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Comfort and noice levels on LR AWD vs Performance

Can someone that test-drove (or maybe owns ? ) both, comment on the difference in comfort and noise levels on the two cars?

I understand that Performance has lowered suspension and 20" wheels but how much of a difference does it fell during normal driving?

And is there any difference on those two categories (comfort, noise) between the 18" Aero Wheels and the 19" Sport? In theory, there should be a difference but I am looking for someone that has experience on both.
Between AWD with 19” and Performance with 20” I did not felt any difference in the comfort level and noise. Taller tire profile gives slightly better comfort but its negligable.

Between 20” and 18” probably there is a more susceptible difference but remember you can also mount 18” on Performance.

So I would say go for Performance if you can afford it.
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