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“Systems Are Powering Up. Press Brake When This Message Clears

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Have now has this message twice in the last week upon entering my Model S (Mar 2017 - 15K miles)

The car doors open fine. Message appears after sitting in the seat. Touchscreen is black. Energy saving is off. First time. Car had sat for only 5 hrs. 2nd time. Car hadn’t been driven overnight. +12 hrs

Here’s the thing. The message never clears! Waited over 15 min both times. Car is undriveable in this “state”. Won’t let you shift to D.

Required a dual thumb wheel reboot both times (good thing I knew to do that...had it been somebody less knowledgeable they would have been stuck)


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Not new, I've seen it there since my first MS in 2013. The message usually clears by itself, if not then a manual reboot does the trick. It can be caused by the main screen having issues booting, which sometimes can be caused by a corrupt or otherwise incompatible USB device plugged in (the USB may be delaying shutdown or boot, not sure, but basically it can make restarts really, really long). What do you have plugged into the USB? Did you add a USB device, got a new phone or anything else plugged into USB?

PS> My old blackberry used to delay main screen boot as much as 2-3 minutes sometimes. For that reason I now only have a single USB flash drive with music plugged in, but got myself a 12V to USB charging adapter for any phones or other devices that only charge from USB.
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Yep, got this last week too

Has not happened since2018.6.1 641efac update
I've seen this message for quite a while, 3-4 times per week, but it always clears on its own within a few seconds (less than 10). It is strange though that I can't seem to find a pattern when it shows up - sometimes I have been away from the car for hours, sometimes a few minutes.

Of course now I have completely jinxed myself and I will be completely stuck next time! ;)
I have been having the same issue with my 3 month old model s. They replaced my Drivers Assistance Module. Still the problem persists. I have 1800 miles on my car and have had to reboot 5 or 6 times. Pretty disappointing for a $100k car.
Try this for the system to do a full shut down and reboot...Tesla technician over phone asked me to do this once - this is a more compehensive shutdown than the mcu reboots done with scroll wheels...

Go to settings and look for the button ‘turn car off’. Press the button and do not do anything else for 4-5 minutes. You can then press the brake to wake up the car. It is a restart of the entire car as opposed to a MCU reboot... usually clears up many other error situations - such as - hey my software upgrade is failing or no I haven’t got an update in months etc. hope this helps,
Interesting. Same thing happened to me tonight. I figured it was because I parked in an airport for 48 hours and set Power Saving to on and unchecked the continuous communication box.

First, the proximity unlock did not work (but the key-fob click did). Then, I loaded my luggage into the trunk, closed it and sat down to the same screen message mentioned above. The car became drivable after a minute or two but the main screen stayed black until I did a "scroll wheel reboot." What is weird and maybe scary is that the brake pedal felt different after the reboot.....almost felt like power brakes without power until the screen came back then the sensation became normal. And, even though the "easy entry" said it was my profile, the seat and wheel never adjusted.

Maybe I'll try the suggestion of @phaduman but now the car seems fine.
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We lost power for 5 days during this last nor’easter, so I turned off everything and shut the car down since we couldn’t get out of our driveway anyway (massive tree blocking it and the road, poles down, etc.)

And when I powered it back up for the first time, we got this message. It also told us to reboot the MCU, which we did, and it’s been fine since.

We normally have it “energy saving: off” and “always connected” - this was the first time we had to go into turtle mode since we weren’t sure how long we’d need to go. (FWIW, we lost about 8 miles of range over the ~5 days, sitting in a ~freezing garage.)
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Just happened again. Today, car parked at work for about 8 hours. In shaded parking structure and not hot out. After a few minutes became drivable but needed “two button” reboot to get ac, radio and middle screen working