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  1. K


    HI everyone, I have ordered a model Y and I am trying to work out full running costs but struggling to get an insurance quote. Does anyone know where I could get one? I did one for a model 3 and compared to what I am paying for my current car its quite expensive. TIA.
  2. Az_Rael

    Tesla Insurance customer service and claims experiences?

    Shopping for insurance for our cars after getting a huge rate increase from our current company due to a claim this past year. The rate more than doubled going to over $9K per year, which is....just wow. Guess they want all the money back from the claim. Got quotes from most of the majors...
  3. X

    How much was the additional cost for the metallic green paint?

    Unfortunately my Model S was involved in a accident on Monday. Does anyone remember the original cost for the paint color in case it’s totaled?
  4. Audietron

    Tesla NZ model 3 Insurance recommendations

    Hi, About to receive my Tesla M3 this Sunday so sorting out insurance... I had been AA Insurance loyal always - but AA insurance said $4400/year, AMI says $1600/year, State says $2000 with minimum 2000 excess... prices are all over the place. Yet to receive quote from Vero. Any...
  5. L

    Best Company Car Insurance That Cover Alcantara Dash?

    Hi everyone, My M3P 2021 is estimated to be ready for collection in November. I’ve purchased it through my own limited company and have a fully comp insurance quote of £733 through Churchill - with me down as the registered keeper. I’ve asked them how the insurance quote would be affected if...
  6. D

    Car accident cost appreciation

    My Model Y, 2021 suffered a damage due to a front and back end collision. I wonder how much depreciation do one take in selling their Model Y with an accident history? How to find this difference in the price and how can I get it from insurance company? Anyone like to share?
  7. M

    Tesla account shows insurance policy for previous owner

    Hi Everyone! I purchased my 2020 Model Y about two months ago (April). I wanted to shop around insurance rates and remembered that Tesla offered their own coverage in CA. However when I checked my account, it still displayed the previous owner's policy which expired on June 15. My guess is...
  8. C

    Insurance in limited companies name

    I’ve purchased a model3 via my ltd company (of which I am the only director/employee). It will be mainly used for personal use. My accountant said I could use the car insurance as a business expense if the policy is taken out by the company. Im struggling to find any insurance companies that...
  9. W

    Tesla M3 Long Reach 2021 is identified as "Performance" by insurers

    Greetings from the Netherlands! I am about to become a new member of the club and expecting M3 LR 2021 later this month. When I try to get an insurance quote, most insurers look up the car by the plate number (RDW) and identify it as M3 Performance with 340kW of power. That makes insurers...
  10. P

    Insurance Rates in North East

    Hi, I am going to take delivery of my vehicle in a couple days and is shopping for insurance. I am taken aback by how high my insurance rates have come back as ~ 3400 / year. I park in an indoor garage near Medford and have no past driving incidents in the past 6 years - clean. That said, I...
  11. K

    Insurance premium hike at renewal after claim

    Hi all, I am a new M3 owner and sadly, I scratched it quite badly after 1 week of driving this new car! I scratched and dented my left back door, left back fender and even some of the left back rim. I got quotes from the only 2 approved body shops in Hong Kong who quoted in the range of HK$80k...
  12. T

    Into the Service Center with Model Y

    Ok, I have to say I was a little disappointed. I backed up into a parking pole and dented the rear lift gate of my Model Y. Ok, I accept fault. I did it and was willing to pay for my mistake. Set up appointment at 7:30 am on the 10th of this month (It is what the service center offered me) at my...
  13. O

    [Massachusetts, USA] Payment timing?

    So, delivery for my 2021 Model 3 LR AWD is scheduled for next Saturday. I haven't handed in the insurance info that shows the Tesla as already registered, nor the down payment(I am financing through Tesla's partners). I see that some people wait until actually seeing the car, but I wasn't sure...
  14. B

    Insurance under the age of 25

    I’m wondering if anyone under the age of 25 has got a Tesla and how much they pay for insurance as right now at the age of 22 with 3 years driving and 3 years no claims I’m looking at at least £3k a year. I’ve shopped about on all the major car insurance websites and some won’t even insure me...
  15. M

    M3 insurance with ByMiles

    Hi, I'm waiting for my M3 LR to be delivered and meanwhile I'm researching the best insurance I can get. I don't have lots of driving history in the UK so any insurance is expensive by default - but for my current car (BMW) I'm using ByMiles, which has a fair model - you pay for what you use...
  16. E

    Question regarding low profile 21" rims

    Hi all, First time poster, long time lurker on the forums. Wonderful community, and I look forward to contributing! I am the proud owner of a 2018 S 100D in the Bay Area. We use it mostly for highway commuting on the 280, sometimes the 101 also. The car came with factory 21" twin turbine...
  17. VanillaAir_UK

    Insurance New Vehicle [2021 Megathread]

    Megathread for all questions regarding insuring new vehicles. Please use this thread to discuss everything to do with insuring new vehicles during 2021. For renewals, Insurance renewal is the thread to head to
  18. calidreamz808

