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Damage - unsolved mystery....

We drove our 1-month-old Tesla down to Florida for a family vacation. While we were parked at Disney transportation center (Magic Kingdom), something happened to our car... We are just puzzled what in the world happened. Any ideas? Some sort of liquid hit the rear glass, then damaged and dented the aluminum frame of the liftgate and rear right quarter panel. It is absolutely strange, and I've never seen anything like it. Just thought I would share in case anyone has any ideas what happ IMG_0262.JPG ened.


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Ouch. I would contact Disney and ask if there is any available security footage that they would be able to share - if for nothing else, to at least see what may have hit your vehicle.
  • For assistance with your Walt Disney World visit, please call (407) 939-5277.
  • 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM Eastern Time.

thats a good idea... I know exactly what parking spot I was in. Perhaps they could pull footage
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Someone (maybe a kid) pushed a stroller straight into the back of your car making the ding and the scratches. The impact knocks the cup/bottle sitting on top of the stroller cupholder off causing the spill of the.. apple juice? on your back window and side.

If this was at a grocery store parking lot, I would say it is a shopping cart, but at Disney parking lot it is most likely a stroller.
There are a lot of pin-prick indentations, and the lower they are the deeper they go. Since the deeper ones are low, I would guess that they were the first impact and as it travelled up the X, it lost momentum and made more shallow indentations. Whatever it was, it was probably dirty and when it reached the top glass, it deposited a bunch of dirt.

I can't imagine what caused it, probably some Disneyland landscaping vehicle. Only thing I can think of is the corner of a lowered tail-gate of a pick-up truck backed into your X and as it reversed, the tail-gate was forced up.
OP, before you take it in to a body shop, see if you can find a Paintless Dent Repair expert. They do miracle work. I had a similar dent right at the same position but on the right rear door. The guy was able to completely repair every bit to the point I could not see the dent. Cost was less than $300 and worth double - triple that.
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