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charging stations

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Just got back from a trip to Naples Fl from Chesapeake Va. Has anyone else had a problem finding where Superchargers are located in shopping centers etc? We get to a place then look for a supercharging station, no signs etc as to where they are. We often ask and sometimes we get lucky. Found Plugshare helpful but not always.
I've done three long road trips this summer, and, yes, this can be a problem. Finding the Superchargers can be difficult, especially in large, busy shopping centers, but in other places as well.
I've learned to prepare. When driving an ICE you can usually be confident that if you pull off at an exit, you will find a gas station somewhere. With a Tesla you need to know ahead of time which Supercharges you will likely be using. Of course the nave system in the car will tell you that. But it helps to do some research beyond that. The nav system will sometimes direct you precisely to the Superchargers, but other times only get you to the near vicinity. And sometimes it is wrong. It's not enough to know it's in the XYZ shopping center; you also have to know it's behind the ABC store on the west side of the lower lot. Study the locations on the Tesla website, Google maps, etc. And, as you mentioned, Plugshare and other sites have photos that can help you find the right spot. Usually it's not a problem. Hotel and restaurant parking lots are generally not very big, and you can often spot the Superchargers from the road as you drive up. At other times, it's a real challenge and it helps if you prepare ahead of time.
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In my experience, this usually works, but not always.
Specifically, one of the Folsom-Palladio SC was marked wrong in the NAV. When you enter the parking lot (via Sole), the map says the SC is to your right. Turn right and you would wander in front of Whole Foods but will not see the SC. Turn left , into the garage, and you will see the SC immediately.
I check out the Supercharger location on Google Maps (satellite view) and take note of what is nearby and any odd routing. It's a bit easier to navigate if you can see where you're headed. If it's in a parking structure I'll check PlugShare for specific directions. Generally the nav has been fine, but it has directed me onto the freeway on-ramp next to a Supercharger and then told me to turn right, over the curb and divider, no road.
I always check the "discuss" link on supercharge.info before going to a supercharger. That usually links to the relevant thread here and there are usually some pictures of exactly where the charger is and any other relevant info on it.
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As mention, plugshare helps out a ton. Also, I'll use supercharge.info . The mapping is a little different than what's on the screen. If there is any concerns about a location usually supercharge.info will have a link to a discussion page back to here where you can further investigate. Hope this helps. oh, and I have also reported via google and tesla services when I encounter a wrong location.
One location in mind was in Rhode Island where it would display the charger in the middle of the main parking lot. Now via google, the balloon is right where the chargers are located.

Google Maps
I have very limited experience sofar BUT from what I have seen if you are having a hard time finding maybe look to where you think the electrical supply to the businesses nearby would be. I have only used a few superchargers but most have been around the side or back of retail space.