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  1. D

    Turo, trim/style, and trackers

    I have tried listing my S75d on Turo (the car sits in front of the house most days -- might as well try to earn some money from it). After putting loads of time into creation of the listing, the car was de-listed and I received an email saying that I needed to purchase a tracker from them...
  2. P

    Like New OEM Tesla Model 3 Wood Trims from USA Build Dashboard and Door Trim Set

    Gone delete
  3. D

    Water leak at chrome trim above rear door

    I’ve a water leak on my MS 2016 that I’ve not seen on the forum. I get a large water ingress during rain in the area of the chrome trim above the rear right door. It’s not the window/seals because if I tape off the top of the chrome trim and dump water on the car I don’t get any water leaking...
  4. K

    Recommendation for Interior Trim replacement/custom shop in Los Angeles

    Hey all, I'm looking to replace the wood trim in my Model Y Performance with carbon fiber, and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for custom shops in the LA area that do this? Thanks!
  5. Y

    MY Chrome of zwarte deurlijsten?

    Naar mijn idee is Tesla sinds de facelift van de M3 gestopt om chromen deurlijsten en handgrepen te leveren en volledig overgestapt naar zwarte lijsten. MY's die in Nederland al rondrijden zijn voorzien van zwarte lijsten. Echter, het valt me op dat op foto's van de havens waar auto's worden...
  6. V

    Third party damage

    So i took my Model 3 into a local shop to get the state safety inspection done because the tesla dealership near me does not do them. The top portion of the dash when i got it back had a slit in it. I have never had an issue where a garage damaged my car before. I brought it back and they said...
  7. M

    What are these in the trunk?

    Working on sound dampening the trunk. These two trim pieces are giving me grief. Anyone know what they are and what they do? Can they be covered or do they need to breathe? My guess is pressure relief. Thanks!
  8. M

    Trunk disassembly / modifications / sound dampening

    Has anyone taken apart their trunk in order to add a subwoofer and/or sound dampening material? My UHFS subwoofer sounds very boomy and I’m considering adding some sound dampening material. There appears to be some sound proofing already underneath the carpet. Additionally there is some type of...
  9. S

    Interior update

    Does anyone know when the Y might get the updated interior in North America? I'm talking about the updated door trim.
  10. C

    Selling Model 3 Interior Door Panel (Black)

    Selling my rear passenger door panel. Asking for $230 - half the price Tesla charges for a new one. Why am I selling it and why half the price? If you look closely at the 5th picture, you'll see the small cosmetic dents on the plastic strip that my puppy has caused with his claw. My...
  11. F

    Model Y window trim

    Anyone know if this is the door showing bare aluminum or is it the window trim that’s chipped? Would you make Tesla replace it? MY is two weeks old noticed after delivery appointment schedule. See images
  12. jusflyguy

    2021 M3 Exterior Trim two different colors of black?

    Why is the exterior trim surrounding the rear triangular windows a different color black than the rest of the window trim? In direct sunlight, the trim surrounding the rear triangular window has a purplish hue. Anyone else notice this yet? It drives me nuts!
  13. D

    For Sale Tesla Model S X Interior Dash Trim Dark Ash 2012 - 2020

    Selling my Interior Dash Trim Dark Ash, 5 pieces for my Tesla Model S. These will fit a Tesla Model S or X. All offers welcome. Located in Phoenix, AZ (85085). Willing to meet as well. Price: $550 OBO
  14. N

    PUR seats option

    I’m about to order a new 3 Long Range, but I have an OPTION of “PUR seats”. What will I get if I do/don’t check that box, and which one is better in terms of feel and cleaning?
  15. bwherry

    FS: AP2+ B-pillar trim pieces (with cameras) for Model S

    Hey all, I bought this set of AP2+ B-pillar trim pieces for a Model S project from a fellow TMC member a while back but ended up not needing them. They appear to be in great condition - no scratches/scrapes/anything. I have NOT tested the cameras, however, so I cannot guarantee that they're in...
  16. T

    Gaps on rubber trim

    Is it normal to have gaps on the normal rubber trim of the rear passenger side door / small glass panels. I do not see many posts about this. I worry about the sensors getting water damage / water getting into the interior.
  17. M

    Front Window Moulding

    Has anyone had an issue with front window moulding/trim/seal tearing? Is this normal? The car is only 3 months old and wasn’t sure if this is normal or not.
  18. H

    trim issues / software update on newly-delivered vehicle - help, please!

