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Adding a hitch for a bike rack to a Model S

I have a 2014 model S and my wife would like to get an e-bike that weighs 41# without
the battery. This is too heavy for a standard on the trunk bike rack.
Has anyone had experience adding a hitch to the car and then I could attach a
much more heavy duty bike rack?

Richard in Napa
Yup, installed this a couple of months ago. Just be sure you get a good rack. Was in a rush and picked up the one from uhaul... Almost lost the bike!
I am looking for someone with experience in adding a hitch to a Model S to carry a bike rack.
When I called Tesla they were discouraging this since they said it might interfere with the Auto Pilot sensors.
However, I would only add the rack for those few times I woud be carrying a bike and don't
really use the autopilot feature.
$99 seems like a lot for a rubber cover held up by a magnet, but that hole bothers me even though it is not visible from above, and I had worried about snow and salt getting in there. I love my tesla and will go to most lengths to protect it. Ordered! thanks
The Stealth rack is perfect for the Tesla, but I only put it in when I need it for the bike rack as the car sits so low it likes to hit the ground when going up steep areas. besides you dont need a tow hitch sticking out of a tesla, kinda defeats the purpose of its sleek lines. It is easy enough to attach and detach, I get the perfect wrench stored with the hitch.
Here in the US it does, and it pulls well so you'd keep your license and enjoy the utility. It should have the same tow capacity as the X, so the maximum tow rating comes down to the tested manufacturer specifications of the hitch you choose.
From memory the eco-hitch replaces the extra crash bar that is installed on 3rd row equipped cars. You can download the installation instructions from e-trailer I think.

Thanks, that's what I recall when researching this stuff a few years back. Ideally, we would be able to keep both :/

Sent an email to a Rack N Road ... they have three in stock but all three are spoken for, and they do about 2 a week so I may just swing by and pick their brain.
Local hitch installer refuses to install on my 2020 MS - claims that Ecohitch hasn't cleared yet for the 2020 model (site only goes up to 2019).... any idea why this might be (to the best of my knowledge there are no structural/frame changes on the 2020 Ravens)?