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  1. N

    Accelerometer Data of Crash test

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to do a project for academic research and I would need the data (time series) of the accelerometer (either position/velocity/acceleration) of the crash test. There's a report called Frontal Barrier Impact Test delivered to the National Highay Traffic Safety...
  2. LargeHamCollider

    Model Y Total Probability of Injury

    The following blog post by Tesla explains how out of all vehicles tested by the NHTSA, the Model 3 has the lowest total probability of injury. Model 3 achieves the lowest probability of injury of any vehicle ever tested by NHTSA Now that crash test data is out for the Model Y, does anyone know...
  3. A

    MCU1 NHTSA Recall

    Would the recall by the NHTSA for the ~150,000 Tesla Model S and X be extended to Canada as well? I haven’t heard about any recall in Canada for these sceens, just the warranty extension program that was mentioned by Tesla a few months ago
  4. D

    Autopilot saved our lives

    Too much discussion of the price of Autopilot and whether to buy it or not.....Is it worth it? You bet. A recent trip south on I95 in VA had me in the left lane of a 3 lane stretch going 65 while on "Nav on AP" with cruise set at 70 in an AWD LR M3. The car suggests moving to the center lane...
  5. E

    Purchasing used M3

    I’m pulling the plug and purchasing a Model 3! Before I do so, how does the current owner check the range of the car? Is the only way to charge to 100%? Once I purchase and remove their phone from the list of keys, would they still be able to track the location of the car? Any way to...
  6. G

    Question about Brake Usage

    Morning all. Picked up my TM3 LR AWD on Sunday and love it! Already paint corrected and applied ceramic coating. I have a question about the brakes. I was thinking last night about brake longevity with the regenerative braking (which is amazing by the way). Obviously, the brakes are going...
  7. Mash

    Brainstorming of race seat build for Model 3

    I was recently actively defending that for dual-use purpose Model 3 doesn't need more than Schroth Quick Fit 4 point harness. While it tremendously better keeps your ass and allows you to turn a wheel instead of holding to it, it's not really helping you to properly feel what happens with a car...
  8. 1051

    MY Group Buy (Suma Convex Mirrors for MY, S, X and 3)

    NEW Model Y Group Buy. (Group buy is also back for the Suma Convex Mirrors for Model S ☰ X Y Hey guys, I inquired to see if Suma was going to have a group buy for the MY and Yes they are.. See below. Simple ordering! For the next 15 Days get 15% off of your Suma mirrors for all Model S, X, Y...
  9. M

    Where to mount my life hammer

    Does anybody have tips about how and where to mount a life hammer? Most hammer mounts come with these spikes/needles to fix them to the fabric but then the hammer is out of reach when you’re strapped tight by the safety belt. On the other hand I don’t want to fix it on a surface that blows up...
  10. P

    Model Y: Safety Features

    Tesla is one of the safest cars in the world. However, there may be safety features that may not work as expected or do not exist yet. Please post your comments.
  11. Exscite

    View side videos streaming while driving forward (?)

    I'd like to use the side repeater cameras WHILE DRIVING FORWARD, as another safety tool, watching my flanks before changing lanes. By touching the camera button on the bottom left of the screen you can get the full view of the backup camera. Is there a way to turn on ONLY the 2 side repeaters...
  12. C

    Dim tail lights

    We drove our new Y through a heavy rain today and my wife, driving behind me, said my white car all but disappeared. She couldn’t believe how dim the tail lights were compared to the other cars on the road. Is there any way to increase their intensity for safety during inclement weather? My...
  13. H

    Provide a sense of comfort

    I am reaching out to the Tesla community to ask for some comfort. With all the latest news going around, I’m starting to not feel comfortable owning a Tesla. I love my car, but if people start to attack/hate/badmouth those who own high end cars and lifestyles, I’ll trade it for a cheep $5,000...
  14. T

    Regen causing unintended acceleration, according to new study?

    This new scientific article, below, seems like a huge big deal. Basically it sounds as though EVs, including Teslas, may be interacting with Bosch brakes to in essence short circuit (especially when the brake lights error code is triggered) and accelerate due to loss of regen/addition of motor...
  15. A

    Safety issue: backup camera should override other UI when in reverse.

    Backing out of my garage, I struck another car that was unexpectedly in my driveway. The backup camera was useless, because the quick controls UI for opening and closing the doors was not replaced by the camera view. To my knowledge, every other manufacturer prioritizes safety correctly. The...
  16. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Wins Top Safety Award from Institute for Highway Safety

    The Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has named the Tesla Model 3 a Top Safety Pick+ award winner for 2020. To qualify for a 2020 Top Safety Pick or Top Safety Pick+ award, vehicles must have good ratings in each of the institute’s six crashworthiness evaluations. They must also have good or...
  17. galan

    UK: Model X Automatic Braking - Happy Story

    Tesla Model X automatic brakes stopped two families being crushed by tree in Storm Dennis | Daily Mail Online
  18. T

    NHTSA Vehicle Speed Control Complaints

    We're fairly deep into our exploration of ordering an M3 LR. We still have some reservations related to various threads concerning manufacture defects. But here's the real issue holding us up right now. I saw a couple of articles about run-away acceleration and other speed control problems. So I...
  19. K

    Safety: Camping

    I’m thinking of camping inside my Model X. I browsed the net and though I didn’t find any stories of Tesla owners camping in their cars falling victim to any crimes, I am still a bit weary of the idea. While campers and RVs can be quite expensive, they are not as exposed as a Model X, nor do...
  20. P

    5 week old 2019 Model X with a spontaneous rear control arm failure (or broken frame?)