    Hi, new Tesla owner here. I picked up my car last Friday, and despite my best effort to check out the car before bringing it home, I saw several fit and finish issues when I got home and spent several hours learning more about my vehicle. Specifically, I saw a sensor by the rear wheel well that...
  19. Shiro

    WTB Matte Obeche MS/X trim

    Need the cupholder piece that goes on top of the center console/under armrest as well as the sliding console door.
  20. R

    Driver door chrome trim hits FWD chrome trim

    When I close my (driver) door, it makes a big "metal against metal" sound. I found out it's because the chrome trim runs into the FWD's trim. See attached picture. It didn't use to do that... Is there something that got out of alignment? Perhaps the position of the car when you close the FWD...
  21. willow_hiller

    Mystery cable hanging underneath glove box?

    Today I took the piece of trim under my glove box off to check the HW version (definitely HW2.5 for a late March SR+, if anyone's curious). There was also some sort of connector just hanging loose in there; it looked like some sort of multi-pin clip with only 1 or 2 wires going to it. I tried...
  22. fasteddie7

    Door trim coming off

    I noticed this morning the silver trim that wraps around the car is starting to come off. It looks like there is just adhesive holding it on. Is this something I can grab at the auto parts store and stick back on myself?
  23. AutobahnEV

    Tesla Model S Model X Obeche Matte Trim

    Tesla Model S/X (2012-2016) OEM Dash Trim Set Console Trim Obeche Open-Pore | eBay Tesla Model S/X OEM Dash Trim in Obehe Open-Pore Pristine, no damage All mounting points and clips are good PM any questions you may have $600 OBO Will ship worldwide at buyers expense
  24. P

    Complete Dark Ash Trim Set for Model X

    Looking to sell a complete dark ash trim set for the model x. Include the trim pieces on door, front, console lid, and armrest. PM me with an offer. Can post pictures if interested but are currently mounted in car
  25. AutobahnEV

    Tesla Model S Dark Ash Trim Complete Set

    Donor car was 2017 90D w/ 16k miles No damage, all pieces are immaculate $700 Here is my listing: Tesla Model S (2012-2017) OEM Dash Trim Set Console Trim Dark Ash *Pristine* | eBay
  26. L

    Model S Piano Black Trim

    4 pieces of the trim available for sale from a 2015 July Model S Piano Black. 3 dashboard parts + arm rest trim. $400 OBO including shipping to continental US (will not ship outside US). These are the instructions if you want to change the trim Premium Tesla Model S Rear Seat Cup Holders...
  27. L

    2015 July Model S

    I was interested in substituting the Piano Black Trim in the vehicle with wood trim from a dismantler . Question. What models of trim fit a 2015 July car? What do I need to ask a dismantler? Thanks
  28. Haxster

    WTB: Model S Dash & Cup Holder Decor Trim Pieces

    I'll be wrapping the panels, so any decor style is okay.
  29. Mike M

    MX Imperfections: Some Perspective

    I just wanted to take a moment to share a couple quick thoughts, especially in regards to the ease we have of complaining about our Tesla's. From some of the stories I've read here at TMC, I felt rather lucky when I picked up my MX 90D last month and ONLY had a piece of misaligned trim, two...
  30. cstromme

    Putting carbon fiber wrap on the interior wooden pieces, how do we disassemble the interior?

    We took over an existing order for our Model X since the order was nearly identical to ours, with the only change being that the interior had the figured ash wood decor. Nothing against anyone that might prefer this, but this really isn't our style, so we decided to get it wrapped in something...
  31. S

    Number of Clips for Front Door Panels?

    Hey, I think that my panel clips need to be replaced. Anyone know how many there are on each side of the front doors? I'm just going to order new clips myself and do it as process looks easy with proper tools. I'd rather order parts before pulling the door off. Thanks!
  32. U

    Swapping Dash Trim (Video)

    FYI - I had a chance to buy an OEM carbon fiber dash trim kit to swap out with the piano black trim in my 2015 S. I followed the directions here: How to add a Carbon Fiber Interior Trim to the Model S - TESLARATI.com The directions were very useful but I found a few spots where I had...