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  1. Padelford

    Tesla insurance investigation

    Tesla launched its own car insurance. These drivers say it's a lemon.
  2. hirenm@telenav

    Vendor How is Tesla Insurance? We want to hear from you... ($30 gift card)

    Hello Tesla owners! Do you have Tesla Auto Insurance (outside California)? If yes, my company (Telenav) would love to speak to you. Telenav is conducting a market research study to understand how is Tesla Auto Insurance working out for you. Please fill out a quick (15 seconds) questionnaire...
  3. K

    10 Day Old Model 3 Rear Ended

    Back in September, I was rear ended in my 10 day old Model 3 RWD after just 400 miles. Both the liable driver and myself were stopped at a red light, and he just wasn't paying attention and rolled into me at probably 7 or 8 mph. I Still had the temp tags on and everything. Model 3 was drivable...
  4. M

    2020 Model 3 rear ended. Is it totaled?

    My 2020 model 3 performance was rear-ended at about 30-40 mph while I was sitting at a stop light. I was wanting some opinions to see what folks think if it is totaled or not and how much I should be seeking if it is. My car was actually ceramic coated, had window tints, frontal ppf, and...
  5. G

    Door ding hit-and-run, license plate captured - How to file insurance?

    Hi all: My 2-month old Model Y got door dinged during a road trip to lake Tahoe while parked. Luckily sentry mode caught everything on video. The info I have are their car's make & model, and license plate number (from Nevada), but they already fled the scene so I don't have the driver's info...
  6. C

    Sounds too good to be true - My rate doesn't go up after filing a collision claim with Tesla Insurance?

    If I file a claim through the Tesla app and pay my $1,000 collision deductible, my monthly rate really won't go up? That honestly sounds too good to be true, but that's what it says here: https://www.tesla.com/support/insurance/real-time-insurance#insurance-pricing There's a pretty serious...
  7. P

    Scratch on door

    An object scratched the side of my Model 3 front passenger door. Went to a few auto body shops and they quoted me between $1k - $2k to repaint the front and back passenger door (to blend it) One of them said they could use a primer after which I could get it wrapped (which I don't mind) Would...
  8. S

    Issue adding Model Y to Esurance

    Looking for any help/advice. I have Esurance, add the model Y I'm about to take delivery on, but the Tesla app won't accept any of the 5 digit NAIC numbers provided. Tried several for Esurance that I found and several for the parent company Allstate. I can't be the only one with Esurance. Can...
  9. D

    UK Aug 23 Insurance Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend some suitable insurance providers which they've done a recent policy with? Picking my car up in few days. A 2023 MYP. Insurance looks nuts, for someone with a good history like mine too. 10 Years NCB, Parked on Drive, no points or claims. In Nottinghamshire, Semi Rural...
  10. E

    Tesla insurance coverage.

    Hi so I just got my m3 with Tesla insurance and only me and my wife are listed as drivers. My question is if let’s say a brother or friend wants to drive my car and god forbid they get into an accident, would it be covered by Tesla insurance? I’ve heard for comprehensive it is covered but what...
  11. B

    Thoughts on Model X accident?

    Hi everyone! I got into an accident (first time) with my 2019 Model X two days ago. I was going straight and someone turned right into me, luckily not my fault but I would like to ask if anyone has an idea on what the damages could be? The pictures don't do justice, or maybe it's just bias...
  12. K

    Model Y door and fender damaged, worth pursuing DV?

    My Model Y LR recently got hit while parked. Sentry mode caught the accident (also got alerted via Tesla app) and I am filing the claim against the at-fault party's insurance (StateFarm). I plan to get this repaired at a Tesla Collision Center in the area. Tesla Collision Center's initial...
  13. Z

    Canceling a claim: insurance premium change?

    I’m thinking about cancelling a small claim for a paint job. Would the cancellation still lead to insurance premium increase? Thanks!
  14. R

    Quarter Panel Dent - Out of Pocket options?

    Still dealing with feeling like an idiot as I backed my corner of my 2013 Model S into a corner of a truck. The truck sustained no damage as the car was just creeping in reverse, but my car unfortunately has significant damage. Given this is an older car, it's not that important that the car is...
  15. terraform

    Smart summon accident and liability

    Was in an empty parking lot and seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out smart summon. My Y was parked in reverse in a space and I was about 150 feet away. It started out smooth, driving itself forward and leaving the space. Then it had to make a left-handed U-turn to go around a small...
  16. H

    Car Insurance, Model X, Southern California, Mercury, Wawanesa

    Hello, Does anyone have advice on the lowest cost insurance for Model X in Southern California? I received drastically different insurance quotes for my 2016 Tesla Model X 90D with 95k mi. Mercury: $1400 for 6mo with standard options like $500 deductible, 12k mi per year and standard...
  17. pikapool

    Alternatives to Tesla Insurance in Bay Area

    I have been with Tesla Insurance for my 2019 Model 3LR for about 6 months( bought it used in Oct 22 from Tesla). While the premium is cheaper compared to every other insurance company in Bay Area, it has been frustrating to contact Tesla Insurance customer service. I've been looking around and...
  18. MrNik

    Best insurance provider for limited company leased

    I was surprised to find out that Churchill doesn’t provide insurance if you’ve leased (or bought) your car via your limited company. Any suggestions on the best insurance providers for Teslas that are leased via limited company ? Also what’s the right way to register the car - on your name or...
  19. S

    Any updates on Tesla insurance offering expansion to Georgia?

