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Aggressive mold in the front inside of the panorama sunroof

A norwegian owner found this on the innside of the sunroof of the car ( see pic)

I wonder if this is going to be an common problem on Teslas in wet weather conditions.

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Looks like two reports with the last one two months ago ... anything more recent? Otherwise, looks like it is resolved, yes?

Please take this serious.. Remeber our last posts from Norway about faulty UMCs and charging problems got Elon to visit Norway 1st feb :)

Norway is the the TMS testing facility for how the car handles in cold and wet conditions.. We just got 5 yrs warranty service on the car and the posibility to have 8 yrs service package.
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Wow Bonnie, starting to look like you can't ask a question anymore without being taken to task for being a Tesla defender. :smile:

That's a fact. Not sure how else I could have asked it. I'm going to assume that the language idioms might have come into play here and a straightforward question was assumed to be something it was not.

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Dear dsm363 i dont have any stocks in tesla, I have a car soon delivered, and i just want to discuss the problems that the car faces in norwegian weather conditions, the tesla company have gone out preatty strong announcing that this car is perfect for winter conditions. And the problems we face are a lot different from your SoCal weaher..

While Tesla has obviously sold a lot of Model S in warm climes, Norway is not the first 'cold weather' climate for the Model S to be sold. You really should be talking to the Canadian, Minnesotan & Chicago-area Tesla owners. They've tested the cars in some similar conditions (there's a reason that Minnesota is so heavily populated by Scandinavians). Brutal winters, humid summers, and when it rains, it pours. Check out their regional forums. You'll get more focused answers about any cold weather issues and performance than here on the general part of the forum.

Canada: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/forumdisplay.php/95-Canada

Great Lakes area: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/forumdisplay.php/100-Midwest-Great-Lakes

Good luck!
Newbie, I think your initial post set the tone by posting ONE issue with mold and then speculating "I wonder if this is going to be an common problem on Teslas in wet weather conditions".

So let's stay focused on this one topic. Please check out the regional forums I listed above. Those do talk about some other cold weather issues and how Tesla is resolving, also best tires for handling in snow, etc. That might be useful for a new owner in Norway.

Thanks , regarding the tires, the hard snow stiks to the interior wall to the textile that rips the interior of the wheel dome causing problems..



You can se more here:
Lite plass mellom hjulbuer og dekk - uheldig på vinter/dårlig sledeføre?
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I'll get it back on topic:
Thank you, OP for pointing out an isolated incident where a leaking car apparently resulted in mold growing. Please change the title of your post to no longer include the word "aggressive" since that implies that somehow the mold's innate ability to grow faster or in austere environment was a factor, when most probably it is due to excess moisture. Tesla certified service centers will handle the problem for this unfortunate client. We in the internet are unable to effect any change.

Please know that Norway is not the only cold and wet environment on earth, and though Tesla has stated they very much welcome customer input, it is unlikely that the picture you have found represents a problem that is specific to Norway. Rather, it is specific to that car, since scores of Canadian and Great Lakes area Model S owners have not experienced it (not to mention scores of other Norwegians)

Just because someone points out a flaw with your presentation, doesn't mean you are being dismissed as a liar. Legitimate problems and opportunities for improvement on Tesla products are posted here and on the other tesla owner/ enthusiast forums. Many get numerous echoes of support and concern. For whatever reason, it seems you are dedicated to making this one into a big deal, while those that read it with a critical eye are nonplussed.

I have no idea how Wormhole got involved in this or why he seems to be so upset with Bonnie for playing the dual role of Tesla enthusiast/ forum member and volunteer moderator.