    2019 Performance Model X with 2.2k miles and no accidents or collisions with curbs or anything else. 1-2 seconds after accelerating from a red light, the left rear tire was grinding in the well and immediately pulled over to find it at a 30 degree angle with the control arm visibly dangling...
  21. G

    If every car in America was a Tesla...

    If every car in America had Tesla's autopilot, 5.5 million crashes would be avoided each year. On active safety alone, 5 million crashes would be avoided each year. Insane how much better these cars are than the average US driver... The Spring on Instagram: “There were 6,452,000 car crashes...
  22. L

    % of cars still on road

    Hi, Recently, Subaru was mentioning in their adds that "+90% of their 10yo+ cars are still on the road" refering to their safety. Anyone knows if this kind of data exists (and where) about the 2012+ Tesla's ? Thanks Louis45950
  23. R

    Pedestrian warning sound standard on Model 3 at of 1 Sep 2019

    [Moderator note: existing thread about this topic is at All Model 3s built since 9/1 have a pedestrian warning speaker installed ] Since I am relatively new here I am not certain about the etiquette of posting things from another site. However someone on Tesla Owners Online stated that there...
  24. R

    Charging safely at 9/12 amps?

    Hi, I own a model 3 and live in a condo that has underground parking. The only outlets that are available for charging are in the storage closet next to my parking spot. The parking itself has like 15 foot ceilings and the outlet that is setup in the closet is this exact model Leviton Porcelain...
  25. DeadHead616

    Any US based Insurance Incentives?

    We currently have our auto insurance through Citizens and have been happy thus far. But listening to a couple EV podcasts, insurance companies are beginning to lower premiums or offer discounts on EVs, and the M3 in particular for its safety. They said that such factors as less moving parts, not...
  26. Fernand

    Why doesn't Mod3 user interface make reading alerts easier?

    My peripheral vision isn't as good as it was years ago. Maybe it was never great. I know I'm not alone in this. I wear my computer glasses down on my nose, and that works just fine. But much as I LOVE my Model 3 I find the alerts unfathomably poorly done, and I can't help questioning the UI's...
  27. Unit106

    Sentry mode (safety & security package)

    Alle auto's met AP2+ hardware en later die EAP geactiveerd hebben zullen de beschikking krijgen over "sentry mode". In deze modus zal een 360 graden beeld gevormd worden rondom de auto. Bij een gebeurtenis rondom de auto zal het beeld worden opgeslagen. Elon heeft vannacht in een Tweet storm om...
  28. AnarchyEOD


    https://www.google.com/amp/s/jalopnik.com/tesla-model-3-gets-five-star-crash-safety-rating-from-n-1829196052/amp In all seriousness, the biggest reason I joined the Tesla family is the safety. I have a son to protect and there are a lot of horrible drivers out there these days. No matter how...
  29. Brando

    SAFETY tail lights, brake vs signal lights

    The Senseless Ambiguity of North American Turn Signals note: READ the video clip notes at the bottom of this YouTube clip. IF you know who at Tesla would fix this small safety problem - please forward this safety concern MODERATORS ?
  30. CFrolander

    Tesla Safety features/What happens in a crash?

    So my wife was driving the Model X (AP2) to work last week when another driver lost control, fishtailed, and crashed into the side of our X. Both insurances have now declared that the other driver has 100% fault (in fact the other driver admitted to it). My wife isn't completely positive what...

    How to Keep Hands on Wheel? Reward it.

    New rule: People who keep their hands on the wheel the most get the upgrades first. (I'm gonna hear about this one!) Look at it this way. Those who get repeated warnings - do you want them to test new AP features? I guarantee you will have an immediate improvement... along with a lot of...

    R and D vs Hold - Dangerous!

