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2022 Model S loss of driving controls

I've seen a few similar posts to my issue but nothing exact so I thought I would post it. My 2022 long range S sometimes loses autocontrols. I get the following errors:

  • Steering Assist Reduced (followed by power steering being disabled mid-drive)
  • Park Assist Unavailable
  • Lane Departure Avoidance features unavailable
  • Regenerative braking temporarily reduced
  • Automatic Emergency Braking reduced
  • Stability control disabled
  • Traction control disabled

I notice this mostly after switching into reverse. (Although not always. sometimes it happens in Drive) I fixed it last time by finishing my reversing, getting out, letting the car lock, then re-entering the car so that it gets a fresh start and going into drive. Then magically everything came back. If I do not do this maneuver the car will stay in manual mode. I have tried a hard reset, had a software update, checked the cameras, etc. No obvious reason it is happening. Thankfully it has never happened mid-drive. It only occurs at the start of a drive and then lasts the entire drive. If I start a drive and am on the freeway or main roads then it is all fine. Only seems to happen on initial start or ending a drive. eg. Backing into a parking stall or pulling out of a parking stall.

Anyone else having this issue?
I've seen that happen at low speeds if you step on both the accelerator and the brakes at the same time. (I used to do that to dry the rotors a bit before parking or clean off corrosion). You also do get a warning about both pedals being pressed.
Software bugs. I feel that the engineers are pushed really hard and quality control of the software is being compromised. Many of these systems we rely on and there for safety and we’ve gotten used to it. They can’t risk sending out buggy software. Imagine if Boeing released bugs and other quality control issues.
Just found your post. I have the same/similar issue and post it here.