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An excellent aid for showing your Tesla... batteries!


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Jun 21, 2012
In addition to a stack of brochures or the hand-out cards we've seen here, I recently acquired one more aid to assist in showing the car. I get more questions and requests about the battery than any other topic.

On Bonnie's suggestion in another thread, I logged into good old eBay and picked up a couple of Panasonic 18650A cells that I keep in the glove box. Then, when I'm asked about the battery, I can show them the off-the-shelf components that go into the battery pack.


I've found these two cells to be more practical than any other aid in describing what goes into the car... 7,104 of these cells (85 kWh).
For conversational purposes, I like the all metal casing ones without the dire warning label.

Yes, the Tesla ones are done without the wrappers... But as a safety-first kind of guy, I don't like removing the wrapping from them when they're separate like this. I usually talk about the fusible links connected to each cell that protect them, and the copper ribbon that interconnects them with coolant flowing through it.
How about that color!?! Green in hue, green in use. The ones I saw on a battery distrib website (looking to re battery my son's Zaptruck) were a lovely grey, like a Model S. Wonder if I can get my Model X in psycho-super-green? ML