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Europe Trip Planner - Gathering your thoughts on essentials

On the return, Calais side, there are a pair of chargers at the Flexi lounge - that's air-side of passports, so easier to loiter until last minute (there are also chargers at terminal if not travelling Flexi)

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There is a dedicated Flexi lane, on the right. But can check in at any lane, so (if going to the terminal / Supercharger) might be easier to use any other lane if empty. Unfortunately they are ground-side of passports, so you need to leave the charger in good time for Passports and getting to the departure area. Or just charge what you need and then "get the next train". If you must catch your train (e.g. middle of the night and only running every hour) then there is a charger, outside the Chunnel complex in Coquelles, on the French side. A little bit out of the way, but better than waiting an hour for the next train ...

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The right-hand dedicated Flexi lane then has a "bypass lane" that goes straight to passports. I am as good as certain that you can make a LEFT immediately after check-in (from dedicated right-hand Flexi lane) and still get to the roundabout - its just a large area of tarmac, but as a Flexi customer the cones are encouraging you to the "quick route"

I expect if you set SatNav to Supercharger, and pay attention!, and zoom right in on the map!!, it would be clear

Ordinary mortals are supposed to go to terminal and wait until their departure is called. This is all part of an original cockup in design (typical UK issue). It used to be that they had marshals on the roundabout to force people to go to the terminal - probably because everyone wanted to go straight to departure and that overloaded the lane queuing system there if their departure wasn't called, and because the terminal concessions complained they weren't getting any punters to fleece.

Anyway, follow signs to terminal, not "France", if you want the Supercharger (Folkestone side)
Have you removed the post - including the google map that showed the chargers on the Calais side including the coquelles SC?

Doing the same trip at the end of the month. How have you got on? Any tips?
It all went very smoothly, we only used Tesla Superchargers and had no issues of any sort.
We had a great trip and Northern Italy was stunning.
This is us charging in the Brenna Pass.
Nice one. Where are you traveling ?
I am using the bip and go thingie. I have used it last year and a couple of years ago. Although I have set it up to pick up monies automatically from Revolut, I have to manually go an pay the bill, as they fail to pick up the monies. Advantage on bip and go is that they bill you monthly and you can pay manually into the account in case it doesn't go through. Never did on mine and I have always payed manually.

I have recently changed mine as we are going to travel across Italy too (north side though) and I seriously thinking of taking the scenic routes rather the motorway as we have plenty of time.

I was curios of something. Did any of you travelled with a roof box on top of the car ? How much should I be expecting for the range to drop ?

Please note that if you are travelling with a roof box you will most likely not be able to take the dedicated e-toll gates in France, they have a 2m height limit.
(So I guess that doesn’t work if you have a MY, M3+roof box might be just under the limit depending on model..)

You will have to use the regular lanes (but you tag will still be detected and you won’t have to pay manually or take a ticket), you’re just losing the convenience of the fast track lane..
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