    After lots of new early in 2022 that Tesla had filed to offer insurance in Georgia effective November 2022, I never heard any more about it. Now March 2023 and I can’t find any news, updates, etc. on the status of the filing. Had anyone else heard any updates? Anybody here know someone at the...
  20. C

    MY RWD insurance all 2k+?

    Hi All, I’ve got a MY RWD coming this year. No VIN yet. I’ve gotten quotes from AAMI, GIO, Rollin’, NRMA. All of them are 2.4K+ per year. I’ve heard that people have been getting there’s for sub 2k/year. Are MY insurances all that expensive? How much do you pay for yours? Do you have any...
  21. T

    Bay Area Hit and Run

    Wanted to share a story and to get some advice along the way if possible. Brand new model s, had it less than half a year =(. Got hit and run yesterday on 101 South by an absolute nut job. They hit me exactly at the rear left corner. Metal is so out of shape my chargeport can't open to charge...
  22. R

    London Insurance INSANE

    Hi all. Wondering what Londoners are paying for insurance as I’m getting absolutely crazy prices. I pick up my new Y LR tomorrow and am getting quotes of £2,000-£4,000! My wife and I are both in our 40s with clean licenses and max NCB. Any ideas?
  23. V

    My brand new Model X was rear-ended: Any advice?

    I got my new Model X LR around the end of last month, and this happened to me today :( (I haven't even received the real license plate yet) I was driving on a roadway and made a complete stop due to traffic congestion in front. A car following me did not stop and rear-ended my car. I and the...
  24. A

    Tire for Canada

    Looking for suggestions!! I will have a short term project in Canada (Markham area) for about 9-10 months starting from January ‘23 and I’m planning to take my 2019 Model 3 (Long Range, 19”) with me (from California, through transportation). Currently, car has regular Continental tires and it’s...
  25. L

    2019 Model 3 Used - Tesla Insurance Quote Before I buy?

    Hello Community, On the verge of purchasing my first ever Tesla/Electric Vehicle (Model 3 used) from Tesla Website. Little did I realize how expensive these toys are to insurance with legacy providers. I live in Texas, so Tesla Insurance being available is a great blessing in terms of rate...
  26. W

    Model Y Churchill Insurance

    I've got a Model Y that I'm picking up on the 9th of September. I went through the normal price comparison sites and was getting quotes of >£800. 43yo Male, Oxford, no claims. This compares to £419 from Churchill for my M3 that the Y is replacing. I noticed there were no Churchill quotes for the...
  27. G

    Safety Score for Insurance

    Does anyone know if I have to sign up for Tesla insurance and pay for it to see the safety score? Obviously we all start at 90. At that score, my quote for Tesla Insurance is comparable to my current insurance. If it turns out my driving is actually sub-90, then the cost of Tesla insurance...
  28. ROTA

    [MYLR] Young Driver Insurance through Company

    Moderator note: The first two posts in this thread were moved from a different forum. Hi people, just looking for some general advice after spending the past couple months researching across this forum and others, I can’t seem to find someone in the same position, specifically in the UK. I’m...
  29. R

    Tesla is delivering cars to home illegally, I think....Watch out!

    My new MYLR Tesla was delivered to my home 2 days ago. No temporary tags, no registration was filed. Nothing. I cannot drive my new car because they were too lazy to file the state registration and get temporary tags. This might be nothing more than (severe) aggravation, but here is my other...
  30. M

    Insurance and financing

    Hey folks, My EDD is narrowing and approaching soon. I wanted to see what bank and insurance company are people, especially Bay Area folks, using for their model X. TIA!
  31. T

    getting quote from tesla insurance

    Hi, Is there a way you can get tesla to give you a quote for insurance after owning the vehicle? I know before I take the delivery of my model S, I can get an insurance quote from tesla via its website without actually purchasing the policy. At that time, I decided to go with farmers since it...
  32. F

    Car Vinyl wrap - insurance

    Hello everyone! Newbie here. My LR M3 is coming on 22nd June and I ordered this on 4th January😅 I have a question on vinyl wrapping. So my car is being home delivered (didn’t fancy driving to London) and when it arrives, I plan to take it to be vinyl wrapped. Insurance companies are not letting...
  33. M

    21 M3 LR - Is my car a total loss?

    Was at the wrong place at the right time yesterday afternoon. My car got hit when this 17 year old kid took this corner at a high rate of speed. I got sandwiched between the culprit and a second victim on my passenger side. Been having issues with my usb drive and sentry mode has been glitchy...
  34. E