    Tesla Insurance Refund

    FYI for those California folks who have Tesla Insurance.... I received an email saying they sent me a refund check due to COVID without disclosing how much, but just passing it along that if you live in CA and have Tesla Insurance... and have not received an email.. perhaps reach out to them to...
  19. M

    Have VIN but TD Meloche Monnex insurance unable to find VIN in system

    I'm picking up MY Monday Nov 8 in Ottawa. I called TD Insurance with vin saturday morning and they couldn't find the vin in their system. I waited on the line but I was in a remote location and lost the connection. I'm going to call back Monday morning. Has anyone seen this before. I thought I...
  20. M

    Recent accident - Insurance will not cover PPF (custom parts)?

    Wanted to share my experience here and maybe find some additional advice regarding negotiations with my insurance (Progressive). Recently was in an accident on 9/26/20 (USA, Minnesota) and I'm 99% not at fault based off Tesla cam evidence. The other driver drove straight during a bend in the...
  21. O

    Model 3 Insurance Range and Companies

    I am planning on getting a Cybertruck and want to estimate the insurance range ahead of time. Could you let me know how much is the Model 3 insurance cost per month, state and insurance company? Thanks!
  22. C

    Had a car accident on Thursday afternoon and still haven't heard back from Tesla Insurance

    Hi all, So I had a pretty bad car accident last Thursday on the freeway. Basically a pickup in front of me changed lane very abruptly and left me the pleasure to discover a car at a complete stop (whereas the traffic was great, I don't understand why it was stopped). Of course I was going at...
  23. G

    Company Lease Insurance Unavailable?

    Hi, I'm a happy private owner of a Model 3 (ownership birthday next week) - I've just moved house and a new neighbour called around with an issue that I struggled to help with. Hoping the great hive mind here can help him out. Basically his company have just leased 3 Model 3s and a couple of...
  24. B

    Churchill Insurance - Acceleration Boost

    Just been on the phone to Churchill sorting out my insurance for M3LR arriving this week. I'm having some difficulty regarding the acceleration boost software upgrade. From reading other posts, it seems most people do not have any additional premium to pay when adding on acceleration boost...
  25. A

    MX Insurance in Texas

    We’re looking to get a Model X and our current insurance company quoted $1,700 for a 6-month premium? Is anyone else in Texas getting better rates?
  26. tbwnm

    Hit & Run Southern California / Pasadena - Ameriprise Insurance / Tesla Service?

    We were victims of a hit and run on the 605 south in Baldwin Park today. Other driver came out of nowhere and slammed into drivers side at high speed. Fortunately, Dashcam caught the whole thing as they changed lanes and slammed right into us (with the Dashcam we also got the plate number and...
  27. S

    Insurance New Vehicle [2020 Megathread]

    Moderator comment - thread formerly "Insuring new registration" Hi, have been assigned my my Registration and collection car on the 20th (Leeds). Had a call from Tesla to yesterday to confirm my my Reg No. but when I try to enter it into Direct Line insurance quote engine, it’s not...
  28. U

    Rear Ended. Best Options on Repair?

    I was just rear-ended in San Francisco in my 2019 Tesla Model 3 (trunk and rear bumper damage), and this is my first accident, so I'd appreciate any advice/help. Unfortunately, I only got the driver's license + insurance information from the driver and not the owner of the vehicle, so my...
  29. Leeon

    Broken Windshield - Model 3

    Driving down the freeway from LA to SD a car in front of me decided to toss me rock. The rock gave me a nice circular art work. After dealing with insurance, I was told I would have to wait 6-8 weeks as windshields are in back order. Has anyone had their windshield replaced? What are the...
  30. S

    Spontaneous windshield crack?

    My 2018 Model X windshield cracked today, without any sign of physical impact. I am wondering how. We went to a local county park. The windshield was fine when I parked and put up the sunlight shield (from inside). I found the crack 1.5 hours later when pulled down the sunlight shield to go...
  31. P

    Insurance for Model Y

    I know insurance premiums depend on a ton of factors, including coverage limits and personal records. I've started to shop around for quotes and was wondering what range of premium quotes other people might have seen or gotten for their Y's. Haven't been able to price the Tesla insurance, since...
  32. A

    Model X: Insurance

    I'm looking to buy a Model X as a replacement for my Honda Odyssey. Does anyone have any advice on the practicality of a Model X, insurance costs, and electricity?
  33. Vawlkus

    Insurance in NS: need opinions.

