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Hall of Shame-- Supercharger Parking Over Time (SPOT)


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i totally agree with the principles of this thread - however do we have a definite measure of a fully charged MS? the LED doesnt go solid green unless the car is unlocked - so we can only measure by a 2-hour "parking" time that in theory charges an empty battery full?

Easy. Press button on the supercharger gun. If you see green flashing charge light it means still charging. If static green it means charging is complete. Count time of SPOT from the point you confirm charging is compete.


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Dec 26, 2012
Easy. Press button on the supercharger gun. If you see green flashing charge light it means still charging. If static green it means charging is complete. Count time of SPOT from the point you confirm charging is compete.

Do NOT do this.

If you have two cars charging and you press the button, it will give priority (more kW) to the other vehicle, regardless of when you first connected.
i was thinking of writing a case to tesla on a personal level and also to clarify if pressing the button would affect charging. OR if there are other ways to check if cars are fully charged. im hoping charged.hk and tesla HK owners club AND other tesla SC users also do the same. Probably thru the other forums here too (Id assume this isnt just a problem of HK. perhaps a lesser case in japan where ppl are in general more considerate, the global population should have a comparable ratio of selfish people)...
Please be respective.
U sure all the photo posting here is the complete story?

i would say any cars that arent chargING at a supercharger would deserve to get here, bar maybe 10 minutes leeway for the drivers to move their charged cars. i wouldnt quite go to the level where if someone is actually needlessly charging at a superchargerbut i can see how some people would get annoyed by that, too.

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Well, never heard of this. But even so, it doesn't matter. Because charging priority is at zero concern here.

given that a set of superchargers is supposed to charge 2 cars simultaneously in 2 hours, i think the difference is minor. especially if all is done fair both chargers only get pressed once so the net difference should be really minor.

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Zero concern to you perhaps, but not to the owner of the car. As spentan said, please don't do this. It's rude.

what difference really, a few KW that both SC get pressed once. considering the greater effect here in HK is that many of us CANNOT install a personal charger at home... most of us rely on these SCs.


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Jan 7, 2014
Phoenix, AZ
This thread gave me an idea, but it would have to be Tesla, I think, that would implement it.

If you're running the Tesla app, and are logged in, it would be great if you could key in the VIN (last 5 of course) of a vehicle and it would ping the owner, saying that (your) VIN is waiting to charge. I'll bet if people knew that there were others waiting, they'd be more kind.

Alternately, if Tesla was hesitant to do that, they could put a QR code somewhere at a station that I clicked on and it registered that I was waiting to charge. I believe that the SC knows who is charging, it could ping *all* the owners that are fully charged that there's someone waiting, then there'd be no personal connection between drivers.
no need.. just being close enough to the SC can automate the above system.
get in the charging page, hit "queue for charging". pings the charging car's app, or registered mobile number. notification cannot go off. and when charge reaches limit plus 5 minute buffer, a repeated reminder per minute with alarm sound that you cannot mute.

just to add on, the alarm ought to be automated once the car is hooked onto a SC based on a best estimate -5minutes (in case the sync goes off, its based on a faster charge rate). and app alarm is updated along the charge as long as both are connected. and, you get bonus points for not letting the alarm run off. and with sufficient points one can get alarm less frequent like every 2 or 5 minutes for the exceptional case once in a while.

obviously you can do things like leaving the app at home or switch off the phone, but that would only a massive d-bag would go out of the way to do that...
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Apr 10, 2011
Hong Kong
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The level of frustration in Hong Kong with charging spots (in particular superchargers) being deliberately ICEd and abused, is particularly high at the moment. The recent situations with deliberate and malicious ICEing at Cyberport, as well as with overnight parking at the Science Park, clearly illustrate this. That behaviour must be corrected, but in a positive manner. It is particularly frustrating when it is members of our own community thoughtlessly contributing to the abuse. However, I must say that publishing personal information here on a public forum may not be the best approach.

If someone is deliberately, or maliciously, abusing the system (such as repeatedly parking overnight at Superchargers, or deliberately blocking EV-priority spots where others are clearly available), I really think it best to alert the car park management and EV station operators to the situation. The more people that complain, the better. If reporting to a vehicle manufacturer/dealer, please let them know the VIN of the vehicle, as they typically track ownership by VIN (rather than by registration number which may change).

If the problem is less malicious abuse, but more a lack of understanding of the issues, then perhaps a friendly direct contact would be more successful. We all know that the manufacturers and dealers could do a better job with their customer education regarding public charging, but perhaps community education can play it's part as well. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

Regards, Mark.
Instead of developing the auto probing robot charging arm, Tesla should develop the auto car clamping device, it should be very simple, SC user must park with all four wheels in place, start counting time use RFID of the car and also the supercharger charging status, if both over 2 hrs and SC not active, automatic clamp it. Put a Credit Card payment kiosk next to it, HK$1000 payment for every 2 hours of parking (not charging) at SC.
If I am going to leave my vehicle on a charger for an extended length of time, I put a stickynote on the car with my mobile phone# and a note to call me if you need the charger, and I will be happy come move it. If we would encourage some proactive politeness, this would do everyone some good.

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