrNik

    Best mats for Model Y ?

    Which 3rd party mats you guys recommend ? I’m looking for 1st 2nd rows and trunk. I like the Tuxmats (cheaper and premium) but unfortunately out of stock! I also like the famous 3d max but it’s a little on the expensive side but wouldn’t mind investing if it’s most recommended.
  7. Ostrichsak

    Tesla Model S Factory Carpet Floor Mats Black OEM - Northern Colorado

    These were listed for more money and I had plenty of interest but I had someone offer $50 for these which I accepted to expedite the process. I'm having a hard time getting them to follow through with meeting me so your money is as good as theirs. $50 face-to-face in Northern Colorado. $25 S&H...
  8. D

    Car Back of Seat Protector Kick Mat for 2018 Model S

    I'm finding a ton of option for Model 3, Y and the refreshed S. The ones available for an older model like my 2018 MS, are just a simple pads with a hook that goes around the neck of the seat (see https://www.amazon.com/Kick-Mats-Pack-Protectors-Waterproof/dp/B07KQJGGWK). Does anyone have a...
  9. JWardell

    FS: Model 3 floor mats, TSW Nurburgring 18 wheels, more New England

    Parts off my Model 3 for sale, for in-person meet in the New England area. I drive between Boston and VT every week so can meet along the 93/89 stretch and area. Cash or Venmo preferred. TSW Nurburgring 18" rims with Continental ExtremeContact tires, they have about 20,000 mi on them about 60%...
  10. R

    Model 3 accessories for sale - Colorado

    I am located in Colorado Springs. Prefer local transaction in the Denver/Colorado Springs area only. I have available the following accessories from my 2020 Model 3 (that I recently sold): Snapplate — $75 Removable and Breakaway Front license plate bracket for a Tesla Model 3 (does not fit...
  11. HuhGas

    FS: Model X Floor Mats All Weather Liners (Factory Tesla)

    For Sale (Tesla Brand Not Cheap Aftermarket) Model X (2015-2020) 1) First Row Driver and Passenger All Weather Trunk Mats (2015-2020 Model X) Retail: $160 2) 5 Seater All Weather Rear Liner (2015-2020 Model X) Retail: $160 3) Rear Trunk All Weather Interior Mat (2015-2020 Model X) Retail...
  12. akidesir

    FS: Toronto (Canada) - 3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y 2021-2022 Custom Fit Floor Liners, Kagu Series (1st & 2nd Row)

    Brand New never used, still in box: 3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y 2021-2022 Custom Fit Floor Liners, Kagu Series (1st & 2nd Row) Part Numbers; FL-8921BK1 and FL-8920BK2 Located in Toronto (Canada) area and can meet up. $150 CAD Meetup only, no shipping etc. DM me...
  13. Steve S

    Brand New Tesmanian 20-22 MY mats North Dallas pick up.

    BNIB Tesmanian a Tesla Model Y second row seat back protector (5 or 7 passenger) $80 BNIB Tesmanian Tesla Model Y 20-22 front and rear trunk/frunk well mats as well as rear cargo mat. $130 Or will do all for $200 cash or Venmo. I cancelled my MYP order and that is why I am selling these...
  14. ishareit

    Model S accessories for sale - make me an offer

    Car salvaged. 2017 Model S Following accessories for sale. Prefer local pick up in Bay Area. Make me an offer for the accessory you are interested in. Everything is in pretty good condition. Let me know if need more details/photos (besides the ones in the link shared) Max 3D Spyder trunk...
  15. ishareit

    Tesla Model S All Weather Mats Interior Liners - make an offer

    Pretty good condition. They need to be washed a little. The rear ones are curled a little bit from edges. Tesla OEM - 2012-2020 | Model S All-Weather Interior Liners Local pick up preferred in Bay Area
  16. travwill

    New MS Refresh All Weather Mats Released

    Seems on Tesla shop they have released new MS 2021+ all weather mats, but they are not the fancy/laser designed ones from WeatherTech. They seem fine overall, but think we'll still see weather tech ones with Tesla branding in time? Or just WT ones are fine too I guess. Actually everything in...
  17. CrisCarlin

    Model S Floor Mats For Sale

    Cream colored Model S Floor Mats For Sale. Northern Virginia Area - Make an offer!
  18. E

    Top Tips

    Hi all! I am picking up my Model 3 tomorrow, and am hoping I can get some advice on the top things to do early on after purchasing. If anyone has any "I wish I'd been told..." kind of thing, I'd love to hear it! Some things I am considering: 1. I live in Vancouver, a city where a lot of salt...
  19. Y

    FS: Lightly Used Tesmanian Model Y Second Row Seat Back Cover Mats

    Lightly Used Tesmanian Model Y Second Row Seat Back Cover Mats for sale: $50. (Retails for: $90): 2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Second Row Seats Back Cover Mats Local Bay Area buyer please as you will need to come to SF to pick up. Please DM me if you're interested. Thanks!
  20. S

