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Auto Insurance for Model 3 in Canada

I was quoted 2600 for my 3 with Allstate and Aviva. Though this is with one minor ticket so without it it's 2300. Also, I was quoted 1500 for a 2012 model S last month so not sure why they're quoting a lot higher for the 3. It's even higher than what I'm paying for my civic. Sigh
I have contacted my current insurance company last month and got a quote for $1800/year based on Model S 75D. I still need to check if Model 3 is listed are not.
I also checked with Aviva Canada, and came to know that they don't have M3 listed in their system yet (this is also last month)
I Checked with RBC insurance on Friday and they gave me a quote of $2400/year, downtown Toronto.
I clicked on the following link on my Model 3 Order page:

Get a quote for an insurance policy designed for your Tesla.

Part of it reads:

Coverage for your keys if they’re lost, damaged, or destroyed

Tesla tells people your phone is the key, and the credit card key is a backup. So this must mean your phone is covered if it is lost, damaged or destroyed especially since any ambiguity in an insurance policy is resolved against the insurer and in favour of the insured. However, I doubt the insurer, Aviva, will view it that way. I doubt they even know about the phone being your key, even though they claim:

InsureMyTesla powered by Aviva* is a tailor made insurance plan

Funny then that you provide specific coverage for keys for the Model 3.
I got a quote from johnson.. a strange quote..here is the backstory
i am getting my wife's 8 year old nissan altima, my wife will drive the tesla (alas, She is the one that drives more to work) I only drive 10 km to work. My 14 year old matrix hsa 140k km on it but it is dying at the right time. my matrix insurance costs my $845. my wife is paying $1050 with a different company for the nissan. my wife puts in 20 km one way to work.
i tell them replacement cost is $6,000 for the nissan and $70,000 for the tesla.
so here is the weird part. the quote is $1050 for each car!!!!!
so 8 year old, $6000 nissan driven 20 km a day costs same as brand new Telsa model 3 driven at least twice that amount ..strange
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i'm really struggle with insurance... I've now got 2 quotes and theyre $2339 and $3052 per year. At this rate, I may have to second guess getting this car. So frustrating
I got a quote from PC insurance and AVIVA
No records and never claimed.

PC insurance with Intact: $2326/year. Includes everything

Aviva: $2346/ year . If I bundle it with home insurance you save 15% and additional 5% on top of you pay upfront so drops down to $2030. Same coverage as PC. But the interesting thing with this is $0 deductible if you’ve been claim free for past 5 years. If not, it will be 20% off on your deductible/year for every year you are claim free. It’s a nice incentive.

Insurance is quite expensive in Toronto compared to what I’m seeing on this forum.
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