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Did they run out of MSM paint?

MSM/Aero is my combination and every other color from my configuration date got VINs assigned first. Maybe it's just the production cycle and MSM happens to be the last one every time. I took delivery 7-8 weeks after configuration.
That’s really disappointing. IMO, you have an axe to grind. You have waited much longer than practically everyone else. They should assure you that they are giving your build priority at the very least.
They really don’t seem to to be very concerned. They say 3-6 weeks is an estimate and they are working very hard to find me a car. When I tell them I already had a VIN and why was it taken away they say that VIN did not give me the quickest delivery. When I say why are people configuring their cars weeks after me getting their cars delivered and I don’t even have a VIN they say we are searching for a car with quickest delivery with exact specs I want which bull because all these cars are the same. When I said I want to cancel and get my money back they say you can cancel but you don’t get your money back.
Non-owner, pre-ordered online before reveal, invite 3/22, conf 4/1, MSM/18/EAP, still no VIN. Disappointed to see people who acted on all accounts after me getting their cars rapidly delivered. A bit of me understands the WA push, but the value of my trade-in decreases by approx. $10-15/day which I'm sure is true with a lot of people waiting. I can't wait for this car, but the background data indications definitely make me feel like my business is second class even though I'm paying the same as everyone else.