    Model Y Weather Tech Floor Mats

    Hi, there! My 1st post! Just received my model y weathertech floor mats. There are no photos or videos anywhere yet so I did a quick 1 min video in case someone is curios how it looks and fits. I have kids and having tall sides is a must have for me to collect snow, sand, dirt from bikes and...
  21. O

    3d Maxpider Mats - Costco.ca

    Posted also on Model Y forum but they're now available. Ordered mine - $179.99+tax for front and back, incl shipping.
  22. B

    Model X 2019 All Weather Mats (OEM) $300

    Hello, I purchased the Model X (5 seater) in Jan of 19 and then purchased entire set of black mats including front and passenger floor, rear seat floor, cargo and frunk. All Weather mats from Tesla and installed them for about a month. Decided I really wanted the Model S so traded it away, but...
  23. Ostrichsak

    Like New OEM Tesla Model S Black Carpet Floor Mats in Northern Colorado

    Carpeted floor mats for the front and rear floor areas of the Tesla Model S. Should fit all Tesla Model S years as I'm not aware of any changes that would affect floor mat fitment. These were removed after taking delivery of our car and are in like-new condition. We removed them in favor of all...
  24. ishareit

    OEM Model 3 carpet mats (like new) - fronts and back

    I bought all season mats and don't need my carpet mats anymore. They are in like new condition. $50 local pickup in Bay Area.
  25. Brother T

    My A-Z Guide to Model 3

    I am a happy owner of Model 3 Stealth Performance. I found out about the "silent but deadly" nature of EV cars through the movie Stuber. After a little research, I came across Tesla Model 3 and instantly loved it. So, I ordered it on Oct 31, 2019. However, going from order day to the day after...
  26. B

    Tesla Model S (Tesla Brand) Floor Mats $250 + shipping

    $250 + shipping. I'll try to get it shipped/delivered before Christmas if I have enough heads up.
  27. N

    Tesla accessories for sale (winter tires, roof rack, wall charger, etc)

    We sold our Model S and have these items for sale. Located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada and prices are Canadian $. Items pictured below. Four Winter tires with 20000 km on alloy rims and with Tesla TPMS 4x Hakkapeliitta R2, Tesla TPMS, Alloy Rims Price New >$2300...
  28. Ostrichsak

    Like New Tesla Model S Carpet Floor Mats in Northern Colorado

    Carpeted floor mats for the front and rear floor areas of the Tesla Model S. Should fit all Tesla Model S years as I'm not aware of any changes that would affect floor mat fitment. These were removed after taking delivery of our car and are in like-new condition. We removed them in favor of...
  29. D

    Model S All-Weather Rear Trunk Set - 90$

    I sold my Model S and selling Tesla rear trunk mats in great condition - 85$ 1 x rear trunk cargo liner mat 1 x 3rd row footwell cargo liner ma TopFit Sunroof Sunshade comes with the bag - 30$
  30. tinman

    FS: Weathertech Nosecone Model S Frunk and Trunk liners

    I traded in my 2013 P85, and still have the frunk and trunk mats left over. They won't work in my new MS, so I wanted them to go to someone who could use them. There are slight version differences according to the WeatherTech site, so make sure that you go onto their page and verify that the...
  31. Triumphz28

    New Toughpro Tesla Model X Premium All Weather Custom Laser Cut Fronts - $50 (torrance, Ca)

    New ToughPRO Tesla Model X Premium All Weather Custom Laser Cut Fronts - $50 (Torrance, CA) New ToughPRO Tesla Model X Premium All Weather Custom Laser Cut Fronts ToughPRO Tesla Model X (All Years) Premium All Weather Custom Laser Cut - Front Row Floor Mats ToughPRO provides the highest...
  32. B

    Roadcomforts Mats

    I was fortunate enough to receive these laser cut floor mats for the Tesla Model 3 from Roadcomforts. I’m not advertised or paid by them in any way whatsoever. Thought I share with the Tesla community who good these mats are for $90. These floor mats are the real deal. For the price point, it...
  33. ishareit

    WTB - Tesla Model 3 OEM carpet mats

    Please let me know if want to sell your carpet OEM floor mats.
  34. GaryC

    3D MAXpider Kagu floor mats (front seats + 2nd row + 3rd row) for Model X 6-seater $199 at Amazon

    Covers everything but the frunk and trunk. Normally around $300, but right now is $200. Not sure if this is a permanent price drop. I paid this much just for my Model 3 interior mats (also Maxpider Kagu's), and I'm very happy with them. Picture for reference: Please note that because of...
  35. V

    DIY cargo mats?

