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6 days from order to VIN - is that unusual?

So I got my invitation to configure last Thursday night, confirmed Friday morning and see a VIN in my account profile today (6 days after confirming my order). That seems fast. Is that fast?

The VIN is in the 73XX range - earlier than most of the ones I've seen lately - so I'm wondering if maybe someone ahead of me with an assigned VIN with the same color choice cancelled and I got bumped up a bit? No call from a Delivery Specialist yet, but getting a VIN sure feels like progress.

If it matters, I ordered it in blue with 18" aero wheels, auto pilot, full self-driving. I'm not a current owner and reserved in store on 3/31/16.
It's unusual but not unheard of. Here's the recent numbers from the tracking spreadsheet linked in the forum.
Thanks. That's helpful. I did supply my information in the spreadsheet too so I guess I'm one of those 5. :)

I can't be sure the VIN didn't get in there sooner but I only noticed it today. I didn't get any kind of notification about it - it just popped up in my account.
I configured on March 18, received my VIN (12XXX) on March 22, and will be taking delivery tomorrow on March 31. I configured it with pearl white exterior and sport wheels. :)
Yeah, so I should really check my voice mail more often. There was a message from a Tesla gal (725 area code - Las Vegas) earlier in the week but I just noticed it today. I just called her back. Apparently my car is arriving in NYC today and I'm picking it up tomorrow in Brooklyn! :) That escalated quickly.

I guess they're trying to pump out as many cars as they can in Q1. Not sure what that will mean as far as quality goes but I will certainly give it a thorough look before driving it off the lot.
I got a VIN the second I hit the order button ("insta-VIN", #9371, black/sport). That was last Thursday (3/22/2018). My appointment to get the car is tomorrow (3/31/2018), so invite-to-delivery was 9 days total.

Tomorrow is also significant because it will be two years to the day since I reserved it. Nice.
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Spoke too soon. Need a little more time to juggle the money around (markets are closed today) so I'm going to delay pick-up until next Saturday (April 6th). I've waited 4 years. I guess I can wait a few more days.
Got a call on Friday that they found a "small paint chip" when detailing the car, so they cancelled my pick-up appointment on Saturday. The guy at the store told me, "Elon said they have to be perfect."

So it's off to a body shop somewhere in Brooklyn and I'm back to waiting...