    Ok, I'm mildly annoyed, and I need some feedback please. Been shopping around for insurance since my rates were going up, and I've hit an irritating snag. I'll lay it out as easy as I can. I was with Aviva. Started at $1200 per year, with $0 deductible. Then it went to $1400 last year, then to...
  34. Diamond Hills

    Vendor Diamond Hills Collision Center

    Diamond Hills Collision Center Tesla Approved Body Shop https://www.diamondhillscollision.com/ Who We Are: Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at our thread, everyone! We're excited to become a vendor on TMC and are looking forward to interacting with the community. We are Diamond...
  35. MichaelP90DL

    Tesla Insurance Finally Fixed Its Bizarre Problem. :)

    Geico hiked the rate on my 2015 Model S P90DL from around $175 a month, to around $240 a month. I tried to sign up with Tesla Insurance but I could not reach its website directly, or through my Tesla account, in any way. That means various computers, tablet, phone, via cable Internet, with or...
  36. C

    Want to buy a Model 3, insurance is crazy expensive

    Hello, So I'm 25, never had a car before (I'm not American, but I live in California right now) and want to buy a Model 3. I tried a few quotes online and I'm seeing some crazy numbers, $300/month minimum and I'm seeing some go to $700 (ameriprise). Does anyone know how I could get this...
  37. B

    Insurance Quote

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone here knows how much insurance costs for the Model Y with the FSD included? I live in Maryland, and any quotes would be appreciated! Thanks!
  38. T

    Used Model X Delivery now going on 3 Weeks

    The experience buying a used Tesla is not fun in the least bit. It may be due to COVID, but still, service could stand to improve significantly. I was due to pick it up 4/26 and the day before I was told it failed inspection and now 4 days later they still can't tell me why. I was forced to get...
  39. Blueskye

    Londoners - what’s you insurance premiums for M3?

    Hi everyone! Looking for comparables on insurance premium... Just coming up for renewal on my previous Direct Line insurance and just wanted to see if it’s comparable to others. I had a small car previously, and had a telematics policy which bagged me a 30% discount... So I’m under 30 but over...
  40. G

    Insurance discount for COVID-19?

    Many of my friends receive a 1-2 month discount on their auto insurance due to the coronavirus lock down. I'm wondering does Tesla insurance offer similar things? :-)
  41. K

    Model 3: Total vs Repair

    Hi all, I am an owner of a 2018 Tesla Model 3 with roughly 20k miles, which recently got in an accident. I am a first time car owner, and have some questions for you about repair vs totaling. In the state of California, the totaling evaluation is based on the Total Loss Formula, where if (Cost...
  42. X

    Model X vs Trackers

    I remember seeing a post about this recently but now I can't find it - I spoke to my insurance (Directline) on Friday to switch on the cover for the impending Model X arrival (Yay!) and they brought up the subject of trackers. They had not asked when I first got the quote, but I seem to...
  43. B

    New MS Lease Insurance Sticker Shock

    My current 2016 MS lease is about to end and I'm starting a new MS 2020 lease next week. Called my insurance (Allstate) to get coverage for the new VIN and they are raising my premium from $2576/yr to $3900/yr! I believe my agent said it was because of the collision portion. Wasn't expecting...
  44. G

    Where To Find Insurance?

    The loan comparison post was really helpful. But where do people get insurance? Male, perfect driving record for 20+ years (no ticket, no accident), perfect credit. I'm getting 200/m for medium coverage... even with the discount from home insurance combined. I not in CA so I can't get the...
  45. P

    60mph rear ending of my TESLA model 3

    hi friends, yesterday i was just waiting (stopped) on the highway to exit onto a ramp, and this van hits me at i don't know... 40-60mph? you can see in the attached pic the damage the van suffered during the crash my car suffered some damage, maybe 6inches of dent in the back? (pretty big area...
  46. ZeeDoktor

    Model S Performance with Ludicrous insurance

    Hi all, still trying to find reasonable insurance for my very soon (~March 9th) to be delivered Model S Performance with Ludicrous. The best (well, the only offer) I could find was through a broker with agreed value of $202320 (the purchase price) and will cost an exorbitant $4200 a year. NRMA...
  47. B

    Best NJ Insurance Options?

    Ordered my M3 (LR AWD) this week, don't have a VIN yet but thought I'd call GEICO (my current carrier) and get a quote. They want to charge me 150% more for the M3 than my 2016 Mazda. Now, I get there'd be some premium -- but going from $100 a month to $250 a month seems excessive. Anyone have...
  48. J

    USAA requires CARCO vehicle inspection or...

    I'm being told by USAA that they need a "detailed description of the vehicle with options and accessories" provided for the insurance. I purchased a 2020 Model 3, new, in New Jersey. I provided the purchase agreement but USAA says that is not adequate and they need a document stating all the...
  49. T

    California HOA Insurance

    Hello, My wife and I live in an apartment building and would like to get a level 2 charger installed. My HOA is asking about additional insurance for the charger as it will be installed in the common area and they want to be covered in case of any problems. This morning I got a call from my our...
  50. S

    Tesla Model S insurance in cost of ownership calculator

    Trying to get honest answers from Major insurance companies as part of evaluating Tesla Model S Total Cost of Ownership [TCO]. With no incidents last 7 years, education/professional discounts etc, am seeing rates from e.g Liberty Mutual of $350/month, Geico comparable etc etc for San Francisco...

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