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Fogged Fog Lights?


Apr 8, 2015
I know, it's ironic.

So I've heard of the rear tail lights getting fogged and Tesla has some fix for it.

Before I add this to the list of things I need fixed, is this normal? Is there a fix for it? (sorry the photo turned out like crap)

That should not be normal. Is that one light or both of them?

Both. Almost identical patterns too.


I guess "normal" wasn't the correct term, it's not normal that the sunroof leaks (which mine did a few days ago), but it's a unknown Tesla defect. I haven't seen much about the fog lights fogging (and it's obviously from the inside, as I tried to wipe it away, heh).
Car is with Tesla now. I called for an update. They said this is normal (they ran some test for 20 minutes, and there is no leak, and the condensation is normal). I didn't quite understand how that would be possible, they need to fix a few other unrelated things, but he said when I pick it up tomorrow he'll show me some pictures and explain it better.

I've never seen (let alone owned) a car where this is considered "normal", and I want to know if I should push back when I get the car tomorrow or if this is actually "normal"?

Does anyone else have headlight or foglights that fog from the inside? (like all 4 of mine do)

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Well, I'm not alone: Moisture / Foggy Headlights

Tesla consistently claims it's normal. I'm still not convinced.