    This one's dangerous if not addressed. "Hold" is not a very safe indicator of "Still in D or R, ready to launch" There really needs to be a clear indicator that any touch of the pedal will cause the car to move. My wife pointed out the PRND on screen, top/left corner. Seeing it for the first...
  33. MelaniainLA

    Objective and positive Fox News Radio segment on Tesla and EVs

    I had the opportunity to be interviewed at length by a Fox News Radio reporter (who even drove my S and X) about Tesla, Autopilot, Safety, OTA updates, and features. I tried to set the record straight on all of these issues and the story managed to come out pretty positive (as compared to the...
  34. J

    Park Brake Repair

    Anyone get an email regarding this issue? Dear Tesla Owner, My name is xxx, I work with the Mobile Service team at Tesla and we are reaching out to you to schedule the replacement of the industry-wide recall of the Park Brake repair. We want to assure that all customer vehicles provide the...
  35. H

    Model X shift stick lock / child safety

    Hello all - I just took delivery of a Model X 100D. I am aiming to do a post about it but for now I have a question which I could not find an answer for in my many hours in the forum. I have two kids and they normally play in the car when we park somewhere etc - however I am concerned that...
  36. ⚡️ELECTROMAN⚡️

    Model 3 Crash Safety

    The main reason that I bought a Model S was for it's safety record. Now that the Model 3 is here and it's looking to be an amazing car, it's got me thinking about exercising my first day reservation and then selling my S. Is there any chance that the probability of injury in an accident could...
  37. syzygy

    So....thoughts on why Tesla didn't make this list?

    Jalopnik: https://jalopnik.com/these-are-supposed-to-be-the-safest-cars-of-2018-1821106211
  38. sooner

    Timeline of Crash Safety Testing

    I began truly following Tesla after Model S entered full scale production, so I am quite lacking of any concept of how long it took Tesla, or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), to rate the crash safety ratings of the Model S, or Model X, and to extrapolate those time...
  39. A

    Tesla Must Be the "Volvo" brand of Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturers

    The House has unanimously given a GO to measure which could see fully autonomous vehicles on U.S. roads without restrictions. Obvious regulations on licensing registration will vary state to state but there will be far fewer limits, if any, on the number of driverless cars a manufacturer can...
  40. 1208

    Tesla Model 3 safer than Luxury 2017 Volvo S90

    Tesla Model 3 safer than the Luxury 2017 Volvo S90. Euroncap tested the Volvo at 32km/h or 19.88mph.
  41. N

    Major Safety Issue - Hoping a Tesla engineer watching the forums reads this!

    Last night, while driving down the highway in pitch black lighting, my headlights suddenly shut off! This has happened before, but not during a pitch-black scenario, and I was assured that this was a firmware bug, that it was identified, and was fixed. Obviously that's not the case. I had to...
  42. ahirbe

    Model S Safety

    I am trying to weed through standard safety features on a 2014 Model S 85 with tech package. I am wondering what is included and what is AP1. Features asking about: Pre Collison Braking? Adaptive Cruise Control? Lane Assist or Lane Departure Warning?
  43. Haxster

    100 KW Saltwater Misadventure

    So here's a scary scenario: On your way to an unplanned plop in the ocean, your Tesla's battery pack is ruptured when you go over the guard rail. The rail that's supposed to keep you and your car between the highway and the water...but doesn't. So now there's like 400 V and 100 KW of energy...
  44. TexasTeslaRacing

    Tesla & BMW Fall Short in IIHS Safety Tests

    Tesla, BMW fall short in electric vehicle crash tests Hard to believe the Model S was left out of the large luxury car 2017 top safety pick. Instead the IIHS feels the Acura RXL, Audi A6, Genesis G80, Genesis G90, Infinity Q70, Volvo S90, and Lexus RC are safer. I still believe the MS to be the...
  45. singleview

    PA Annual State Safety Inspection Sticker??

    Hi there! New owner of a Model S, living here in Pittsburgh. Just transferred my vanity plate from my older car to the MS. My older car (an ICE car) had two stickers on the front windshield : (1) an annual emission sticker, and (2) an annual state safety inspection sticker. Anyone reading...
  46. Mr.science3000

    2nd Row seats don't auto-stop

    I was taking my kids for a ride the other day when my son decided to dive between the 2nd and 3rd row as the 2nd row seat was moving backward, Indiana Jones style, when it occurred to me that I should probably make sure the 2nd row seats auto-stop in case he doesn't make it all the way through...
  47. C

    Creep Mode.. drifting backwards...a third option needed?

    I like to keep Creep Mode OFF, but the issue I have is that without creep mode, the car is in total free wheel mode (forward and backwards), and so once or twice I have found myself drifting backwards when the road has even the slightest of inclines on a normal "flat" road... It would be great...
  48. L

    Saving Joshua Brown

    Hi. I am a control systems engineer. Joshua Brown's death was tragic. Here is a quick solution for preventing further accidents like this. I hope it gets some traction. There is a fantastic product opportunity here. I wouldn't be surprised if someone has either already done it or has it in the...
  49. HyperMiler

    She took dad's car for a spin - literally

    Mit Papas Luxus-Limousine: Abiturienten überschlagen sich - Umland - Abendzeitung München Passed several cars, then took off into the air. Picture of ramp included. All 5 kids survived. The Model S probably is the safest car out there, regarding the body structure. Valet mode might probably...
  50. R

    Cross Path Detection

    I am a soon to be owner of an S P90DL :D I've experienced autopilot during a test drive and really like having sensors lookout for hazards. It's like having another set of eyes watch the road. Before my autopilot experience, I was introduced to drive assist features by our 2015 Jeep Grand...

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