    Thinking to DIY the trunk and frunk mats. Any suggestions on the rubber sheet material to buy? Objective is to buy rubber sheet, cut it to trunk, frunk and bottom small trunk shapes, and the total cost should be cheaper than the market ones. Thanks!
  36. F

    TuxMats Full Interior Set

    Anyone in DC area thinking of ordering TuxMats for their interior? I accidentally ordered an extra set because I really wanted them and forgot I had already ordered them. I paid $200 USD, asking $150 USD obo, local pick up only. Drivers, passengers and rear seat TuxMat floor mats are what's...
  37. M

    TuxMat Trunk Set, Nice !

    I ordered these about 2 weeks ago. $250-ish USA. 3 mats. Main Trunk, Lower Trunk and Frunk. No picture of lower Trunk. I left the carpets in. I wanted maximum "noise insulation". I think they help with tire noise just a tad. Every bit helps. Combined with sunscreen, it's feeling pretty good...
  38. Windy City S

    Model S All Weather Mats

    Used for less than 10k miles. In great shape, could use a little Armor All and some elbow grease. They kept my car’s carpet in perfect confusion. Asking $150+ shipping or pickup in Chicagoland area.
  39. Reaction26

    Review of EV Tuning Stage 1 Package (Pics)

    Hey guys - here is my review on Intro-Tech full set of All-Weather floor mats for my White Model 3. They look really great and best part they fit perfectly in the car. I even love the design on the mats its Hexo shape which looking really nice. I added a few pics below. Regarding the...
  40. Odebek

    Accessories for sale (Mats, snow screen)

    I bought Telsa branded all weather floor mats and lloyd luxe mats (LUXE Floor Mats) for my model S and never used them. Also purchased an Intro-Tech snowshield (https://www.amazon.com/Intro-Tech-TE-01-S-Windshield-Snow-Shade/dp/B012BRXJMK) All brand new never used Tesla mats: $150 + Shipping...
  41. R

    All season mats for Model S

    Set of all season mats Includes front (driver and passenger), rear, rear trunk, 3rd row footwell. $200 plus you pay shipping from Wisconsin. new ~$500 Only sold as a set! These have been in almost continuous use in both a 2014 (December) S 85 and a 2016 S 90D.
  42. Q

    buying a test drive vehicle with no tow package

    1) Is there any downside to buying a test drive vehicle with 2,000 miles? 2) test drive vehicle built 9/17 after the Tow package standard (7/17), but doesnt have it. How hard is it to convince OA that it should be included. 3) between ultra white and cream seats, which one is better with kids...
  43. Ski_

    Office MX 5 Seater All-weather mats are now available

    Finally! The 5-Seater 2nd row all-weather mat is available from the Tesla store. Historically, they only had the front row and both trunks. Link: Model X All Weather Floor Mat And... if a mod (@Doug_G) would change the title of the post to: “Official MX 5-Seater All-weather mats available on...
  44. W

    Model X FRONT WeatherTech Mats Now Available!

    FINALLY!!! Just ordered from Tesla.com in order to complete my 6-seater's protection. I love the back seat and frunk mats so these should be no different. Tesla — Model X All-Weather 1st Row Floor Mats
  45. T

    Model X Rubber Mats Issue for 6 Seater cargo area

    Hey Guys So I got a full set of mats for my model x and I don't know which matts to use for the cargo section. I have the option to use the full size mat but not be able to use the third row. Or I can use the smaller mat and be able to use the third row. I would like to have something to...
  46. T

    Why Isnt the Model X front rubber mats not available

    Hey Guys So I looking to get full sets of Tesla mats for the MX but every time I check the tesla store website the front mats are not listed there. I know they are made by Weather Tech so I check their website and they don't have it either. Do you guys know why they are not listed? I really...
  47. sniperside

    FS: Carpet Floor Mats - 2016 Model S - Black, 3-Piece Set, $85 [Almost New]

    Tesla OEM Factory Carpet Floor Mat [Black] - 3 piece set Pull from my new MS and replaced with all weather mats. Car had about ~220 miles when the mats were removed. See pictures Price is $85 + shipping Pickup is free in NC
  48. C

    12/19/16 MS Delivery: Factory OEM front+rear mats, $60

    Just bought the all weather mats for $245 so don't need these anymore. SC will buy them back for $75 for a loaner so selling to TMC members here for $60. Local pickup in San Diego preferred, will possibly consider mailing (must pay for shipping).
  49. adamcb

    Model S front mats (Tesla OEM Weather Tech) fit in Model X?

    Hey everyone, I'm trading in my Model S P85+ on a P90D Model X - taking delivery this week. I have the full set of Weather Tech mats for my S - frunk, trunk, front and rear passenger. I know most of those are NOT going to fit the Model X, but curious if anyone has tried putting the...
  50. SluyterCapital

    Winter prep. for Model S P85

    Ordered my Snow tires from Tire Rack: 245/45R-19 MICHELIN X-ICE XI3 XL ON LUGANO RIMS Now I need floor mats. I would like to learn from other Tesla owners experiences as well as the general concensus on which ones I should buy. Please help.