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software updates

  1. TheeUnderdog

    Cannot save slacker favorites after 2023 UX update

    Looks like the interface to save slacker favorites is missing or hiding after the latest update. I can see my favs but no button to add new ones.
  2. M

    Pedestrian warning system not working

    Hi guys, new to the forum and in need help with pedestrian warning system. Recently updated to the newest software for my Y 2022.8.2. I just noticed lately that my reverse back up sound is not there. I did check the manual and it says that if the PWS is disabled there should be an icon that...
  3. E

    Firmware & Software Update Frequency

    How frequently does Tesla do firmware (operating system) and software (apps etc) updates? I assume firmware is much more infrequent than software? Additionally, does anyone know if the 2012 Model S is still being updated at all? Atleast maintenance security patches etc?
  4. N

    Software updates

    We have had our model Y with FSD since March 7th 2021. While all my friends are enjoying new software features, I appear to be the only person in the country who still has firmware 2021.36.5.1. I have called, but of course I am told these updates are in batches and out of their control. I...
  5. N

    Screen Changes with New Update

    Hi all, Is there a way to revert the screen settings to before the new update. The map is WAY TOO SMALL now and there is no reason that the screen with the car needs to be as big as it is. Really upset about this update, help! Thanks
  6. adayley

    Help understanding software version numbering

    I note people here and YouTube talking about the features of the new 2020.40.x update. I got an update for my Model 3 last night that is numbered 2020.36.x. I assume the .40 is the more rapid “advanced” update path, which I currently do not have enabled. Long story short, I want to understand...
  7. Stream

    Software wil niet updaten, tenzij geforceerd bij SC

    Wat zou er aan de hand kunnen zijn? Ik heb alleen soms wifi (parkeerplaatsen veel te ver van kantoor en huis), maar zowel navigatiedata als de software wil niet updaten op die momenten dat ik goed signaal heb voor minimaal enkele uren in een rij. Ik verwacht op z'n minst een voortgangsbalk in...
  8. Dmagyar

    Viewing TeslaCam videos on screen

    Wondering out loud if this is something that is being worked on for future software updates? It would be nice, after having two indications that while using "Sentry" with my M3 parked in a lot, having to wait till I got home to view mpeg-4 movies on my home computer... Is there an IOS app for...
  9. Q


    display brightness Dog mode Where is the advanced summons? 2018 with Fsd
  10. 100 H2O

    Software Update info?

    So there’s this feature called the inbox in the Tesla app, supposedly to deliver information about updates, amongst other things. One would expect to see a list of features arrive in the inbox with every software update. Meanwhile is there a website or webpage anywhere that lists software update...
  11. Tstachler

    Loss of Streaming & Internet after Software Updates

    For the past year after every update, my LTE connection goes down for several days. Does anyone else experience this issue and is there a work around to reset it (other than the hard reboot the dealer mentions which doesn't work). I have tried pushing both buttons on the steering wheel for the...
  12. C

    What’s happened with the update frequency?

    i haven’t had time to run the analysis, but in my 18mths of ownership I don’t remember such a delay between software updates. 2018.48 was the last substantive release and we are coming up on a couple of months now. Should we expect a big one? Why do you think pace has slowed? V9 still has a...
  13. A

    Still waiting for CHAdeMO Charging Model 3

    While I do appreciate humor and the fact that we get new software version with FARTS, what I would really love is an update that helps me on the long run. Why did we not get yet a software update for CHAdeMO charging? I reside in Montreal, Québec, Canada and we have been precursor of this...
  14. Hubster

    Model X v9 update...

    I’m still waiting for my X (2018 75D) to be sent the v9 update - am I alone?
  15. puritan

    2018 MX: Software update keeps failing, among other niggles

    Hi, My MX 100D(VIN: 91xxx), delivered March 2018 has been experiencing Software update issues since late April. The car updated to 2018.12 without issues but since then the updates to 2018.14 and 2018.20 have been failing. The weird thing is, the update itself takes about an hour and then...
  16. Peteybabes

    2017.36 1b27c6d

    finally some changes we can see! Tesla’s latest software update brings more Supercharger information i received the update from teslafi this morning, and then this article came out. :)
  17. J


    Iv'e gotten two updates since i've had the car for about a month but they don't tell you what the update is all about. Why is this.running 2017.32.6 ca28227. yesterday was latest update and it seems like there is more phantom draining than usual. Has anyone else experienced this? thanks
  18. Padelford

    Three software updates with same release notes - ???

    We took delivery of our 2017 Model X 100 D about two weeks ago, and in that time there have been three notifications of software updates. I've tied the vehicle to our home wifi network for the updates. Each update appears to have been successful. I'm puzzled that after each software update, I...
  19. B

    After 8.0 Upgrade - 'Autopilot Features Currently Unavailable -- Manual Driving Required While...

    I got my software upgrade today and installed it. When trying to activate the cruise control or auto pilot, I get this warning: "Autopilot Features Currently Unavailable -- Manual Driving Required While Camera is Calibrating" I drove for about 15 miles on streets and on the freeway, but I...
  20. Vizir

    PSA: Software update and Charging

    Do not plug or unplug any charger into the car while it is doing a SW Update. Weekend before last, I was about to return from KC and decided to top off the X for the final stretch home at one of the KCPL's chademo chargers. There was a Leaf charging, so while I was waiting, I decided to do the...
  21. BizJet

    Is there a Comprehensive Log (i.e. ChangeLog) of Feature Updates?

    Does anyone know whether someone' (in the forum or elsewhere) has been keeping a complete cumulative log of software update release notes as new releases become available? Is there a way to "look back" at past release notes, or is only the most recent release visible? Also, is the onboard...