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Calibration Needed: AP2 or Driver?

Discussion in 'Model S' started by FabioFognini, May 31, 2017.

  1. FabioFognini

    FabioFognini Member

    Oct 4, 2016
    Birmingham, MI
    What needs calibrating? My car or me?

    I picked up my MS 90D on Friday. Absolutely love it in a thousand ways. One thing that hasn't gone perfectly so far is my experience with Autopilot. I've read extensively on here (have to do something for a few months while you're waiting for delivery, right?), so my expectations were set appropriately about what it does/doesn't do at this stage. No complaints there at all. Here's what I didn't expect:

    Every time I've engaged autopilot, without exception, the same thing happens: The car veers a bit to the right to "center" itself in the lane. To me, it feels like I'm riding very, very close to the right lane line. According to the dash, the car believe's it's centered in the lane and behaves accordingly. To me, I feel like I'm way too far over to the right, and often disengage AP to move the car back to what *I* believe is the center of the lane. The result is, I'm not comfortable driving for any distance with AP engaged right now.

    I'm trying to sort out which of two things is happening here:

    1) Is there such a thing as AP (17.18.50) being mis-calibrated such that it's always a foot or two too far to one side, consistently? Does such a fault exist? Or,

    2) Have I just made an unconscious habit of driving in the left half of the lane for a zillion years, thinking I was centered, such that *actual* center feels too far to the right? TOTALLY possible.

    I'd really like to figure out which is going on though. At some point, I'll find someone with some spare time to drive behind me while we're on the phone. Doing this while under both manual and AP control should tell me which is going on. In the meantime, side-view mirrors and the rear-facing cam have been kind of inconclusive for me.

    So, I know I'll get it figured out soon, but in the meantime, just thought I'd ask: Is AP lane calibration error even a thing?
  2. luckyj

    luckyj Member

    Dec 8, 2016
    Northern Virginia, USA
    Not totally accurate, but you can bring up your rear camera with AP on and see if the lane markings are centered on the display. Unless that camera is off :)
  3. Snerruc

    Snerruc Member

    Apr 16, 2016
    Palm Bay
    Most people tend to center themselves in the lane not the car. I know I do and was aware of it. You r car centers itself in the lane and is quite accurate at it. I still get that feeling occasionally. You will get used to it, but if the screen shows the car centered, it is.
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  4. BrettS

    BrettS Member

    Mar 28, 2017
    Orlando, FL
    There was a post on here a week or two back from someone who said that his AP2 car would actually straddle the left lane line when he engaged autopilot, so it seems like it is possible that something can be miscalibrated and cause the car to not be centered, but it also doesn't seem like a really common complaint.

    Maybe get a friend to drive their car with you and take a look from the outside to see just how centered you are with autopilot engaged and with it off.
  5. Buddy

    Buddy Member

    Jul 3, 2016
    Riverside County
    My car with Ap1 does something similar.

    1. I am in the cwnter of the lane when i engage AP.
    2. Immediately, the car pulls to the right, normally riding the left white line before slowly correcting and moving back to the center.

    The car "feels" like its confident in its decision to pull left when AP is engaged. The issue is that it often rides the white line even if another vehicle is next to me.

    After this behavior happened for a couplw weeks i got the notification "AP unavailable. Contact Tesla...etc" on the dash.

    Took it in to a SC and got it back fixed the next day. Drove it home on AP and it happened, but less.

    Next day got the "AP unavailable" dash message again. Im taking it back to tesla tomorrow.

    2016 S60 AP1
  6. tpham07

    tpham07 Active Member

    Mar 21, 2017
    Baton Rouge
    I had the same experience as the OP. i turned on the rear view camera and my definition and the car's definition of center was way off. Turns out the car knows better than me. Makes sense, since i sit on one side of the car and would have a harder time judging the true center.
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  7. PluggedINLife

    PluggedINLife Member

    Apr 17, 2017
    I keep getting the feeling that mine goes a bit to the left when AP2 is on. I did take it into service to check on calibration as I had the delivery team add 21 inch wheels for me so thought that could be it. It feels a bit better, and I have to do the rear view camera trick myself to test if it's just me that feels it's not centered. But sometimes on my mine even the car isn't always centered to the lines.
  8. ben.krasnow

    ben.krasnow Member

    Jan 25, 2017
    SF Bay Area
    I have a similar experience with AP2 on 17.17.4: I am driving in the center of a lane on a 4-lane highway. The instrument cluster shows the car in the center of the lane. The lane is straight, there are no upcoming curves or other cars around. I engage autosteer, and the car immediately pulls to the right. The instrument cluster shows the car going to the very edge of the right side of the lane, with the car graphic touching the lane line, just as it is actually doing in reality! After a few seconds, the car heads back to the center of the lane, and lane position is great for the rest of the drive, even if I disable, and then re-enable autosteer. This problem only occurs the first time that I engage autosteer on a given drive. It always pulls to the right -- never to the left. Rarely, it stays in the center when engaged for the first time. When there are other cars around, it's a very unwelcome way to start autosteer. I haven't contacted the service center, since I know they will just say to wait for the next software update.

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