    My Model 3 Experience - Pre-Owned to Car Fire

    I want to start of this thread by saying that I loved my Model 3 and i do expect to stay with Tesla in the long run. Some of you may have heard what happend to my car and for those of you who have not, here is a quick recap: I'm writing this for full transparency because when my car burnt...
  35. R

    Guide To A Perfect Safety Score for the FSD Beta Queue, or Tesla Insurance reasons. (Whether you like it or not)

    There is no TLDR; when it comes to this. there is no one piece of advice. If you're interested, please give my experience and advice a read. I've seen many, many, many, people complain about the safety score program. and most of the time, it's due to just not understanding the process required...
  36. Links77

    Salary Sacrifice Business Insurance

    Hi I am looking to set up a salary sacrifice scheme through my business, they are very keen to include car insurance as part of the package, but it seems very expensive to me, I know a business policy will be more expensive than a personal one, but I want my employees to get the best deal...
  37. V

    Third party damage

    So i took my Model 3 into a local shop to get the state safety inspection done because the tesla dealership near me does not do them. The top portion of the dash when i got it back had a slit in it. I have never had an issue where a garage damaged my car before. I brought it back and they said...
  38. T

    First time buyer, confused about what to do now?

    Hi all, Sorry for asking some stupid questions here. I am first time Tesla buyer with absolute 0 previous experience. I placed an order on MSLR back in Jan 3rd. At that time, the EDD is 2nd half of 2022 and I wasn't in hurry anyway. I checked tesla app occasionally in the past and the EDD...
  39. Y

    UK Direct Line Insurance and PPF/Ceramic Coatings

    Hi all. Picking up my Model Y tomorrow but having lots of conflicting views regarding PPF/Ceramic coating for the car and it being covered via direct line. Anyone covered with Direct Line, who has PPF/Ceramic coating on their vehicles? Did you have any snagging/issues when advising the...
  40. dwahl

    Total Loss Settlement for Model 3

    My 2019 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range+ Was recently in a crash. The Tesla Model 3 was declared not at fault. The appraiser declared a Total Loss and Tesla Insurance wants to arrange a Total Loss Settlement. What's a fair Total Loss Settlement for this car? The car had 100,000 miles but worked...
  41. K


    HI everyone, I have ordered a model Y and I am trying to work out full running costs but struggling to get an insurance quote. Does anyone know where I could get one? I did one for a model 3 and compared to what I am paying for my current car its quite expensive. TIA.
  42. Az_Rael

    Tesla Insurance customer service and claims experiences?

    Shopping for insurance for our cars after getting a huge rate increase from our current company due to a claim this past year. The rate more than doubled going to over $9K per year, which is....just wow. Guess they want all the money back from the claim. Got quotes from most of the majors...
  43. X

    How much was the additional cost for the metallic green paint?

    Unfortunately my Model S was involved in a accident on Monday. Does anyone remember the original cost for the paint color in case it’s totaled?
  44. Audietron

    Tesla NZ model 3 Insurance recommendations

    Hi, About to receive my Tesla M3 this Sunday so sorting out insurance... I had been AA Insurance loyal always - but AA insurance said $4400/year, AMI says $1600/year, State says $2000 with minimum 2000 excess... prices are all over the place. Yet to receive quote from Vero. Any...
  45. L

    Best Company Car Insurance That Cover Alcantara Dash?

    Hi everyone, My M3P 2021 is estimated to be ready for collection in November. I’ve purchased it through my own limited company and have a fully comp insurance quote of £733 through Churchill - with me down as the registered keeper. I’ve asked them how the insurance quote would be affected if...
  46. D

    Car accident cost appreciation

    My Model Y, 2021 suffered a damage due to a front and back end collision. I wonder how much depreciation do one take in selling their Model Y with an accident history? How to find this difference in the price and how can I get it from insurance company? Anyone like to share?
  47. M

    Tesla account shows insurance policy for previous owner

    Hi Everyone! I purchased my 2020 Model Y about two months ago (April). I wanted to shop around insurance rates and remembered that Tesla offered their own coverage in CA. However when I checked my account, it still displayed the previous owner's policy which expired on June 15. My guess is...
  48. C

    Insurance in limited companies name

    I’ve purchased a model3 via my ltd company (of which I am the only director/employee). It will be mainly used for personal use. My accountant said I could use the car insurance as a business expense if the policy is taken out by the company. Im struggling to find any insurance companies that...
  49. W

    Tesla M3 Long Reach 2021 is identified as "Performance" by insurers

    Greetings from the Netherlands! I am about to become a new member of the club and expecting M3 LR 2021 later this month. When I try to get an insurance quote, most insurers look up the car by the plate number (RDW) and identify it as M3 Performance with 340kW of power. That makes insurers...
  50. P

    Insurance Rates in North East

    Hi, I am going to take delivery of my vehicle in a couple days and is shopping for insurance. I am taken aback by how high my insurance rates have come back as ~ 3400 / year. I park in an indoor garage near Medford and have no past driving incidents in the past 6 years - clean. That said, I...